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hmm, but still, humans only build one oil rig and those don't remove oil

simmiland community · Created a new topic Unremoveable oil

oil just can't be removed, land can be created by meteoring a mountain close to sea, but sea can't be made.

they should prioritize food, ovens, and farms over houses and building projects, and should cut/harvest new trees or plants or harvest existing ones, and lightning or fire should turn wheat into bread

How do i  get people rooms and how do i increase my settler population?

Odd Realm community · Created a new topic Tutorial

Can someone give me a brief tutorial of how to play this game and have my settlers thrive?

then you can quake mountains and deserts

I got it yesterday with a total iq of 214

I got it, but i still need nerds. I got every card and also played them accordingly. When i did "the end" card, i got both achievements "the good life" and "rockets". I waited and had stuff like banana bread researched, bread, apple pie(?) and they had lots of seaweed

simmiland community · Created a new topic How to get nerds

I just got the rocket science and the good life, completing all but 1 achievement. Nerds. How do i get that? I have every single achievement except for that one. And what are all the coins for? I have every card, but there's still coins to be spent and cards to be bought, right?

very buggy. Train cars get entangled into a mess

I think it needs options

Any chance of user designed levels?

It won't?

I found this out with jungle trees when i wasn't sure they would regrow

how bout humans early game (When suspectable to starvation and all that) drop their tools when they die. Also, maybe it should be possible for the telescope to have more use than making a lil alien ship apear

Can it be possible to have random stuff like rocks, twigs, ore, and more to was up on sand surrounded by ocean? It would make obtaining gold ore a bit less tedious, also sulfur. And what does gunpowder do? What is the other slot in the human's inv. that doesn't seem to have a use?

What does the plague card do, and can it and metor be obtained in endless?

Do the cards you buy also follow you into endless mode?

How did you get gold and sulfur? And also how do you have lava next to oil?


There's an arrow next to your name and you click on that and look at the downloads

My question is, how do i get sulfur

You do know that you have to get advanced research in order to get the drones


Know what. I know, I've bookmarked the wrong thing, but I still don't have the new update

I bought this game and bookmarked the purchase page. Now when i go to it to get this new update, i'm redirected here!

150 fails, 1 duck collected

I can't get a factory. I just can't. I didn't play any +10 iq cards and managed to keep my faith under 1000, but i inspected too many things. Can someone guide me?

Will the update be released today?

And i expect something like "It's done!"

If not, i will still be waiting

Tommorow soon?

When will the next update be out?

I've seen populations of more than 5 and and they don't make more 

Is simmiland still being updated?

how did you end it? In endless or normal?

Apples? Bananas? Coconuts? The herb and berry mix?

Trying to strictly get the factory, all attempts so far have ended in church, all because they warship me and i can't stop selling cards

Sell to many cards, you get church

Use too many +10 iq cards, you get laboratory

Just the right amount with metal and stuff, you get the ever elusive factory

What's "Advanced" in the eyes of the game? Glass? Metal? Batteries? Oil? Bricks? And do they get cars if they go factory?

I also wonder how to check faith, i know how to check iq, but not population. 

I spammed +10 IQ cards and saved discoveries. Still, even without much researched, they still got to labratory, then volcano -> smelter -> metal -> oil (they magically found glass), i used a human card, zapped that human, they learned lightning rod before metal,  so many discoveries later, lots of jungle, a burned forest, and continous attempts at trying to make them fly using the rocket 

How do you manufacture factory? And, how does the mechanics of "Bob dies from picking a cactus" and he has an axe, pickaxe, and boat on him, do those turn into nothing-ness, or, do other humans get what they need from him?

What are pumpkins used for then as well?

I have this game on steam