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You need the venom and the herbs already collected in your town center and adv. meds already discovered.

After that, the cure should be discovered automaticly without the need, that the people do something.

The time said 4:56 Uhr in the morning, so i don't think you had the patch v1.4.10.

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 But they didn't build the factory either,  even as i had the lab. On the screenshot it's 2 tiles down and 1 tile to the left from the windmill.

From the description of the factory, it needs the market, which is pretty unlucky if it's a "luck" thing mid-game.

PS: Even as i had enough food they didn't build it =( and it's not the fault on my resources. had like 30 of each.

Ok thanks for your answers @all. Was pretty confused.

simmiland community · Created a new topic market bug?
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Could there be a new market bug where the villager don't build it?

Had like almost 200 resources in my town center + portal ... etc. but had no market. Because of that i couldn't build a factory as well.

Can someone reproduce that problem too?

PS: Next game, also no market. See here! And is the discovery "gun" depending on factory->market? If not, and this is also broken =/

Or am i just stupid? My mankind is "evil", so "gun" should be discovered if i have gun powder aren't?

When exactly do aliens give plutonium? For "peacefully" mankind?

Yep :D thanks to that my ingame-archivement "the colonies" didn't count, but steam got it :D so it's ok

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To fill the wiki? Of course :D

Love it!

PS: Is there a save way to communicate, beside the forum? 

There are many of this little "text bugs". Can't recreate them on purpose, but sometimes, when i choose a card (random), some text boxes appear with item informations, like metal, gold or that spinning wheel too. I try to recreate this to define it's time of appearance.

Jup, that road planting over everything is really annoying, especially for lava, oil and the jungle biome. These are hard to create in not-endless mode.

nice :D Thank you. This was one of the most annoying late game bugs I experienced.

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Attached the values to the biome-sites. Thank you!

And is there something like a sandbox mode? I try to create pictures for everything to put it into that wiki

and it's hard to work on endless mode for that :D

Is there also a in-game pause button? Without opening the menu context? I need these critters to stand still for that screenshot ^^

You could create a feature, like two buttons in endless mode, where you can create endless faith (permanent or like turning on/off) and

a sandbox button, where you can create tiles (desert, plains, wasteland) and so on to create your own little island, while everything else

is on pause.

simmiland community · Created a new topic Fill the wiki!!
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I would recommend for everyone, if possible, to help filling the Simmiland Wiki.

I already started and would love to see other helping as well.

PS: @Sokpop, i would love if you could mention the humidity/tempareture range for each biome.

simmiland community · Created a new topic Evil Humans

Does someone know how i can change the mind of my mankind? Because there are evil (didn't know why either, what exactly makes them evil) and there IQ is limited on 120. Need to change that, but doesn't know how.

Some ideas?

Thanks. I know you work hard for this to work.
Love this game.

Even as they had axes, they still don't go after the apple trees :(

only wheat and seawheat is recognized as food in this state.

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@Sokpop, the food-problem still isn't solved. My meat isn't picked up from the ground and they don't kill the chickens...

They also don't cut down trees to get the berries or burning charcoal for the cook pot. The relation to 'food' isn't here yet aren't? Look at the screenshot i made.

Plenty of food and they still starve to death =( they only concentrating on harvesting that wheat and seawheat and that don't give enough food for them.

The chickens on the left are also not moving, like they`re stucked or something.

They also build their paths over the lava and oil tiles, so they disappear after a while =/

After a short period (like 10-20 Minutes in game) they also don't craft anymore. Means no pickaxe or axe to cut down trees or ores.

That are the main problems yet. And i don't know if it`s only me, but the tool-icons in the human info are pretty small now. I would take a screenshot of that too, but they don't pick up anything anymore because lack of food.

PS: Because they don't cut down trees anymore, they also can't build more farms =/ so late game is pretty hard to reach

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Hey @Sokpop,

the error message reappierd in the latest v1.4. After around 1,5h of gameplay in one endless run it crashed.

No save game on endless!?

PS: Nice work done so far !

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Would be great. had the same problem. 16 mankind, IQ >240 and they are starving to death or doing nothing on their island, because they don't build boats to cross to the over islands. Balancing is hard, i know =/

PS: Everywhere was food on the ground or on sea.

Very nice. Thanks

New Build? :D Today?

@zergologist this is already possible. You create "mountains" if you cast a meteor on sea. This topic is for new feature ideas.

simmiland community · Created a new topic 158 of 170 cards?

Is this a counting error or are there some hidden cards?

Im confused.

You mean like sparkles appearing on that object and they investigate it?
Sounds good :D

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One idea would be, that quakes also creates land into the sea following this logic:

quake -> lava eruption under the sea -> cooling off and create some rocks -> rocks growing bigger from lava -> island is created

I think this could be nice to trigger some "over the time" events, so if you quake the sea, there won't happen anything soon, but more likely over time.

So first you only can see that the area of the sea is glowing or that bubbles flow to the surface, then some dark matter is appearing and spreading

and after a while you got there a land with gras biom or even sometimes a mountain with a lava pit.

This would add more value to the quake card, because now it's worthless once you got oil and lava.

Another idea of mine is, that sometimes in the mountain biom, there is created a small hole that you can "discover", so if you

already learned "pickaxe" and "hammer" (or anything else special), you discovered "mine" where you get stone and rarely even metal or iron.

Important here would be, that the villager after using the "Discovery" card won't craft down the stones around the hole so the biom won't

disappear again, or that the mountain biom around this hole stays there even without any rocks around it.

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I don't agree with that turn wheat into bread, because that's not part of the realistic in this game. You can't just "burn" wheat and except to get bread like charcoal from trees xD

But i would agree over a special "prioritizing drop list" which you can at least closely control which items/drops they should focus on first (or at least most of the time). This doesn't mean that you can control what they do like cutting trees, but what they will collect first like bread from the oven.

Like i already mentioned a few times, sometimes the overwhelming count of items/drops are blocking any progress.

Often happens to me if i have some ovens which creating many items over time, so they are only collection this items and eat them again :D

Just wheel one time down to get to the firepit/church/lab etc.

I just think there should be a hint for that somewhere so new players discover that trick.

A special button would be helpful too, but you can use that TAB as example for a list of all humans and their wishes + equipment!?

I think this is a important request, because i something want to "refill" some of the oil patterns to recreate some space.

i mean, a small one is just as effectiv as a big one and space is important.

Gathering (sampling) the necessary resources is important, even more in the early game. Like "gusanoloco" said, you need sticks and stones for them

to create tools. I made the experience, that jungle trees have a higher chance of dropping sticks related to other biom trees, but not sure if it is just pure luck. Else the one-time desert trees is always usefull with min. 2 sticks.

The resource problem will be solved after they drop their equipment on death. Was already mentioned here (

And i don't think there should be something like "telling" them where to build something, because you play a god, not a villager,

so it should be natural that you can't control where they build. You can plan where to create your certain areas, so it won't happen.

I think, the prioritising thing is already implemented, because i often have the problem, that my metal furnance is ignored, because my ovens creating so many items,

and i'm stucked here xD but it's still ok i think.

Cool, very nice! *thumbsup*

Would be a great feature, that if the people die, they drop their equements like axe's and so on, so it won't be a ressource lost.

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This time, i got it after ~38 Minutes Gameplay, at sum 1h, again. Had just my labrotary up and my modern houses.

RE: Just had my task-manager running while gaming and... WOW, your game eats 3,8GB of my RAM and then runs into out of memory.

And is it planned that sometimes, the villager are doing nothing while "gathering" and just dying?

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Based on my experiences i would say it`s recreatable after restarting games over 1h in-game time.

I think its based on the gameplay itself, because this Error doesn't occurs while restarting, more while already playing for a longer time.

Like having people finally to build this factory and then this "Out of Memory"-occurence. <-- Just an example.

As i could see so far it is not based on a specific trigger event or some keybinding, so i would rather think that some ingame-variables are

running out of space and giving that error.

Is there a possability for you to implement a debug-function that creates a log?

Like starting the game with an optional "-d"?

simmiland community · Created a new topic Out of Memory!

This is really annoying.. i had a real good start on a very small island (under 100 tiles), because i wanted that archivement.

Good oil and was close to lava for metal and then BAM... out of memory.

Everything for nothing. Pls fix that. My system won't run "out of Memory". I have 16GB and your game doesn't even take that much.