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Continuing Updating?

A topic by zergologist created 87 days ago Views: 395 Replies: 7
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When or will there be a new update? When can new things like mines be added, if ever? I'm just wondering when or if there will be a new update


I can't promise you anything, but maybe in a few months when I have a bit more time I'll start on an update perhaps. So there won't be an update for at least 3 months.

Will there still be a community to play the game in 3 months?


One month has passed. How's it going sokpop?


geez they said three months and you come back in one. give em a break you bought a full game there is no expectation of updates.


I guess the wait will extend on for two-ish more months

Checking back in a little over 2 months after the original post. How's it shaping up Sokpop?

This game costs very little, has no micro transactions and barely any buget for advertisement. It is not a high buget game and might not plan to be one. I would not demand the Soal of the creators without a nice reason.