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I have just tried this game for the past 1½ hour and it is great... very addictive :D

But here is what i have found of bugs in v0.0.62!

I heat up some copper ore in the furnase till they are ready. If I want to make a hammer head I place 2 ingots beside eatch other on the anvil and start hitting them with the hammer, but 8 out 10 times I end up with a small blade for a dagger. The second ingot do not get used and it's still connected to the anvil, so I can't even get past day 2 because I have used all my money on ingots. I hope this will soon be fixed, because it breaks the game for me!!!

The second bug is that when it start the game it's very dark and i can see nothing, but I have found a tempoary fix for that. Just go to Graphics options and hit reset that fixes the issue.

The third bug i found was when i load up my save game my money is gone.

Otherwise great game and i look forward to see what happens with it in the future :D

Kind regards

My system specs:

Intel Core I7 3770K @ 4.4Ghz

Asus Z77 Sabertooth

16GB of Corsair DDR3 RAM

Palit GameRock GTX 1070 8GB

All running on Windows 10 Pro x64 up to date