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The data doesn't fit the Doom engine anymore. It's been compiled specific to Pico-8. And you can play it without buying Pico-8 by just downloading "" here for desktop, on the very same download page you are commenting on, or launching the web browser version in the Itch launcher or on your mobile phone.

There is no native mobile version of Pico-8.

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Oh, so it getting stuck there is a bug...

I had the same issue! Solving the puzzle with repeat loops or not didn't matter, it was stuck until restarting the app completely. (Did not need to start a New Game!) Maybe something wasn't resetting correctly after the first few attempts while I was initially writing my spell?

I agree, but only because the exact same materials could be used to make a solar panel, and the two currently aren't even COMPARABLE in power generation.

The way it is now, you'll only get stable power generation in the post-game. During the 14 days the "advanced power generation" research tree is nothing but a big disappointment and you're better off just building two batteries and two biofuel generators and using that to hold your power supply up overnight.

The only jam entry I actually care about and its source code was lost? That's so sad... 😿

Just writing to let you know that the Linux native version of this game still doesn't render correctly. It's fully playable, but I can only see the dialogue and the mute button over a black screen. Making decisions in a dark room...

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Okay, I just loaded the game and now my horse and carriage is completely gone (there is no logic whatsoever to say "hey, if there wasn't a horse in the save, spawn the default new game one" because that would be too advanced), crates have sealable tops, but the contents of the shopping crate get stuck so now instead of being able to pick items up out of the crate, grabbing the item drags the whole crate and other items with it, slingshotting me into the air.

No wait, I started a new game and now I have a horse and carriage, and the carriage has a lamp, but the lamp is in the sky above it for some reason. Still looking for one I can actually hold and take with me personally. Edit: Nevermind. I found one and immediately lost it to the invisible map transition somewhere, so now it's permanently stuck inside a plain boulder, which I was using as a shelf because leaving the lamp on the floor is terrible for lighting, at the bottom of the steps near the cave entrance. Edit2: Tried again, successfully hauled and smelted a big load of copper ore, this is great. A lot of items seem to be getting stuck un-liftable until you left click them or bump them with something else, I guess? I don't know. The P menu for levelling up and setting your blacksmith's name just aims the camera straight down at the floor, rendering the menu completely unusuable. My Oculus install keeps popping up, so I assume the dev is only testing in VR or something? I would say the game is practically unplayable at the moment, but I suppose that levelling up and being able to see while mining (juggling the physics lamp with your one mouse hand and trying not to let it get stuck while you haul things) are technically optional...

Great job. Lots of bugs fixed and lots of new ones introduced, but if you keep taking two steps forward and one step back you're bound to get there eventually! =ω=

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Thanks for the tip, I've incorporated it into the guide. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find any crates around the workshop anymore, but the one from the NPC shop is free to take and respawns with the shop, so you can have as many as you like.

Please let me know anything else I've missed. I'll try to keep this guide relevant.

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Starting in Alpha 0.0.8, you now have access to exceedingly profitable mining activities! This guide will tell you everything I know and how to get started. :3 You can do this at any time while your shop is closed, so when you get the "You feel tired" message telling you the customers are gone for the night, you can go do this while you wait for morning instead of sleeping, if you like.

Update: 0.0.82 changed how time works, so unfortunately you will have to sleep. :( A lot of other things have changed too, so please stand by while I figure out what to update here...

Meet your pickaxe

If you want to mine anything at all, first you're gonna need a pickaxe. If you're new to My Little Blacksmith Shop, a copper pickaxe head has already been provided to you on the crafting table, otherwise start by buying 3 ingots of the highest tier you can afford, as well as any 2 handed grip. Heat the ingots and place them on the anvil, then select Axe Head and hammer away. First you will get a double sided battle axe head, which immediately tries to fall off the anvil into the oil. Quickly catch it and set it back on the anvil and hammer it one more time to turn it into a hefty pickaxe head. Then take it to the crafting table and combine it with your 2h grip. Finished! This pickaxe will be your new best friend from now on.

To wield it, you'll need to press E to add it to your equipment, then you can switch to it with the number 3. Whenever you can afford a new type of ingot, make yourself a new pickaxe with it. You can only mine ores that are of the same variety as your pickaxe or below.

To the mines!

Now you are ready to go harvesting rock. In the yard behind your shop, you should notice a new horse and carriage. This will be your main ore transport. If you want, you can optionally load an open-topped crate or two onto your wagon before we get going, which can help you transport ores out of the mine easier by letting you carry more than one at a time. If you don't have any crates, see the Shopping trip section below for where to find them -- They're free shopping baskets.

Give your horse a Left Click to set it to follow you, then head straight out through the forest. The forest is heavily fogged over, but the path is fairly straight, just follow the widest opening. Your horse is as slow as the default walking speed (I do not believe it upgrades with your agility), so when you get to the cave entrance, stop and wait for the horse to catch up. Don't worry, your horse can path-find its way around obstacles easily enough, and if the cart gets turned over it will right itself by going straight for a while.

Once you and your horse are at the cave entrance, carefully guide your horse through a U-turn so it's facing towards home. This is important, because the horse isn't very good at making tight turns and may topple the cart while doing so, so you want to get turned around before you start loading it up with precious ores just to be safe. When you're done, click your horse again so it waits patiently outside for you.

Go inside and explore! There's a little bend in the tunnel and then you'll find a room filled with minable ore rocks. You can harvest any ores that are the same type as your pickaxe or below and they will respawn tomorrow. I have no idea what tier "Coal Ore" counts as, so it may be minable by any pickaxe. The rest directly correspond to ingot varieties you're already familiar with.

Ores that were harvested will automatically respawn the next day as a completely random ore type. There is a chance that it may respawn as ores that are too high-tier for you to harvest -- if this happens, the ore will remain there unharvestable until you either upgrade your pickaxe or quit and reload the game. Any ores you can't harvest won't allow you to swing your pickaxe at them at all.

When you hit an ore, either a Stone or an ore chunk will pop out. I don't know of any use for stone, so you'll only want to take the ore chunks for now. The mining room is actually on a completely separate map from the rest of the game (Thank you, seamless Unreal Engine level streaming!) so don't leave any precious metals unattended here or they might despawn, even if you only leave the cave for a moment. Instead, you can gather up all your individual ore chunks in the bendy hallway first (anywhere past the wooden doorway but before the stairs should be fine) and then take them out to your horse and load them up in the wagon.

If you brought any open-topped crates with you as suggested, instead of moving the ores one at a time through the map transition, you can bring an empty crate down into the mine with you, put your ores into it, and then lift with your knees (by crouching) to carry it. Don't overfill it, as your ores will have to deal with physics bouncing as you carry it around -- about 10 ores is the most you should be able to fit in it without problems. As long as you can manage holding the crate without making the ores go flying out of it again, you can carry the entire crate and its contents with you back to your wagon, drop it in, and take an empty crate back down to continue mining. It's okay to only take a single crate and simply unload it directly into your wagon, although I like to take two. As long as the ores are in the wagon, they should be okay to travel home with you, even if they're not in a crate. Caution: Do not attempt to turn crates over when they're in close proximity to your wagon, as their rotation point is on the bottom and they're likely to knock your wagon over.

You'll also find a floating crystal of fear in the mining area. Since it doesn't obey gravity, you'll have to carry that one home with you by hand if you want to keep it. As far as I know, it still serves no purpose and cannot yet be used to infuse anything with magic or similar, so for now it's simply a pretty glowing thing you can hold to experience some interesting render effects. It will reset its position back to where you found it when you reload the game, however.

You'll also find what appears to be a door at the back of the mining area. As far as I know, this cannot be opened yet, and will likely lead to more dangerous monster-filled dungeons and deeper mines in the future. For now, all ores will spawn in this one area, so don't worry about the door.

Then you can just tell your horse to follow you again, and assuming you can still make out the way home, just walk it back with you. I personally find it by following the largest gaps between the trees. Make sure you go slowly and keep an eye on your horse, so you'll see if any ores fall out of the wagon along the way. Guide your horse along the side of your fence to park it sideways, if you like. (Careful not to let the horse rub directly up against the fence or your wagon will turn over!) You can take the horse inside your yard, but there's not a lot of room in there to turn it around later.

Grab your axe

Now that you've got a load of ores, you'll need to fuel the smelter. Unlike the forge, you power the smelter with wood and coal, so unless you happened to get lucky with coal ores spawning in your mine, you'll need an axe now. Make a one-handed axe with two ingots, the axe head type, and a 1h grip. I do not know if the material used matters at all, the most it's likely to affect is how much "damage" trees and logs will take before splitting for you. Equip it using the E key and it will go to your 2 key equipment slot.

Your shop came ready with 3 initial logs to start with, which should be plenty for your first week of mining trips. When you run out, it's time to fell more trees. (You may consider taking your horse for this!) Find a tree that's nice and brown, and begin chopping away at the base of the trunk. If it's harvestable, you should see a "100%" or similar indicator pop up as you hit it. Keep going until you hear a loud sound effect of the tree falling. Then, continue chopping away at the fallen tree until it runs out of health, which will split it into logs, ready for you to take home and use as firewood. (In the future, you'll likely be able to craft these logs into wooden shields and grips.)

You cannot run out of wood. If you somehow stay in-game long enough to fell all of the trees and burn all of the firewood (such dedication!), you can simply save and reload the game and your 3 initial logs and trees will all return.

Smelting time

Split a log into firewood by hitting it with your axe, then load a few pieces of firewood (or coal) into the glowing hole in the side of the nearby smelter. Put your ores in the upper compartment and turn it on with the red button on the side to melt all the ores down at once. Remember to turn it off again when you're done so you don't waste fuel!

It does not matter if you mix different ore types when smelting them, the ingots will all come out just fine. Set the ingots on the ground as they spawn so there's room for the next one to come out, they'll cool on their own just from sitting out, so don't bother giving them an oil bath or anything. Now you've basically got a complete shipment of free ingots, which you can load onto the shelves next to your forge and use them take the next few orders you get from customers. Since you didn't pay anything for these ingots, their entire cost is added to your profits, which will send your gold supply soaring, making it easier and easier to get to the next tier of pickaxe, to harvest more ores, to sell to more customers.

Shopping trip

If you really want to absolutely maximize your profits while minimizing your expenditures, a new NPC shop was added to town in this update. Heading out from your shop's main entrance, up the path and off to the right a little, is a mostly unlabelled building with a door you can open. Step inside and you'll find every kind of grip for sale, including new Common tier ones, which are incredibly inexpensive. (A common one-handed grip is only worth 1 gold!) I believe in the future you may be able to craft wooden grips yourself with woodworking, but for now you can buy them here and take them back to your shop to use. To buy anything, simply exit the shop with it. The shop will despawn the moment you step out of the doorway, taking whatever money you owe it, and then when you step back inside the entire shop's contents will return ready to be bought again.

There is an open-topped wooden crate just in the corner of the shop near the doors you can use as a bucket to carry more than one thing home with you at once, if you're careful. When you go to lift the crate, remember to lift with your knees: Make sure you are crouched before you grab it to minimize the chances that the contents will immediately go flying from a physics jump, then uncrouch to hold it level in front of you as you walk. This crate will also respawn with the shop, but it's completely free to take, for your convenience.

No, you can't "steal" from the shop this way by simply holding the items indirectly -- the shop seems to charge you when it despawns based on what items were left inside it able to be removed, rather than checking what you took outside. Unfortunately you can't return (or "sell") things to the shop either, so be sure to bring your shopping basket back with you on future shopping trips unless you want to end up with more of them.

Thank you for releasing this. :)

I apparently missed a customer (they walked off before I was finished) but apparently they were still outside, just standing there, waiting for me to hand them the weapon still? Ahhh, so that's what happens...

I gave them what they asked for, they paid me and walked off, unblocking me from getting new customers.

version #19800 (My Little Blacksmith Shop Win 64 Alpha 0.0.71)

In addition to single ingot crafts changing materials to the last-used material (which is well-reported on by now), when you have "blunt" selected (and because there are no single-ingot blunts), the anvil creates the last-used shape, eg. you can make a single copper ingot into an iron greatsword by crafting an iron greatsword normally first, then switching to blunt and crafting a single copper ingot.

Good job.

You need to click the sign that says "Shop Closed" to make it say "Shop Open" at the start of the day, and then at night time (the game will say "You feel tired." in subtle text that fades in and out along the bottom of the screen) you need to go to bed or else no one will come no matter how long you wait.

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Uh oh. :( I just placed an order for an iron ingot and a fancy one-handed grip to fashion into a dagger, but after being shaped the blade was a copper one. (The Z focus was definitely set to blades, because the last thing I crafted before it was a Greatsword) So the NPC paid me for the copper dagger and now I have no moneys.

It seems to be currently possible to place heated ingots into the same slot on the anvil, as the anvil does not detect that there's already an ingot there and auto-positions it anyway or some such.

Good job making the heads themselves have heated/cooled states by the way, you're doing great. :)

Disappointed this is mislabelled as HTML5 when it's actually Unity. :(

Thanks, nyaa. ^^;; I'm a programmer myself, so I know a thing or two about how it is. Glad I could help.

I was actually having the exploding crate contents problem because I was trying to stockpile grips, guards, ingots, daggers, etc. in a single big order at the end of the business day before sleeping for the next day. (Like a real shop!)

If you just order what you need as the NPCs come in, there's so few materials in each crate that it's fine, soo the game is playable for now... oo;

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When I attempted to edit the sign's colors, the sign editor GUI got stuck to the screen and wouldn't close. Perhaps it re-opened from left clicking while it was already open or something. I ended up able to walk around with it covering my field of view an awful lot and had to restart. @_@

Time of day is not saved, so if you "feel tired" and save and quit, when you restart it, it will be as if you're waking up at the start of day 1 again, but with all of your money and levels.

It also does not save weapon parts which are "bound" together already, eg. every weapon stocked on your shelves will fall apart when loaded.

And, if you are staring at an ingot when it turns "Ready", the UI text doesn't update until you look away and back (but you can tell it's ready because of the particle effects)

I am also seeing the main pause menu not un-hide the mouse until you click, meaning you might accidentally click a button before you can even see what you're clicking... Maybe that's just in fullscreen mode, though?

The decorative shields aren't decorative, they are an omen for blacksmithing to come. ;)

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Please please please tell me you're gonna make the black weapons on the racks intangible and automatically grab the matching weapon type into its place when approached with one, similar to how ready ingots lock to the anvil... Getting weapons on the racks is kind of difficult right now because they don't have any auto-placement feature (and in the case of daggers, potentially impossible since they're so small they just fall right through the rack with certain heads)

Auto-placement might prove entirely useful, both for the player and you as the developer, in determining when weapons are already properly stocked in the shop so that NPCs can be shown to take weapons off of the racks and buy them directly -- and certainly a lot more reliable than the area check at the counter, which I often struggle with when weapons are premade for some reason.

edit: Okay, I just noticed that when you load a save, all of your assembled weapons fall apart too. @_@ You having trouble figuring out how to get the engine to treat them as a single item or something? Is that something in the way hampering weapon rack development? Gah...

I hate how the contents of delivery boxes all spawn on top of eachother at the same time and then physics-explode all over the place. @_@ Could you maybe make it so that the delivery box just turns invisible, intangible, and immobile for a moment when "destroyed" and starts spawning things in one at a time every few frames so they have a chance for gravity to gently drop them down to the floor first? Then after finishing delivering its contents the box itself can finally disappear.

I tried to bring the box indoors to open it so that the contents would drop all over the flat and grass-less shop floor with walls to hold everything in once... Big mistake. Half of my ingots immediately got stuck wedged between the thin shop floor and the grass floor UNDER the shop because they were launched so hard in the downward direction by chance. :(

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I don't even know what's wrong. Is it because the Sound asset itself gets an extension of .dat despite being an appropriate Ogg Vorbis sound file and therefore it gets sent with incorrect metadata that makes Firefox ignore it? Would that make it a problem with the HTML5 Exporter?

Firefox supports HTML5 Audio.

I have no idea why Superpowers Game still cannot play audio outside of Chrome.

The only way I've managed it is to use florentpoujol's dom plug-in to add/use HTML5 audio tags directly. You know that should not be a requirement for cross-browser basic functionality necessary to any serious videogame.

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Took me a bit to dig through the source code to find my answer. According to the answer is...

No. Only boolean, number. string, and Vector2/3 are valid customizable property types the UI can display. The rest get silently dropped with a debug console error you can't see unless you open your browser console. (Can that even be done in Superpowers App?)


In Superpowers Game, Scene editor, is there currently any way to make a customizable property which is a dropdown of named options, for example a list of acceptable strings or the possible values explicitly declared in an enum?

My high score this time is 2493 and I find it very satisfying. Good job! :D

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Right... Thanks. Now I just have to figure out how to debug to discern what type of structure I'm dealing with here.

Edit: Ah... It seems I am dealing with a THREE.Vector2 ... Which is a type that TypeScript won't even let me create myself? But that means that I'm just looking to modify uniforms["textureSize"].value.x and y. Okay, I can live with that.

And in the next version it'll be more in line with the rest of the API and less raw direct access? Sounds good to me. :)

Edit2: Buuut now it looks like I've just moved from having to make a new copy of the shader for every texture, to having to make a new copy of the behavior script for every texture, because I can't find a way to get the sprite width and height...

Oh wait, isn't that more or less what the "Grid Size" is? Right, right, I guess that will have to do, as long as I stick to single-sprite textures for this shader it'll be fine...

Edit11: Actually I think it may be thrown off a bit by THREE.js automatically resizing the texture to be a power of two anyway... Gah. So many little troubles.

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I have a shader which requires knowledge of the image width and height in order to properly apply itself. So I add a vec2 uniform to hold such information, and ...

Oh. It looks like I'm going to have to duplicate this shader in full for every individual texture I want to apply it to because there is no way to change the uniforms at runtime. The TypeScript class for shaders is a big opaque dummy you can't do anything with, and the setup to apply a shader to a sprite in a scene or by script doesn't allow for any further inputs besides the shader path to apply.

:( Disappointment.