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Hi gubidubi , game didnt save time if your character is tired game know now to save units on map u buged game SI didnt know when u save and what u have on hand he save data sold its 1 of 2 bugs of this u can create 2 sword on 1 and give SI he got 1 not 2on1 and got without weapond ;) ( sorry for bad english i cant help u -.- xDD)

Hi Williotam , game got broken Save data if u start on day 0 need to do delete save on : C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\ShopSim\Saved\SaveGames and del SaveGame.sav open game and save new game , problem will still work so u can play ( sorry for bad english )

Hi MeisterBehr , graphic save have bug and didnt save all stats , Dasius still work on problem with anvil and he will repair problem soon (sorry for bad english )

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Hi try upgrade graphic drivers or create shortcut on end add this : -w 640 -h 480 , i think this will repair ur problem when try change gamma 50 if hat black screen ;) sorry bad english

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Hi change on graphics , Resolution Scale to 100% and gamma to 50 ;)

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creat shortcut and add on end this : -w 640 -h 480 ,or ur resolution it's doesn't matter ;)

use only 2 ingots 3 didnt work and 2 give u this same ;)

dont craft that items its bug use 2 ingots ;)

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Dasius try now to repair problem with anvil and he wanna add new items on next update , your idea is good so its hard to make it now ( my english is bad too ;) )

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Game didn't have possible to make on mac right now

Anvil have too much items to do interaction of ingot dont put that much items and will be work , and u can only touch ingot if wanna use anil ;) rip english