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In a flooded market, with gamers that have been playing for 40+ years you have achieved something special here: Surprise.
thank you for the awesome creative rejuvenation of a genre.

Very good instant playability.
As others have said it really needs a visual indication of the direction the car is pointing towards.

I have been a fan of radar theater for years now and I always recommend it to people as an example of how great experimental games can be.

This is the idea of radar theater elevated to a somewhat more refined game. I'm currently only on the Intermediate level and I'm having a lot of fun trying to predict the outcome of the fights.

I think it could benefit from a few QOL improvements however.

1) make it visually explicit that the arena has some sort of wall around it. I kept trying to zoom out when on the pre battle screen.

2) I would change the UI layout of the pre-battle screen, putting the stats along the bottom so that it could show all the bot stats side by side for easier comparison. (if this is too much work, then having a hot key to cycle through the bots would be a lot friendlier than having to click all the time)

3) Don't zoom in automatically upon hitting select, you always want to see the battle unfold, not zoom in straight away.

Great work on perfecting your creative idea =)

An extra feature that kept popping into my head is, how cool would it be if instead of just individual bots, there could be teams of bots composed of different units. That way, synergies could really start to develop making some teams much more than just the sum of their stats. Like the immunities being given by a circular shield behind which the other team members could also be protected.

hello =) could you clarify which version you mean is "the latest official Tetris for the NES (hardware clone not endorsed by Nintendo but is by The Tetris Company" ? thank you!

Here I am in 2022 playing this game on a Blackberry Q10 with a real keyboard (via retroarch). You have just replaced my favourite tetris version of all time that I play almost daily (Tetris 2 + Bombliss NES Japan excusive).

"From below" has just the right mix of modern tetris rotation system with the DAS precision of classic tetris.

This paired with the charming retro graphics is just an irresistible combo.

Only slight anoyiance is the speed up music when you have a high stack. This is a classic design i could personally do without :-)

Thanks for making this precious gem of a game.

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That's such a cool idea. Different robot characters each one having a mechanical "hand" with a different power. You could even make it into a local vs mode where each character sends different types/patterns of garbage to the opponent acording to their power. Would be a nightmare to balance all the characters though!

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I think it would be fun to have "single tool" modes so that you can play your favorite tool from start to finish. Such a polished game already though, super fun =)

Lovely sokoban puzzles =) I had a few minutes of fun thanks to you =)


  • the portals mechanic is very nice
  • needs an undo button
  • I would remove the screen between levels
  • needs a way to replay the levels after you finish the last one
  • maybe add a music toggle instead of only full audio off or on
  • some of the puzzles could have less moving parts and still provide the same intellectual challenge. I wanted to go back to those specific ones to give you concrete examples, but sadly you can only play again in sequence from level 1 which I don't have time to do now. But what I mean is that in some levels you figure out what to do but then doing the moves is a chore, because instead of having to move one or 2 boxes you have to move a lot more and over long distances. Those puzzles could probably be made to be much tighter by making the levels smaller and having less boxes.

I love the presentation. Great atmosphere and the "glitched" visual effects are super nice.

Is this a homage to "bit Generations: Dotstream" on the Gameboy Advance?

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Wow super fun! love the handling. especially the risk reward that can cause you to flip the car on its side. Adding a ghost of the player's PB would make it even more fun =)

My PB after 30mins of play 55.997

Just bought the final version of this prototype today on steam (released 15th March 2021). Here is the link if anyone fancies it

thanks! whishlisted =)

Thank a lot for the tip, I wouldn't have found it if it wasn't for you.

I don't have a set day. You can post when its ready and I will test it.

1: Actually, you force me to agree. I see now that it is the right option. I too have experienced the "death by pause screen" of PES Vs matches.

2 and 3: yeah they are minor issues anyway, I totally understand they can be harder to fix than it looks =)

Regarding the 4 players matches I was doing some preparation trying to test if I could have 3 controllers + 1 keyboard.

I have been using Keyboard and a xinput controller that is detected as an Xbox 360 controller. And that works fine.

But for 3rd and 4th player I only have Dinput controllers available.

With the D input controllers, the game detects them fine and after I configure all the inputs I can play the game, and control the players however the game interprets R1 trigger (the button I set to sprint) as "go to Pause menu" in the Dinput controllers. So on these controllers whenever someone sprints it goes to the pause menu.

Is there some kind of debug log or settings file I can fwd to you to help troubleshoot this?

I have played a few more vs matches with a 2nd buddy and here's a few more items of feedback:

  1. we both wanted to have the ability to change formation and offense/defense balance mid game, but there is no option for team setup from the pause menu.
  2. the side selection screen is confusing for new players, definitely should be: 1) Select teams 2) press controller to the side of the flag you want to play
  3. on the team selection screen you cannot hold right or left to keep scrolling through the team, you have to press once to cycle each team

I'm trying to setup a 2Vs2 meet up this weekend, lets see if i can gather the people =)

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Wow, loving the improvements!

The music is awesome, scoring feels much more satisfying with the new effects and the 1-2 is great, really possible to create some fwd movement with the team mates now (and it also creates more chance for opponent counter attack) so I think its a great addition. The sidestep definitely feels better now (previously it didn't really feel worth it to execute as it was quite muted).

You decide if you want to keep going, but I cant help to keep suggesting fixes =)

I actually had a friend over to play some matches, both Vs and Co-Op. Both were really fun!

But specially in co-op we noticed a flaw with the camera. When you are near the side lines the camera is showing a lot of empty space around the pitch instead of keeping the most of the pitch possible in view. This makes it really hard to aim a pass into the box because you cant see your team mates! You could maybe:

  1. not allow the camera to go so much to the side when the ball is near the edges of the pitch
  2. also allow even more zoom out in the camera options

Here is a screenshot of what I mean:

The "gooooooal" is perfect! The goal shake is way too much though =) I guess shaking the goals a few pixels backwards and quickly back to position should be enough.

Another small detail I would change would be: the "GOAL FRANCE!" text should only come up when the announcer starts screaming "goooooooooalllllllll" (Because the shout, correctly, only comes a fraction of a second after the ball enters the goal) The text should come in sync with the shout and not in the same frame the goal crosses the line like it is now.

I would also add a second "thwack" sound at the moment the ball hits the net. That way the feeling of scoring is enhanced... like : Shoot > "Thwack" > "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOALLLLLLLL" (is like a three step satisfying sequence with its own rythm)

Another bit of polish would be when you shoot and hit the post or very close to the goal, there should be a "AHHHH!" crowd sound.

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Yeah, by "bulge" was probably the wrong word. I didn't mean it needs proper physics. A shake animation for the whole goal + a nice sound effect is probably good enough and more fitting with the rest of the graphics. Definitely not fireworks or confetti for each goal (that's something that would be fitting when you win the world-cup or something).

Regarding Tennis+OtherMechanics -  the Virtua Tennis series had some great mini-games mixing Tennis with many other mechanics along it's various iterations. Question is to find one that is fun for longer than just a "mini-game".

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You just gave me an idea, what about a game that mixes tennis with pinball! Where you it and aim with a racket like tennis but have pinball mechanics to achieve goals and targets. The concept of mixing pinball with other genres has been proven by the excellent "Yoku's Island Express".

I totally get and support you wanting to finish the game and that all these wacky ideas are totally out of scope. (love the hats idea by the way)

That said I still have to ask: Please add a net bulge + sound effect when the ball hits the net!

It makes scoring a goal so much more satisfying. It can really complete the experience. Trust me, even if its just a simple shake of the goal frame with a simple "thwack" sound it will make a huuuuuuuuuuge difference.

I mainly program in python for work and fun, and I tried to do a couple of game prototypes using Godot Engine. I tried to build some tutorial level stuff in Unity and always found it really clunky and not fun to learn. Godot on the other hand uses a scripting language that is almost the same as python and the UI and engine concepts are so much easier to grasp for an amateur. And it just runs from a standalone exe that is like 50 Mb! The Godot IDE itself is a Godot application! Amazing tool really.

For team individuality i meant more extreme even. And I wouldn't use countries to avoid xenophobic connotations with the skills etc (sigh... you never know these days....) I meant like really imaginary 5 a side teams, like a trickster team, a slow but powerful team, you know, almost like Mario Tennis balance if you know what I mean. (If you don't know Mario Tennis I highly recommend you analyze the control scheme in that series. It uses only 2 button, and with those 2 buttons by combining double tap or tap in sequence or tap together it achieves a really deep control scheme.

The "stadium" in the video looks awesome, so atmospheric!

I had a look in your yt channel, I cannot believe you are the author of that game that google was using for the machine learning project!

And you made your own 3d engine! Serious level of skill.

Also incredible that you experimented with a top down racer! One of my favorite games ever is Turbosliders.

I'm just an amateur programmer, but for years I had these 3 games on my todo list one day:

  1. A karting game inspired in turbosliders. With no collisions but with semi-realistic kart handling physics.
  2. A football game mixing sensi top down perspective with some elements of classic PES. (exactly what you have here!)
  3. A tennis game with a control scheme inspired by Mario Tennis but with online multiplayer.

Yeah, about the speed absolutely, only testing you get the feel and I trust your judgment. Definitely feels tactical at the moment.

One more suggestion:

A nice control feature from classic PES that you could implement to great effect here is - tap dribble modifier right after a pass and the player that made the pass makes a run fwd into space. Again this ads absolutely no complexity for the novice player, but ads depth to the game allowing to setup one-twos or even to make dummy runs (i.e. make the passer run and then as the opponent tracks that run then you pass to the other side instead)

About lack of interest:

Its tricky, the market is just so overcrowded with small indie games (and big ones as well!). I guess you may have to play around with the core presentation and the core focus of the game at some point. Maybe make it a clear five a side street football feel? (instead of the grass)

The World Cup stats progression just doesn't feel that great to me at the moment. Not very interesting i guess. I see this more as a game where each team could have their own fixed identity (even if it is unrealistic) like one team have great speed but poor shot power etc. That would be very innovative because tipicall football games focus on player individuality, you could focus on team individuality instead. Something along those line. Then really stylize the art in an original way so that it really stands out in the crowd and doesn't look just like another flash game (which I'm sorry to say it does a bit now =)

Anyway, I have infinite ideas that I can bounce your way about this later =)

Wow, just wow. I don't mean this lightly. I have tried a lot of football games in my lifetime. really a lot. From match day 2 on the spectrum to sensible soccer on the amiga to the golden age of PES on the PS2. and I have been waiting for a long time for a game like this. You nailed the ideal speed and passing game feel on the spot. congratulations. this is exactly what the football gaming community needs: a slower version of sensi. there are however a few little niggles and omissions, but of course for an beta its already pretty good!

here are my suggestions/niggles:

  1. Sprint/knock ahead should be more immediate and pronounced, feels a little slow and not responsive
  2. Add the ability to curl the ball a la sensi with immediate stick movement after kick (shouldn't be overpowered though). The way this could work would be, when you hold the kick button to power up the shot/pass your kick direction becomes set and then you can use the stick already to add curl and height (if you pull back) and these are applied when you release. This is cool because it allows a lot more depth to the control system without adding immediate complexity for the novice player.
  3. Cam 10 doesn't really need it but add an optional radar for those who like to play more zoomed in
  4. Allow even further zoom out camera options! (ideally until almost all the pitch is visible)
  5. The side selection screen is a bit confusing, should follow the convention of showing the team names and flags on each side instead of a cryptic [Team 1]
  6. The speed is maybe just a tad too slow? Definitely Sensi speed is too fast for nowadays, but this is maybe too slow. Ideally allow to choose from 3 speeds or something in the menu.

You have something special here. I tell you. Would definitely pay for a more fleshed out version.

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I second this. I love the black and white.

The only immediate tweak I would right now is to have the checkpoints be a different color (the black poles look like obstacles at the moment).

I understand that you may be tempted to add realistic textures, but imho you are passing on a golden opportunity to really stand out visually by not being just another game going for realistic textures. Keep it black and white and invest in some black and white visual effects to make the visuals standout a bit. (maybe some kind of shadowing/negative effects, and maybe some grey/white particle effects like a subtle dust puff when landing the tires on the ground. Even go a bit cartoony with some rough straight edges or something.)

Just keep in mind: you already did the hardest thing: translate the trial experience into "realistic" but learnable and intuitive controls. that is no mean feat. The bike/rider balance is also spot on. I do believe that if you put a solid scoring/evaluation/challenge  system on top of this you have the potential to become to the Trials Series what Skate is was to the Tony Hawk Series.

It's incredible to me that after 1 minute of learning the bunny hop move (on keyboard of all things) I had already created a flow of key presses that made the bunny hop just seam effortless. Although you are using way too many keys compared to what I would normally tolerate in a game, here you have just nailed the execution so well.

This game really deserves a polished release. I insist, don't focus on adding realistic graphics, players often don't know what they want until you show it to them.

Is this still happening? I see the account does not exist.

Meanwhile someone already released a game on steam with that name ....

I recently played the PC classic TurboSliders ( . Local shared keyboard 1v1 in the smallest tracks with single screen zoom (no scrolling) and collisions turned off.  It's so so so much fun. (particularly using AntiSlider car). Having no collisions really helps to keep the races fair. When you loose it always seems fair and due to the low frustration and pure fun of the races you always want another go. 5 out of 5.

Completed the game! Definitely the best sokoban variation I played this year (2018). Such an excellent mechanic and tightly designed puzzles =)

Are you still working on an expanded version?

For plague cure you also need Venom (extracted from snake which in turn is spawned by playing critter on jungle tiles). But you are still correct, unless the situation is really stable in terms of food and buildings seems like they usually don't prioritize developing the vaccine. But in endless should just be a matter of spawning more humans until they finally do the vaccine.

Oh foolish me! Of course. I can see it now. thanks!

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Great game! Love the minimalism of the puzzles. I found this via the witness blog. Can you please confirm if this level is solvable? 

(given it's titled prototype, I don't want to be pulling my hair out on a puzzle that isn't solvable!) thank you =)

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"Also, I prefer the old screen, this new one with windows is not good, it lack by occupying the whole screen and disorganizing everything."

I agree with you. After feedback the dev has kindly added options for transparent windows and to remember window position from one game to the next.. Just go to options in the main menu (make sure you have the lates version of the game 1.4.14).

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edit: fixed in v1.4.14 thank you!

Bug introduced in v1.4.13

Cannot pickup(select) cards after opening and closing base info window

When I open the base info window and then close it and then hover the mouse on a card and click to pick up the card, the card is not picked up.
To come out of this stuck state I have to click and empty spot on the map and then I can pickup cards again. This repeats each time after opening and closing the base info window.

This is extremely annoying....

can you reproduce?

I have tried this last night on v1.4.12 in endless mode. I plague killed all the humans and then tried to have them research the vaccine. I had plenty of venom lying around the map and the Medication and Adv. Meds discoveries. Took a few tries (in endless mode you can spawn as many new humans as you want) to get them to discover the vaccine. My guess is that you need a really balanced economy/food production chain to be able to develop the vaccine. The problem is that even if you have all the conditions, the humans will still be trying to do higher priority tasks like resource gathering etc... in summary the game code probably does not assign a high priority wight to the vaccine research. But if a plague is in progress maybe this should be given the highest priority...

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Ok fairplay =)

Edited top post with more UI suggestions =)

Thank you for all the work!

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Edited 06-12-2018

First of all thank you for such an amazing update =)

I humbly think the new windows based UI could use some extra polish. From what was a very unintrusive UI we went to a lot of clicking to open and close/minimize windows. I  honestly think this does not marry that well with the simplicity of the game. =)

Overall I would say that I strongly dislike all the UI management that is now part of the game. Somehow I just wish you had made the decision for the player of where to place the UI HUD info elements and make it static. The game (and the game designer) should make that management for the player. Only a much more complicated game (think Civilization) should even consider moving to a player customization UI). As it is now I feel like i'm working in Photoshop instead of playing a simple game =). I hope you don't take this as too harsh, I'm just trying to contribute so you can improve this little gem of a game that I love =)

Here are the changes I would do:

1) Make the hotkeys 1-6 toggle the windows instead of just opening them and flashing them. i.e. when i press 1 and the base info window was already maximized, then close it, if it was closed then open it. (do we really need minimize? I think minimize feature was overkill for this UI I would remove this feature altogether). Thank you so much for implementing this in v1.4.11! It is so much better now. Love that you can also press 2 to cycle through the humans, and then double tap 1 to get rid of the window (because base info window over rides the other which is excellent) This also works when you open a discovery details popup (double tap [1] to get rid of the popup. Works out great!

2) Add hotkey to close all open UI windows in one go. I suggest the [space] key for this (or some other key that is within reach when you have your hand placed on WASD). Or better yet, make this key a toggle. Meaning when you press it all windows you had open close, and when pressed again they re-open in the same positions.

3) Make the tile info permanent on the bottom right of the screen. (no need for its own UI window, just make it some text like before on top of the world. Striking this one due to good argument put fwd by dev =)

4) The discoveries list was also fine before. I don't see the need to have a separate UI window for it. No it is an extra click to see what the discovery needs to be built.  The hover worked fine. I would put it back as a permanent list like before. Striking this one due to good argument put fwd by dev =)

NEW! 5) Make the game remember the positions of the UI windows from one run to the next.  Or as an alternative make some sensible default positions for the windows. Like this for example

My current game loop is:

Start game > Open wishes, tile info and discoveries windows and place them where I like them > play game to completion > Back to 1 for new game > Reopen and reposition the same windows again > repeat > repeat... it becomes very annoying very quickly

NEW! 6) Maybe make the window and text background in the UI a bit transparent? The current black solid windows are a boot too heavy on the eyes. It would also allow to see what is happening under the windows if needed.

thank you for all the updates!

take your time =) you a have a gem on your hands

Yeah, but i think "real life" crossings are way too formal for the tone of the game (just my opinion of course =). I think it would be a better fit to just have the minions learn how to cross the road anywhere and if they don't know how to cross yet they can get run over by a car if they already know about it they should automatically stop before entering the road tile if there is a car coming (actually put in some margin of safety otherwise it will look as if they are robots going for it and crossing just in time in front of a car lol). But please don't make it "gore" if they get run over, just keep the current cartoony/non-explicit  death animations I think they are perfect =)

New feature suggestion: "Tarmac roads" When industrial revolution is achieved with the factory base you could have the little humans build roads connecting the base to the higher resource extraction spots on the map. Then when they discover the car, they can use the roads to fetch resources faster. Also inspecting the roads could teach humans to look before crossing the roads, otherwise make so that they can be run over by the cars lol...

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New mode suggestion:  Add a "Sandbox" mode. This would be the same as "Endless" but with the ability to play any card at any time without being restricted to the random draw. (Would need to remove the "+Card" card from the deck as it wouldn't make sense anymore). A lot of times in endless I'm just mindlessly pressing X until i get the card I need... that feels a bit pointless =)

My 8 yo daughter loves this game =) The frame rate lags a bit on our laptop. Could you provide a downloadable version with resolution option? This would allow us to play with a nice frame rate =). Thank you!