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I bought the deluxe version either way.

Do people who've owned the game for a year or more get a free steam key?

simmiland community · Created a new topic No more updates?

It's been a long while, and I think it would be nice to see newer things

I think that the chance for seeds to drop should also be 10% when harvesting, not chopping trees. Also, the conduit should at least be place-able over solid flooring or made into a conductive flooring, both supplying the player with electricity and doing the same job as the conduit while looking quite good,

Ore (not radioactive) should be a drop from large rocks, and rain could happen at least a lot more often.  That, and deep drilling for ice, ore, rocks, and water, plus, the blueshrooms and chemicals should have more use, and health and healing could use an overhaul. Maybe make vehicle crashes more damaging for both the buggy and player, and maybe reduce natural healing factor by alot. Chemicals could be used with plants to produce plastic, still at the chemistry lab, and would enable new tools. Tools with plastic and metal, and you can use your imagination to imagine all sorts of things to do with plastic, and also collector robots, who go out, collect ice,  ore, or scrap, and bring it back. Farming could use a major overhaul, but this will be more than enough ideas to last quite a while.

Where does one get tree seeds?

I suggest that, in the tech that adds greenhouses, the ability to make and plant saplings, which are made of one fruit, 2 rocks, and maybe either 4 plants or one textile and made at a workbench. Also, textile doesn't need unlocking and only needs 4 plants, and it is made at the workbench. There could also be personal storage, either with the mk 2 suit or a backpack, unlocked with storage and only needs 3 textile and 6 wire at a workbench, and allows for the storage of 6 more things.  I do have more ideas (Like rock compression and granulation as well as soil and more) but this will be enough for one post

Wow, when will it be coming out?

Hey Sokpop, think that this game could get a small update and maybe a bit of a revival? I'm suggesting a way to get infinitely renewable stone and wood, like a mine and a forestry. 

It's been 3 months, or sokpop, do you still need more time.

Checking back in a little over 2 months after the original post. How's it shaping up Sokpop?

I guess the wait will extend on for two-ish more months

One month has passed. How's it going sokpop?

Will there still be a community to play the game in 3 months?

When or will there be a new update? When can new things like mines be added, if ever? I'm just wondering when or if there will be a new update

New Jungle Plant: The tomato. The tomato will be a regrowing plant that is spawned with a plant in the jungle. Tomatoes can also be farmed and cooked. New Animal: The Goat. Goats come from critter cards in normal mountains, can be farmed for milk, and milk has to be inspected before humans can have anything related to milk. New Mineral: Phosphorous. Phosphorous can be inspected for fertilizer, and comes from mineral in the jungle. New "Class" of inspection: Mines. Mines are inspected on a mountain, made with a log, and depending on which Mountainous terrain it is used on, will give different results. Mines are placed on mountainous terrain giving (On normal mountainous) rocks, flint, and ore. On Jungle mountainous, it gives phosphorous, clay, and gold ore. On sulfuric mountains, there is sulfur and coal. Desert mountain mines give sandstone and normal ore with gold ore. Swamp only gives clay. And tundra/snowfields give ice, rocks, and ore. Fertilizer and New Farms. New farms are found when inspecting fertilizer, and fertilizer is found when inspecting phosphorous, and is made from one manure, one phosphorous, and one sulfur. The new farms are greenhouses, made with one glass, one fertilizer, and one tomato, wheat, or berry. They will always give two of whatever is growing, and fertilize best with fertilizer, but manure works to keep it going. New Recipes. With the discovery of milk under mankind's grasp, new recipes can be made, such as pizza, pasta, fettuccine alfredo, and ice cream to name a few. Clay Uses, as well as more ways to get ice.  A new freezer, inspected with ice, made with metal, bricks, and glass, can be made. More inspections and stuff in general. New plastic refinery, ocean oil, and offshore oil refinery. Another oil inspection, as well as new plastic, which is used in making rockets, computers, and tankers, can be inspected for mass transportation, which includes massive tankers that transport up to 8 items and are two tiles wide, also act as little standing tiles. The driver actually has to get in it, and it costs 1 metal, 1 glass, and 2 plastic. Plastic is made from a 1 to 1 ratio of oil to plastic. These are even more ideas on what I think could be added to simmiland.

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Ie, New Stuff. Humans have jobs and differentiate if they are smart enough and have enough people. New jobs include: Farmer, Forager, Forester/Miner, Builder/Supply. and then the Scientists. New subbiomes and biome: Sulfur and Mountainous Blank (Can be normal "Mountainous", but can also be jungle, snowfield, desert, swamp, and sulfur) Sulfur only has a few uses, which are making sulfur rocks, charred trees, dead bushes, and they spawn as "Mountainous" near volcano. New card: Acid Rain. Acid acts by charring trees, killing bushes, and erasing rocks, increases both temp and humidity, and turns most other biomes into sulfur or mountainous sulfur. These are a few ideas and i will express some more later.

Humans can get factory if they have lab, it's just humans in the game are rather stupid (Like building roads on precious oil, lava, or jungle) or relatively stuck (In an endless loop of harvest bring back eat)

I've had the same problem. Only if harvesting herbs then toxic berries was the priority. But at the same time they should pick up an axe lying on the ground and start chopping trees for food and wood, and harvesting more filling food first then herbs then toxic berries. 

do the alien ships have a higher lightning priority than the lightning rods? and what happens if you zap over the ocean?

ok. I was just wondering. Seems like this game is going smoothly and maybe you could re-add the pumpkin recipes in the next update with all of the new things.

I really like the feel this game is going for and its simplistic art style. Keep up the good work!

Autonauts community · Created a new topic new update?

When will the new update be releasing? Early, mid, or late 2019?

How do i get the portal, gun, aliens to land, and plutonium? Also making gunpowder to register

simmiland community · Created a new topic Alot more ideas

Just put, the refinery is fine. It's the smelter that has problems, as they don't deconstruct buildings and smelters can lose lava. Sometimes, the humans build roads over lava, which is bad, as in some cases, you lose oil, others, tropical. Also, laws should also make humans automatically kill bears and snakes if they have killed any humans. Although, snakes should be farmable for the venom and eggs. Also, wells made with stone and wood that are discovered when you get the city hall. Would make metal and glass require water in their recipe. Wells can be made on any turf. And also mines, discovered with examining mountain, where humans go in with the mining intent, and return with ore, sand, rock, gold ore, or plutonium. 

simmiland community · Created a new topic Text Bug

It says that the spinning wheel is found when cacti are inspected

I have more ideas. Move wild chickens to the jungle, add scorpions (And by extension new bug meat) Charcoal should be an actual oven recipe. New thing: Rivers. Made from river source, make sand around, gives the first taste of rafting, goes the shortest way down the mountain it was made from (Can become a little lake) and feeds into the ocean. New mangroves when using tree on the sea. Humans that have bonemeal with them should fertilize plants. People can actually pick up items that others dropped, so we don't get the same problem as before (But instead lots of tools and boats lying on the ground.) The plains could have cows, like I said earlier, animals should be able to breed. As well as automatically slaughter and loot animal corpses. Cheese should be made at the cookpot Using plant in the jungle should get you tomato, maybe investigating the river would give you well? Plants in and around the river would be rice. Fish would be there, and any human boating should float downstream as fast as if they were in a car. Investigating ice or ice blocks could give you freezer, which could turn water to ice. Metal and glass now need an ice or water in their recipe as well.  Humans should automatically make more refineries and smelters if they need more oil/glass/metal, and metal ore can be harvested from a mine on the mountain, from examining mountains. Tomatoes should give tomatoes and twigs. Rice could be farmed. And sushi could be made with 1 rice, 1 raw fish, and one seaweed or kelp at the cookpot. Also humans should consider where water/lava/oil is in relation to their production structures.

Is there a way to get plutonium? As well as getting the aliens to land at all? It also seems that people are too preocupied doing other things such as kill bears and snakes, (Should be high priority) mine and chop if there isn't food to be harvested, and also make bonemeal more worthwhile. I'd love to see a game where the people can slaughter the animals, IE let's say that a human colony has 2 chickens. An egg is laid and hatches. That chicken should be slaughtered. For sheep, same principle but different execution. Bears should also follow. And snakes also being tameable/domestic. For the snake eggs and venom!

Is it time for sokpop to release update 1.4 or something now? It's been over the suggested month that sokpop had said. Too many other projects i suppose?

It's useful in those worlds where it isn't worth it to use solar panels as there isn't enough day

You can also make islands out of meteor as well

hmm, but still, humans only build one oil rig and those don't remove oil

simmiland community · Created a new topic Unremoveable oil

oil just can't be removed, land can be created by meteoring a mountain close to sea, but sea can't be made.

they should prioritize food, ovens, and farms over houses and building projects, and should cut/harvest new trees or plants or harvest existing ones, and lightning or fire should turn wheat into bread

How do i  get people rooms and how do i increase my settler population?

Odd Realm community · Created a new topic Tutorial

Can someone give me a brief tutorial of how to play this game and have my settlers thrive?

then you can quake mountains and deserts

I got it yesterday with a total iq of 214

I got it, but i still need nerds. I got every card and also played them accordingly. When i did "the end" card, i got both achievements "the good life" and "rockets". I waited and had stuff like banana bread researched, bread, apple pie(?) and they had lots of seaweed

simmiland community · Created a new topic How to get nerds

I just got the rocket science and the good life, completing all but 1 achievement. Nerds. How do i get that? I have every single achievement except for that one. And what are all the coins for? I have every card, but there's still coins to be spent and cards to be bought, right?

very buggy. Train cars get entangled into a mess