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I hate how the contents of delivery boxes all spawn on top of eachother at the same time and then physics-explode all over the place. @_@ Could you maybe make it so that the delivery box just turns invisible, intangible, and immobile for a moment when "destroyed" and starts spawning things in one at a time every few frames so they have a chance for gravity to gently drop them down to the floor first? Then after finishing delivering its contents the box itself can finally disappear.

I tried to bring the box indoors to open it so that the contents would drop all over the flat and grass-less shop floor with walls to hold everything in once... Big mistake. Half of my ingots immediately got stuck wedged between the thin shop floor and the grass floor UNDER the shop because they were launched so hard in the downward direction by chance. :(


I'll work on a solution to avoid exploding crate contents. I like your suggestion and might implement it.

Thanks, nyaa. ^^;; I'm a programmer myself, so I know a thing or two about how it is. Glad I could help.

I was actually having the exploding crate contents problem because I was trying to stockpile grips, guards, ingots, daggers, etc. in a single big order at the end of the business day before sleeping for the next day. (Like a real shop!)

If you just order what you need as the NPCs come in, there's so few materials in each crate that it's fine, soo the game is playable for now... oo;