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Planet exploration and survival game with base building. · By Cairn4

New possible things

A topic by zergologist created 55 days ago Views: 94 Replies: 4
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I suggest that, in the tech that adds greenhouses, the ability to make and plant saplings, which are made of one fruit, 2 rocks, and maybe either 4 plants or one textile and made at a workbench. Also, textile doesn't need unlocking and only needs 4 plants, and it is made at the workbench. There could also be personal storage, either with the mk 2 suit or a backpack, unlocked with storage and only needs 3 textile and 6 wire at a workbench, and allows for the storage of 6 more things.  I do have more ideas (Like rock compression and granulation as well as soil and more) but this will be enough for one post


You can currently plant tree seeds anywhere outside as long as the tile is clear.

Where does one get tree seeds?


Chopping down trees with an axe has a 25% chance of dropping a seed.

I think that the chance for seeds to drop should also be 10% when harvesting, not chopping trees. Also, the conduit should at least be place-able over solid flooring or made into a conductive flooring, both supplying the player with electricity and doing the same job as the conduit while looking quite good,

Ore (not radioactive) should be a drop from large rocks, and rain could happen at least a lot more often.  That, and deep drilling for ice, ore, rocks, and water, plus, the blueshrooms and chemicals should have more use, and health and healing could use an overhaul. Maybe make vehicle crashes more damaging for both the buggy and player, and maybe reduce natural healing factor by alot. Chemicals could be used with plants to produce plastic, still at the chemistry lab, and would enable new tools. Tools with plastic and metal, and you can use your imagination to imagine all sorts of things to do with plastic, and also collector robots, who go out, collect ice,  ore, or scrap, and bring it back. Farming could use a major overhaul, but this will be more than enough ideas to last quite a while.