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Out of Memory!

A topic by Kruzgoth created Sep 24, 2018 Views: 422 Replies: 11
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This is really annoying.. i had a real good start on a very small island (under 100 tiles), because i wanted that archivement.

Good oil and was close to lava for metal and then BAM... out of memory.

Everything for nothing. Pls fix that. My system won't run "out of Memory". I have 16GB and your game doesn't even take that much.


hi im sorry, i understand this is annoying.
do you know if this happens early in the game? did you restart many times without exiting the application? 
it is probably either a leak that has to do something with resetting the world or it's a leak that has something to do with the gameplay itself. if you know the answers to these questions it will help figure out the problem! :)

If I set learning boats first thing, then plant seaweed, one idiot without a boat will walk to the shore and just stand there. That's what causes the "Out of Memory" error for me. Sometimes they're reach 1 point of food and still not die even minutes later, but it always ends in the error eventually.


thanks, that’s very helpful!

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Based on my experiences i would say it`s recreatable after restarting games over 1h in-game time.

I think its based on the gameplay itself, because this Error doesn't occurs while restarting, more while already playing for a longer time.

Like having people finally to build this factory and then this "Out of Memory"-occurence. <-- Just an example.

As i could see so far it is not based on a specific trigger event or some keybinding, so i would rather think that some ingame-variables are

running out of space and giving that error.

Is there a possability for you to implement a debug-function that creates a log?

Like starting the game with an optional "-d"?

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This time, i got it after ~38 Minutes Gameplay, at sum 1h, again. Had just my labrotary up and my modern houses.

RE: Just had my task-manager running while gaming and... WOW, your game eats 3,8GB of my RAM and then runs into out of memory.

And is it planned that sometimes, the villager are doing nothing while "gathering" and just dying?


ok thanks! yeah it definitely forgets to clear memory somewhere before reassigning so that memory usage stacks and stacks until it blows up. I hope I'll find the source soon. The gathering thing is a bug that I might have fixed but not sure yet!

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Hey @Sokpop,

the error message reappierd in the latest v1.4. After around 1,5h of gameplay in one endless run it crashed.

No save game on endless!?

PS: Nice work done so far !


yeah i found the memory leak! should be fixed in 1.4.11

nice :D Thank you. This was one of the most annoying late game bugs I experienced.


yeah i felt especially bad about it cause it only happens when you've been playing for a while and that's when it's the most frustrating...

Yep :D thanks to that my ingame-archivement "the colonies" didn't count, but steam got it :D so it's ok