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Hi Kurizgoth, I think it's dependent on the mid-game moment where your people decide to be either church peeps, factory peeps or future peeps. This was the case with previous versions of the game.

Great! It's really coming together :-)))

Awesome work! Downloaded today, love the critters :-)

Too cheap for how good it is


You can find medicine in the same biodome :) it's a plant

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Same results here! 

  • I can't play all mankind cards... but I could play some :o It seems like they replace other cards.
  • Also, I bought too many trees (help xD)
  • Love the game!

Haha I did a lot of the same things like the guy in video. It felt like I outsmarted the game which made it very enjoyable, even though you knew exactly what you were doing :D

One of my favorite submissions! I tried the new glitch-free version. I couldn't finish the game though? It kept telling me a shrine was missing, but I could not find it. I did unlock the magic! It's almost a full game, that is what I found most impressive.

I feel like the gravity should be slighter lower to increase response time for challenges while flying.  I think the idea is to make obstacles like wall jumping feel good, which isn't really the case right now. A different solution could be to give you air time after you hit a wall. 

What I do is inspect a tree for the axe. Plant a plant on wasteland / mountains to give them twigs. Sample a rock and voila - they have axes and slowly cut down regular trees for infinite twigs! 

Tori decided to moonwalk through lvl 2!

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haha  I can't even' is what I thought so much, but the art is really inviting and the game concept is fun. The doors are hard to open, but the joy found in the bouncing rooms is top notch

Original! Put a smile on my face for sure

I died a lot! Last boss got stuck in a wall and I couldn't hit him, but other than that it was great :D

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Very cool! Not being able to see the mouse cursor is not great design, but overal it's great :D

Cute bear! the weapon is bad, but you're not 'without' weapon, like the theme suggests ;-)

Awesome mechanic! Seems like it doesn't move away from a genre, but still really good.

I want to win, but it's too arrrrrd :'(

<140 IQ AND you need a few advanced materials (batteries, oil drums, metal). Good luck! 

Have you unpacked the zip file? It's hard to say what is causing it!

I did it :DDD

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oh haha, guess I'll try again :-)

Do I have all the right ingredients? I waited like this for a while, but they never get to it, I guess

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Cool game! I get stuck (a lot!) in normal mode. Why? Instead of saving up on a few rocks, they'd rather make 10 unused bricks leaving me without a smelter x)

But I would die 500 times
And I would die 500 more
Just to be the man who died a thousand times
To fall down at your door

Da da lat da (Da da lat da)
Da da lat da (Da da lat da)
... Etc... x5

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