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1. Alpha 0.0.63

2. Sometimes the greatsword wont be sold by the customer even though it is a finished correct greatsword

3. (Idk how to poste a image)

4. Its by random chance but just make the great sword and try to give it to the customer, theres a small chance this happens.

5. (idk what specs is)

i love how you make everything, its so easy i hope it doesnt change a lot.

1. You should make a Sandbox mode where you have infinite money and the customers will take any weapon you give them, like a GreatHammer PoleArm!

2. Spear weapon would be made by putting 2 ingots onto the anvil to make a sword blade, then you would bash it until you get a "Spear Head" and then you would put it on a PoleArm.

3. Bow and Arrow weapon would be made by taking the logs in the backyard and switching to a "axe" tool to chop the logs into a couple of sticks so you can then use the "hammer" tool to form it into a bow. and how to make the arrow is to take a stick and by making a arrow head by putting 1 ingot onto the anvil to make a dagger blade, then bash it until you get a arrow head, stick it onto the stick to make a arrow and then give the bow and arrow to the customer.