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Please please please tell me you're gonna make the black weapons on the racks intangible and automatically grab the matching weapon type into its place when approached with one, similar to how ready ingots lock to the anvil... Getting weapons on the racks is kind of difficult right now because they don't have any auto-placement feature (and in the case of daggers, potentially impossible since they're so small they just fall right through the rack with certain heads)

Auto-placement might prove entirely useful, both for the player and you as the developer, in determining when weapons are already properly stocked in the shop so that NPCs can be shown to take weapons off of the racks and buy them directly -- and certainly a lot more reliable than the area check at the counter, which I often struggle with when weapons are premade for some reason.

edit: Okay, I just noticed that when you load a save, all of your assembled weapons fall apart too. @_@ You having trouble figuring out how to get the engine to treat them as a single item or something? Is that something in the way hampering weapon rack development? Gah...