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The short "BOOM" when a Siege Flotilla and Castle fought killed everyone. Without a clear victor the game froze.

After they produce their own food I can ignore them for chunks at a time. Once you research metal you have to wait quite a while. They'll upgrade every single house they have before moving to any metal based tech. It's not like the world will change much without you. The worst is when the ones with axes die out, but if they have farms and seaweed some will always survive.

Great little game. I look forward to seeing how it develops. 

I would really like if the people didn't build the oven, crops and the lightning rod so close to the sea/oil/lava. Those resources just go flying! If you don't hem them in at least make a hidden achievement for feeding 100 bread to fish in one game.

It's entertaining when a little guy mines, then all the ore bounces into the sea. Oh no, better pray about it! And then he's a dead man walking because he should have been gathering food in the first place. lol. 

If I set learning boats first thing, then plant seaweed, one idiot without a boat will walk to the shore and just stand there. That's what causes the "Out of Memory" error for me. Sometimes they're reach 1 point of food and still not die even minutes later, but it always ends in the error eventually.