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market bug?

A topic by Kruzgoth created 72 days ago Views: 238 Replies: 5
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Could there be a new market bug where the villager don't build it?

Had like almost 200 resources in my town center + portal ... etc. but had no market. Because of that i couldn't build a factory as well.

Can someone reproduce that problem too?

PS: Next game, also no market. See here! And is the discovery "gun" depending on factory->market? If not, and this is also broken =/

Or am i just stupid? My mankind is "evil", so "gun" should be discovered if i have gun powder aren't?

When exactly do aliens give plutonium? For "peacefully" mankind?

Hi Kurizgoth, I think it's dependent on the mid-game moment where your people decide to be either church peeps, factory peeps or future peeps. This was the case with previous versions of the game.

Humans can get factory if they have lab, it's just humans in the game are rather stupid (Like building roads on precious oil, lava, or jungle) or relatively stuck (In an endless loop of harvest bring back eat)

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 But they didn't build the factory either,  even as i had the lab. On the screenshot it's 2 tiles down and 1 tile to the left from the windmill.

From the description of the factory, it needs the market, which is pretty unlucky if it's a "luck" thing mid-game.

PS: Even as i had enough food they didn't build it =( and it's not the fault on my resources. had like 30 of each.


it is almost that. They build the market mid-game or not at all. If they reach sky tower base it is too late. Most important thing to do is research currency relatively early (this means you need an early meteor)

Ok thanks for your answers @all. Was pretty confused.