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basic materials and prioritisation

A topic by Lewis1206 created Oct 18, 2018 Views: 571 Replies: 1
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there needs to be an easier way to get your basic materials, like in a plains dead bushes should like over time grow or something, and there should be like a stone pit card or something to allow them to get stones bu themselves, cause once you run out of sample cards and you have no stones then you cant continue. The humans also should be building things in the right order, often they have way to many houses for the amount of people and it seems like that is because when someone dies their house isn't taken by someone else, farms and ovens also should be prioritised as they always seem to die of starvation, something that will also be helpful is if we can tell them where to build certain things as its often just a mess with things everywhere and they will most of the time build things over your forest or somewhere in the way. just something to look at. Great game though

The resource problem will be solved after they drop their equipment on death. Was already mentioned here (

And i don't think there should be something like "telling" them where to build something, because you play a god, not a villager,

so it should be natural that you can't control where they build. You can plan where to create your certain areas, so it won't happen.

I think, the prioritising thing is already implemented, because i often have the problem, that my metal furnance is ignored, because my ovens creating so many items,

and i'm stucked here xD but it's still ok i think.