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Okay looks like i got a couple of bugs worth mentioning.

- everytime i start the game, it resets the resolution and puts it back on windowmode

- loading a game resets the position of the help notes

- can't craft bladed pole arm. Using pole arm grip and short blade doesn't work as shown in blueprint and display. crafting new blade didn't work either

- while trying to craft sword the finished weapon got stuck in the table. saving and reloading the game break apart the weapon, so i was able to recover all 3 parts

- coins got resetted to 0 after loading the savegame

- my level up abilities changed from 1 strength and 1 charisma to 2 strength instead also after loading the savegame

- the shopname i set also got resettet after loading the game

- player info (P) keeps saying i'm still level 1 and i cannot press edit to change my name

/edit okay i give up. Reloading the savegame again resettet my level up abilities all to 0 and coins to 0 again

So the game is fun and all, but whenever i quit and reload the savegame it seems the whole data gets messed up

Using Win 64 Alpha 0.0.6 client on Windows 10