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When I attempted to edit the sign's colors, the sign editor GUI got stuck to the screen and wouldn't close. Perhaps it re-opened from left clicking while it was already open or something. I ended up able to walk around with it covering my field of view an awful lot and had to restart. @_@

Time of day is not saved, so if you "feel tired" and save and quit, when you restart it, it will be as if you're waking up at the start of day 1 again, but with all of your money and levels.

It also does not save weapon parts which are "bound" together already, eg. every weapon stocked on your shelves will fall apart when loaded.

And, if you are staring at an ingot when it turns "Ready", the UI text doesn't update until you look away and back (but you can tell it's ready because of the particle effects)

I am also seeing the main pause menu not un-hide the mouse until you click, meaning you might accidentally click a button before you can even see what you're clicking... Maybe that's just in fullscreen mode, though?