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Planet exploration and survival game with base building. · By Cairn4

Nuclear reactor not worth the price for its output. Needs a buff!

A topic by RES7LESS created Jul 04, 2018 Views: 620 Replies: 4
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Self explanatory

I agree, but only because the exact same materials could be used to make a solar panel, and the two currently aren't even COMPARABLE in power generation.

The way it is now, you'll only get stable power generation in the post-game. During the 14 days the "advanced power generation" research tree is nothing but a big disappointment and you're better off just building two batteries and two biofuel generators and using that to hold your power supply up overnight.

You do know that you have to get advanced research in order to get the drones

Since this was here, let me ask this, is there a process to get the RTG to even work?  I see that it puts out 5GEN at times, but it is very inconsistent, and from what I see it doesn't work at night what so ever.

It's useful in those worlds where it isn't worth it to use solar panels as there isn't enough day