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Possible soft lock

A topic by Mitornimo created 76 days ago Views: 98 Replies: 2
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I am in endless mode, I found if I do the plague when there is herbs, and advanced meds, they prioritize picking up items off the ground and building, instead of getting herbs. which makes the plague stuck in the world as they never cure it, and they die before they can do what they are trying to do

For plague cure you also need Venom (extracted from snake which in turn is spawned by playing critter on jungle tiles). But you are still correct, unless the situation is really stable in terms of food and buildings seems like they usually don't prioritize developing the vaccine. But in endless should just be a matter of spawning more humans until they finally do the vaccine.


You need the venom and the herbs already collected in your town center and adv. meds already discovered.

After that, the cure should be discovered automaticly without the need, that the people do something.