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0.0.73, no one ever comes into my shop ever ever.

can you take it out of fullscreen?

I would very much enjoy being able to re-heat unused weapons heads and use turn them into the alternative form(blades to blunts to shields etc). Also, I would like to clarify that warriors weren't the only ones to make use of a blacksmith... for example, farmers need equipment from somewhere, eh?

. win 10- If you place a single ingot(possibly only copper... didn't try with any other ingots) on the anvil and hit it 4 times in blunt mode, it turns into a great hammer head. :3

Another bug, at day 15, the person who came in first immediately left (as usual) but instead of leaving, just stands outside the door. Despite the customer having left the shop, the game does not count my shop as empty so no one comes in. Basically, it's unplayable.

Another bug i found, when I'm in the menu, my cursor is actually about an inch to the left of where it shows. Same everything else, just a different bug.

This game is fantastic already, but it seems that making greatswords is a serious blunder that can cost you serious money. Now, if you could customize these weapons like you can the small and normal blades and hammer heads, maybe we could sell them for more. I assume this is already in the works, but it can't hurt to mention it.

Fantastic game, but when I got to day 12 the people stopped buying. By that i mean the walked in and immediately walked back out after demanding any weapon. On Win 10, but I'm not sure what version I have, but I found this in the manifest 2017-02-10T14:21:20.905Z.