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Hey Dasius, Loving the game and it has great potential but there's a bug that's interrupting my play enjoyment (I've lost a few hundred coins worth of ingots).

I'm running windows 10 version 64 bit alpha_02 (I think, I'm afraid I Cant find the patch version,,,, ).

When I bring in a create of ingots (more than one) and open the crate in the shop, i have ingots jump out, normally i loose at least 2-3 ingots under the floor and the rest are around the shop but occasionally ill open a crate of 5 and they fly out (glitching off and thru the floor) and vanish leaving me with maybe 1.

left the game before I could get a snap shot but im sure that if you bring a crate of 5-10 ingots (copper at least not sure about the others, lost too much money to advance to tin) into the shop and place it on either side of the forge and open it you'll get the glitch.

Perhaps if you program an ingot array to stack them as they spawn rather than what apears to be a single locatation spawn causing a ridged body push apart,,, just a thought!

Great job on this game by the way! (add in tempering to make a few extra bucks per blade and it'll go a long way!)