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Almond Jam community · Created a new topic What

What was going through your mind when you made this jam, seriously.

No problem mate, I'll definitely play something you've made also in the future and talk about it like this.

I played this and did everything I could in about 2 hours, and I really enjoyed it. A neat idea to have multiple different islands working with conveyers. I got filled up completely in my inventory and in the boxes on the island I took this screenshot with (see image below). When I finished, I decided to see what would happen if I tried jumping off, but I was disappointed that I couldn't fall forever in the abyss  :P

Cool game though, keep it up!

You'll need to broadcast your IP or port somewhere, maybe on discord. Most likely not here

Make a new game or load a game, and go into the pause menu and their should be a "Host Server" button there.

If anyone has any questions about the game, feel free to ask!

Omg, thank you so much.
FloppyJam community · Created a new topic Compression

The engine I'm using, which is blender, there is an option in the save menu to compress the file size. The main problem I'm having is that I can't get it (so far) below 1.5 MiB, except if I try to severely lower the quality of texts and other map details. But when I use the Blender compress option, it changes the file size to (Currently): 1.59 MiB --> 340 KiB. I want to know if by compression, you mean submitting it as a zip/rar file isn't allowed?

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Really, really cool. There are a few issues/bugs I found while playing, also a few suggestions to make the controls and actions feel better.

I found a few bugs, like when you're in front of the blue building that you can go in with the stairs and the logo at the top, there's a bit of ground you can fall into. And one of the open walls at the edge of the main area can be skipped over and you can go into the amalgamation of no collision blocks and get to the edge of the map and fall into oblivion. Also, there's a rare chance for your arms and hands to stay raised after climbing a wall, which can be fixed just by running.

Some suggestions is when you've grabbed onto an edge and are hanging from a wall, you look up towards your hands instead of straight forward, because it's disorienting  and makes it hard to determine if I'm falling (if I missed the wall) or hanging. Another suggestion is to make it so that you hold the space button to wall run instead of hoping for the game to respond correctly and stick you to the wall when jumping at it (which was also a problem in the first mirrors edge, which was frustrating). Last thing, when jumping off a wall you're wall running on, make it so that it shoots you in the general direction of where you're looking, instead of launching you sideways.

Great game though, hope it receives all the support it deserves! :)

Omg, so that's what that thing was in the sky!

So...when you said dream, did you mean a dream like while you slept or an idea that came to mind? It seems more like the first, and if so this is a weird dream.

If so, can we have a topic on here set on sticky about server's we could play on with randoms?

That's one of them

I see YouTube has taken this awesome game and is starting to s**t out garbage clickbait already


Then yo computer be weird

Is that a challenge? >:D

What version do you have? 0.0.9e is the current fully available version, and version 0.1.0 is the version the patrons get for donating currently.

Check your settings to make sure they're set right. If anything of the sort doesn't work you might want to try uninstalling and re-downloading.

We are all fully aware that if you have an item underneath you and you pick it up, you will start flying. A fix for this may be coming to the soon-to-be-released version.

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Why are you commenting in such an old post? But anyway you can't un-equip anything in slots 1, 2 and 3 except for exchanging them for better tools. To un-equip and re-equip slot 4, just press 4 (default controls).

I see Lucis was having fun with being tiny behind the desk *cough cough* Very neat idea btw, haven't seen it before

2 in the mine, at the door to the mine if you stick to the left you'll find two and 2 more if you stick to the right of the cliff.

Straight from the beginning

A little secret...*cough cough* there's 6 veins available straight from the get-go, also they 'reproduce' their contents randomly in about an in-game day

Your computer should come pre-packaged with WinRAR or Zip Extraction capabilities? You should just be able to download it and extract it

Try grabbing it and walking away and try to pull at it, or rotate it out of the sawmill

Is the version 0.0.9 or 0.0.9e? They're two different versions.

This is a known bug that is hopefully getting fixed in 0.1.0f, this usually happens when you first start the game with a rarer chance of it happening any other time. What you can do to fix this issue is when you serve them and they get stuck, go to the spot in the attached image and they should leave the shop, allowing more people to come in and you can continue selling your goodies.

Nevermind it fell over ages ago

It's been mentioned

First, this problem should be getting fixed in the new release with the person arriving but not being there. The only way to get out of this so far is to reload the save or go to sandbox and back (Make sure to save). Also, your tiredness depends from the hour you wake up to approx. the time you last went asleep.

I'm posting the bugs that I find in the game here instead of bug reports to prevent big long lists that would be a pain to read (which I've already made 2 of them), so one after another. Also, I do know some solutions to current bugs, if you want to know, and I'll keep finding new solutions to new bugs when I find them. (Hopefully)

Actually, the crystals already have a use, you just have to...look...with yo thingys that look. (They're all used in the same thing).

The glare may be the focusing on certain things, you probably want to turn your post processing to medium or low. Medium will be the lowest of the glare, and low should turn it completely off.

I'm not sure what this is, but it may be related to there being a random chance to have a crate change the song when closed :/