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The bridy

A member registered Feb 10, 2017

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as this can improve the evolution, it does ruin the hole purpose of the game. the game is fun because you see something you have created learn how to walk just on the knowledge that moving right is its goal. the game takes patience. You just dont make something and wait 5 generation to see if it works and than scrap it because it didn't. think about it this way does it take 5 days for a baby to walk when it is born, no so you need to give it some time. you want to have it on 30 sec generation to give it time to think in each generation and wait for a while. a good idea to do is before you go to bed make a creature and let it learn and by the time you wake up it will be walking. so just be patient and let it learn and its not luck. i bet almost everything you make will walk if you give it time. here is a creature i made with 1500 generation


how do i make a great sord or something like that i for got what it is called

mybe upgrade for stuff like faster smelter, more room, more boxes because i like using them for storge and stuff like that

stuff go though the selfs some times

stuff go though the selfs

or like when two people work at the same shop and work together