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Fill the wiki!!

A topic by Kruzgoth created 74 days ago Views: 449 Replies: 4
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I would recommend for everyone, if possible, to help filling the Simmiland Wiki.

I already started and would love to see other helping as well.

PS: @Sokpop, i would love if you could mention the humidity/tempareture range for each biome.


it's a bit more complicated than that but here are a few:

(t = temperature, h = humidity)

t: 0 - 25 & h: 20 - 50 = grass (with enough trees it's forest)

t: 0 - 25 & h: 0 - 20 = wasteland

t: 0 - 25 & h: 50 - 100 = swamp

t: 25 - 40 & h: 40 - 100 = tropic

t: 40> = desert

t: 30> & h: <40 = desert

t: 25> & h: <10 = desert

t: <0 & h: <30 = tundra

t: <0 & h: 30> = snowfields

tiles can be flagged with a *special* number resulting in mountainous/oil/volcano/town/city

sea and deep sea tiles are locked unless a meteor changes it

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Attached the values to the biome-sites. Thank you!

And is there something like a sandbox mode? I try to create pictures for everything to put it into that wiki

and it's hard to work on endless mode for that :D

Is there also a in-game pause button? Without opening the menu context? I need these critters to stand still for that screenshot ^^

You could create a feature, like two buttons in endless mode, where you can create endless faith (permanent or like turning on/off) and

a sandbox button, where you can create tiles (desert, plains, wasteland) and so on to create your own little island, while everything else

is on pause.


maybe i can send you all the raw sprites? would that help? 

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To fill the wiki? Of course :D

Love it!

PS: Is there a save way to communicate, beside the forum?