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Possible New things

A topic by zergologist created Dec 08, 2018 Views: 229 Replies: 1
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Ie, New Stuff. Humans have jobs and differentiate if they are smart enough and have enough people. New jobs include: Farmer, Forager, Forester/Miner, Builder/Supply. and then the Scientists. New subbiomes and biome: Sulfur and Mountainous Blank (Can be normal "Mountainous", but can also be jungle, snowfield, desert, swamp, and sulfur) Sulfur only has a few uses, which are making sulfur rocks, charred trees, dead bushes, and they spawn as "Mountainous" near volcano. New card: Acid Rain. Acid acts by charring trees, killing bushes, and erasing rocks, increases both temp and humidity, and turns most other biomes into sulfur or mountainous sulfur. These are a few ideas and i will express some more later.

New Jungle Plant: The tomato. The tomato will be a regrowing plant that is spawned with a plant in the jungle. Tomatoes can also be farmed and cooked. New Animal: The Goat. Goats come from critter cards in normal mountains, can be farmed for milk, and milk has to be inspected before humans can have anything related to milk. New Mineral: Phosphorous. Phosphorous can be inspected for fertilizer, and comes from mineral in the jungle. New "Class" of inspection: Mines. Mines are inspected on a mountain, made with a log, and depending on which Mountainous terrain it is used on, will give different results. Mines are placed on mountainous terrain giving (On normal mountainous) rocks, flint, and ore. On Jungle mountainous, it gives phosphorous, clay, and gold ore. On sulfuric mountains, there is sulfur and coal. Desert mountain mines give sandstone and normal ore with gold ore. Swamp only gives clay. And tundra/snowfields give ice, rocks, and ore. Fertilizer and New Farms. New farms are found when inspecting fertilizer, and fertilizer is found when inspecting phosphorous, and is made from one manure, one phosphorous, and one sulfur. The new farms are greenhouses, made with one glass, one fertilizer, and one tomato, wheat, or berry. They will always give two of whatever is growing, and fertilize best with fertilizer, but manure works to keep it going. New Recipes. With the discovery of milk under mankind's grasp, new recipes can be made, such as pizza, pasta, fettuccine alfredo, and ice cream to name a few. Clay Uses, as well as more ways to get ice.  A new freezer, inspected with ice, made with metal, bricks, and glass, can be made. More inspections and stuff in general. New plastic refinery, ocean oil, and offshore oil refinery. Another oil inspection, as well as new plastic, which is used in making rockets, computers, and tankers, can be inspected for mass transportation, which includes massive tankers that transport up to 8 items and are two tiles wide, also act as little standing tiles. The driver actually has to get in it, and it costs 1 metal, 1 glass, and 2 plastic. Plastic is made from a 1 to 1 ratio of oil to plastic. These are even more ideas on what I think could be added to simmiland.