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Oooh another idea would be the ability to upgrade features of you shop, such as upgrade your furnace to have it heat ingots faster, etc.

Recently ran into a bug where at Day 13 customers no longer place orders. What happens is they will walk in the door, their order will pop up over their head for like half a second, then they'll just turn around and walk out.

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An idea that I have seen that I agree with is snap-to placement on the anvil so ingots don't fall of so easily.

Another one that i've been thinking of is add a small town around the shop where you can go out and buy ingots and handles from physical stores so you don't just order them from a screen behind the building.

Besides that fun little game, look forward to future updates. :)

(Just found the Trello page so nvm on my town idea XD Now that I see what you have planned for it I'm very excited for its future)