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i ran into a bug while playing i tried to sell a weapon to a customer and the game started to spawn in  an infinite amount of hero gards then game started to lag. btw love your game keep up the great work.

Had that bug as well. Version 0.1.0 . If a customer asks for a specific gard, it starts raining that gard inside the house, filling the floor.. The game goes laggy as well.. Btw, is it not a bug that u can fly when u try to grab a shield that your standing on?

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It happened (for this patch) because You had a Specific Sword customer, they specified what grip, guard, and blade they wanted, and you didn't provide that.

Don't mess up a Specific Sword Sale, or, don't be holding an incorrect item while the specific sword customer is still there.


Just Dismiss them to begin with and don't serve them.

Don't serve Shield Customers either, as they will cause multiple customers. - just Dismiss them immediately (hopefully both are already addressed, as it sounds)

Tyvm for that! I didn't know multiple customers come cause of the shields.

I ll keep giving them shields though.. It's getting harder but more interesting and more profitable pre hour!