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Great game, sadly it broke when i got to the parry with the shield

I like how the ingots lock onto the anvil (sometimes), but when ever i try to take a ingot off and it keeps getting locked on and eventually get it off, that ingot doesnt combine with other ingots once i put it back on the anvil, and it has caused me to make many not needed blades.

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I also experienced this exact same scenario (rip all my money), I'm pretty sure the game isn't counting the blade, which sucks because the blade is basically all the money.

I've been selling some things and they are only selling for $13, i made a tin greatsword, (in the money thing it listed as just a greatsword, guessing that it didn't count the blade) and i lost like all my money, because i only just got to 3 tin ingots so i lost it all, dont think ill play until its fixed ;-;