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I have a few ideas that would make the whole thing even more fun! Include a grindstone (like skyrim) to make the weapons a higher quality, and they don't necessarily have to cost resources to sharpen, just time. And at some point it would be cool if we could add jewels to the guards on the weapons. The big empty circles look like they could use a nice ruby piece. And maybe enchanting! Like one of the skills you can spend your points on is enchanting (higher level 'casting') and you can buy even stronger better spells! And certain metals might take take to enchantments better. I hope in the coming updates, with all the new weapons, armor is also added! Then you could have an armor stand and display the coolest looking stuff. One last, okay few last things and ill shut up, is it would be nice to be able to deny making weapons for a customer, or have multiple customers at a time. And just give the whole game more of a business shop running feel. With the new town coming up, it would be cool to see carts you could rent out or caravans you could arm/hire to transport goods to foreign lands, and too the kings army or something. Sorry, im done, for now, but i just love where this game could go!

First off, just WOW!!! The game looks gorgeous now and so may bugs have been fixed and everything is so much smoother! This is already growing into such an amazing game! There are still a few problems with net cost for making things like when using fancy grips or different metals, and a few 'bugs' (i like them) involving combining many different parts to make custom weapons you can still sell. One thing I wish could be fixed, and it may be error on my part, is i had to delete and reinstall the game to update it. Please keep up the great work and i cant wait for the 0.0.8 weapons expansion!

What i do gets me well into the hundreds. I refuse to make or buy any sword. I try to keep as much stuff in stock as i can. before the glitch where they just leave right away, ill have (on a good play through) like three one-hand hammers, two great hammers, three daggers, and two or three pole arms in stock (and ill go through most of it everyday, then restocking after they all go home)Also, don't bother buying any special ingots. They don't give you extra money, just the normal profit you'd get from the copper version. Another thing, constantly keep at least three ingots in the furnace heated up, they don't cool off so it helps a ton if you need to 'make to order'. you can also put ingots on the anvil in advance to orders so that helps. I hope these are somethings that will help you!

I've played the game for an hour or so now. Every time I level up I put the points into charisma. However, I've been looking at the prices I've sold things for and it keeps going down. With only one point in charisma I was selling war hammers for $50, but great swords for $28?! And I'm now only about level four, and war hammers prices have dropped to $18, and so on. But at this point it doesn't matter, because the glitch where the costumer comes in and then leaves right away started, so i cant sell anything anyway. I love this game and idea, but I'd love to be able to KEEP selling things, and selling them at reasonable prices so I don't go bankrupt. Keep up the good work, and I hope these issues are fixed soon!