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I've played the game for an hour or so now. Every time I level up I put the points into charisma. However, I've been looking at the prices I've sold things for and it keeps going down. With only one point in charisma I was selling war hammers for $50, but great swords for $28?! And I'm now only about level four, and war hammers prices have dropped to $18, and so on. But at this point it doesn't matter, because the glitch where the costumer comes in and then leaves right away started, so i cant sell anything anyway. I love this game and idea, but I'd love to be able to KEEP selling things, and selling them at reasonable prices so I don't go bankrupt. Keep up the good work, and I hope these issues are fixed soon!


Hey Thanx Damian,

I'll do my best to address this issue in the next patch or update.