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You just had to tell everyone instead of letting them finding it themselves.

Replied to Benbear in Bug Reports

I'm not sure what this is, but it may be related to there being a random chance to have a crate change the song when closed :/

I'm not sure how you have 25 seconds to do an order on day 18, considering I have a lowest of 60 seconds to complete an order at/past day 100. I think that is indeed a bug.

There is, in fact, already a use for the crystals. But it's a super secret hidden use, and all the different crystals have the same end use so don't bother looking for them separately. I would say search for the use and not find spoilers so you don't know what's going to happen.

Replied to SinfulDark in Bug Reports

Can you elaborate please? Maybe a vivid story of how this happened to give a better understanding of what this may be

It's called a joke

Look at all the youtubers playing it, there's your answer

next update, it'll be gone maybe

Um, the game is free mate. It's an option to donate to support the team while it's in development, you can test it all you want without paying. Keywords: It's free.

Created a new topic Picture Progress

Can anyone with a degree in physics tell me why this thing is still standing?

Replied to shopno313 in Bug Reports

You do realise this post is a year old now, right? Go to the last page in this community post to find the latest ones, you're in the first page currently.

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Look in the bug reports section if you're unsure about a problem, I've talked about this as well

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A little secret :) (If you're unsure about it, just walk towards it, it'll disappear)

22. You should also drop the tool you're using if you equip a different one instead of it disappearing into the void.

Replied to Kurzidan in Bug Reports

First part, noted

"rarity mean nothing" that's acceptable, I was only using it at a reference of what they could do because it made sense at the time.

I'm already aware of the things each type of tool can mine, except for alloys because there's no indication of how good they are unless you test them, as far as I know. The only one I do know is steel because I found out the bad way.

Putting a box inside another box isn't really a bug, I know that, but when you say it, it sounds too bizarre doesn't it. At that point it's stuck halfway in the other box while still not moving by themselves because it's turned static, which is odd.

I'm aware of the shield thing, where they don't ask for a specific type so it turns into a pre-set made one of that type. But they don't exactly ask for the type of weapon they want either, such as "Copper one-handed sword" (for example). They don't specify what shape of the blade, type of guard or grip they want, so why doesn't that turn into a pre-set version of a "Copper one-handed sword".

I know 3 isn't a bug, but that must've been a stuff up somewhere. I know your arm isn't meant to be a rock (If it is, well damn it then).

For number 4, I did originally think it wasn't meant to happen, but now that you mention that it's a rarer drop rate, that makes more sense.

The extreme blur that occurs when your inside something can actually become annoying at some point, I was testing it when opening a door that turned on the side I was on, and when the door end got close to me it had that extreme amount of blur for a quick second. I already knew of the fact that the blur was somewhat of a focusing element in the camera to focus on certain things, so yes when you face-plant into a tree you see it just fine but everything else, not so much.

Since of this low performance computer I always have resolution scale on 60%, but it couldn't affect that much could it?

6, again, isn't that much of bug, it's just a problem with how it rotates when it's flat with the ground, because you constantly need to raise it and turn it upside down if you want to completely empty the crate to make sure it doesn't go inside the ground. It would be much easier if the rotation was in the centre. I'm not saying that the way rotation works doesn't work right, I'm saying that the centre of rotation on the crate should be raised to the centre.

Now that I was completely aware of how bulk producing alloys doesn't work, I don't do it anymore. I put in the two things, copper and tin for example, then let those make the 2 ingots, turn the furnace off, put in another copper and tin then turn it on and let it finish and repeat that over and over again. Note that when I was talking about what happened with me, I put in the 5 copper and 5 tin before I turned it on, to make sure they all started at the same time, but that obviously didn't work. I don't feel like trying any other method as of now than the one I said about putting a mix in at separate times just to not risk losing anymore ores.

for 18, I think it should detect when there's no longer fuel in there to properly turn off. I've had a few times where I tried turning it on (thinking it was on) and checking the starting of it, but it still wasn't on, and it still happens, must be a habit of hitting it once to work.

It good to see that the tree thing has been recognised, it does kind of annoy me the way it doesn't want to fall over but instead get itself stuck in the stump.

I'm aware of that the chest has spawn points designed for 2 ingots, and have gotten grips before (of course) with the other launching at the same time. You could probably make the spawning points beside each other, not on top of each other, maybe?

I understand that some of these are bugs, and also bizarre things that shouldn't be there but are not exactly bugs. such as number 2, 3, 4 (Which I now understand why), 6, 10, 11, 13, 15 and whatever else you think belongs. I just make lists of bugs and things that aren't so much bugs but are still wack.

Shipping crates? you mean the ordinary boxes you start with or the ones you make at the wood bench?

Why do you want the older version anyway? experimenting?

I thought at first you could possibly go into the old Devlogs and find the 0.0.8 version in there and download it there, but that doesn't seem to work. So I don't think you can download an older version unless you ask Dasius personally

Posted in Bug Reports

Oh boy, bug report 2.0. In the last 2 days I found a whole lot more bugs and things I'm sure shouldn't be happening. I'm still using the same version My Little BlackSmith Shop Win64 Alpha-v0.0.9e.

1. When the customers ask for shields and (lets say you use an uncommon log to make the wood part dark) after you give them the created shield, the wood becomes the common log colour and the shield type changes to a Coal like dark (which is probably Titanium); that includes the rim, boss, wrist and handle being that colour, however the weapon as far as I know stays the same as what you give them.

2. You can put a corner or a crate inside another crate, which then you can close the crate and the other crate will be locked in place, which means you can hold 2 crates full of ores or other things at the same time (Attached Image).

3. Your arm has the same texture as the bricks do...why and how (Attached Image).

4. Ore Veins have a chance to drop you 1 ore, please make them drop at least 3. This doesn't feel good (Attached Image).

5. The blur issue people have been having occurs when you're inside something your not supposed to be in, like a wall that's not completely solid for example. This blur only occurs if your Post Processing option in the Graphics Menu isn't turned to Low, if it's anything but low, you will get the blur effect. I've seen people talk about how they go under trees and they also get the blur, it's because under some of the trees is considered a spot you're not supposed to be (I've taken the spot that Grimalkin used in his video for this test) (Attached Images).

6. When rotating a crate, the rotation point is the centre bottom, so when you try to turn it upside down on level ground it will rotate into the ground. For this all you have to do is lift the centre rotation point to the centre of the crate.

7. When creating large amounts of alloys at once in the furnace, the furnace doesn't properly register that all of them are being created as alloys. I found this out when I had 5 Copper ore and 5 Tin ore and I put them in all at once, and in return I got: 4 Bronze ingots (Supposed to get 10), 4 Copper ingots, and no Tin ingots (Supposed to get neither of those two). It appears that when it made the Copper ingots, there was no Bronze being made for those ones, so Tin ingots should've come out too. But the indicator, or the molten metal rising in the ingot shaper, went to full (which I assume was the Tin ingots being made) but then went back down to nothing and continued to do so for the next 3-4 ingots without producing anything. So in summary, putting in bulk amounts of the 2 ores to make alloys doesn't work properly and screws up the processing system. (Note: I was only making alloys, I DID NOT have anything else in there at the same time that was creating something else).

8. (This has already been said multiple times, but for clarification) Having any solid objects being put underneath the player character and following to grab it makes you ascend into the air.

9. (This has also been said before, but from my point of view) I had a moment where a customer came in and as soon as he was about to order, he disappeared but the cross was still there, but un-clickable. To get out of this, you can either reload or go into sandbox mode and back. Considering the fact that I'm on day 67 (I think) and this was the first time it happened WHEN I decided to put an axe and two shields perhaps a little too close to the selling bench, I also had a delivery crate near it too but it may have not contributed to this issue, this is not coincidental.

10. The lighting of the entrance to the cave is odd at a certain time of day. When slightly outside the lighting was fine, but when I moved slightly inside the mine, the lighting went really dark. I even went back outside to test if it didn't suddenly turn night, and it lit back up as normal, proceeding to go back in made it look like night again (Attached Images; use the crate as a reference for distance).

11. The Steel Alloy Ingots have the same coloured name as the Adamantine Ingots, implying that they are both Legendary items, but when creating a Steel Pickaxe it had the same properties as an uncommon tool, because it couldn't mine anything epic or higher, only common and uncommon ore veins (I don't know if this has something to do with the type of Hammer you're using, as you can see I'm still using the Copper Hammer 'cause I haven't bothered upgrading). Maybe change the colour shown for steel to match their correct properties, or make steel have the same properties as adamantine (I'm using the colour of the name to match the rarity, which in turn makes me think which ones they should be able to mine).

12. Trees also have a chance to drop no logs. Either that or when the tree gets cut and falls through the stump, and doesn't fall over, destroying it like that may make a log spawn inside the stump making it impossible to grab.

13. When on the roof, you can look at the back of the chimney, which isn't there because it's a one-sided view, so from one side you can see it, but from the other side you can't.

14. I think dynamic objects launch too far than what they should, like when I have items inside a crate and I don't have the lid on and accidently grab the crate, which in turn makes the items launch all over the place, furthest record launch has been about 25 metres so I have to go and find them wherever they go.

15. Instead of falling through the bottom of the map when going in the green (acid I presume) stuff in the mine, how about making it so when you go about half way down into the surface of the green liquid, then you die and re-spawn at the church instead of being able to see under the world for a short moment.

16. You can pick up dynamic objects further than your zoom length, so if you grab something further than it limit and scroll once, up or down, it'll snap back to it's proper position.

17. There is barely any force behind throwing most things, the only thing that I've found that actually throws with probably a little bit too much force is the ores.

18. When fuel has depleted in the furnace, you put more in there and you have to turn it back on, but it usually takes two presses for it to turn back on.

19. I assume trees are supposed to regenerate, hence the percentage on the stumps after you cut them down, but they don't (It may not even be a feature yet but just checking).

20. The very back of the mine/vault, there is a little ledge that you can't get up onto (as intended), but by using the crate as a lift to get on top of the ledge, you can see massive holes in the side of the walls (Again, not supposed to be able to see the holes without getting on the ledge).

21. Rarely when opening chests, instead of the item spawning in there as usual, they fling out high into the air usually taking about 3 seconds to come back down. This may be a spawning issue having to do with collision with either the other item in the chest or the chest itself.

That was just a whole bunch more bugs and issues I found since the last post, a lot of the last ones were tiny but can still be annoying in some degree. There's probably a lot more that I would have to go digging for through pure experimentation and not 90% of it being from me just playing the game.

Also, I got some pictures on the person not leaving after you give them what they want. It turns out that if you move to about the point where I am in the second picture outside, they leave the shop, even if the door is closed or the shop is open/closed. Plus, this happens most with me when I re-load the save, and they're the first person to arrive when you open the shop.

Posted in Suggestion Box

PLEEEEEEASE Put in a request board! You could have NPCs that put in requests that you could accept and make the requested items, then wait for them to grab (Giving them a much shorter time frame of them being at the shop, like 30 seconds), and maybe giving more money than a regular job?

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Hey man, I really love this game! I love how it's coming along, but I do have a few bugs I've found that you could probably look into, some big some small. I'm using My Little BlackSmith Shop Win64 Alpha-v0.0.9e. After reading through this, some of them are kind of just changes to the game that could make it better. (By the way, I did notice that the first reply I saw on this at the top was about a year ago, which made me think it was abandoned :P).

1. When re-loading the game, the pedestal in the forest near the mine entrance that you put the weapon into screws up a little. The weapon disappears and you're forced to make a new one and more and more unneeded earth crystals appear the air over each other. The same goes for the chests in the world too, which means you can continuously re-load your game just to exploit the chests that give high-value ingots.

2. Chests are a little too frustrating to open using the grab function to push (or pull) it open, maybe put in an animation for opening it instead?

3. When you use an axe to cut down trees, they act a little...weird. When the tree is cut off from the stump, it doesn't collide with the stump making it fall through and hit the ground instead. And when it falls over, it usually hits a tree and sits still and spins on the spot, which can trigger a 'flying tree' bounce if you're lucky (the wacky collision causes it to launch a short distance).

4. When creating a shield, you have to make the metal rim/outline for the shield you want, but when shaping the shields, the first two heater shield rims are fine, but then they struggle to stay on the anvil after that. Maybe it's caused by the new objects spawning slightly inside the anvil, causing them to bounce off.

5. The shield rim has complete surrounding collision, in other words the big, gaping hole in the middle of the rim doesn't allow items to fall through. This isn't that big of an issue but it would be good to fix to logic's sake. I noticed this when creating a shield, I put the rim on the crafting bench first, then the other metal things (Hadn't made the wood part yet) and instead of sitting in the middle of the rim, they just slid off onto the ground, and that makes 'em dirty and stuff :| (EDIT: This only appears to be a problem with the Tower Shield Rim).

6. I had a moment when I completed everything I needed to do and could do or else I wouldn't gotten tired and not been able to go anywhere fast enough, so I went to the bed, but I wasn't yet tired, so I had to wait there for a while before it let me go to bed. Maybe you could put in a thing where you could go to sleep, like, 8 hours or so later after you wake up so you don't have to wait to be tired to go to sleep, but it's not too short of a time so you don't sleep over and over again.

7. Another thing that happened was that I had a customer and I completed everything they wanted, I got their name on the sales board, got the money and everything, but he was still standing there for some reason, like he wanted a kiss or something. This happens rarely, it may be my computer but it's worth mentioning. (EDIT: Check the replies to see more about it).

8. When you move around an item, it still has complete collision with everything, but when you put it in rotation, it loses all collision, making it possible to unintentionally get it stuck in the walls or ground by rotating it. (EDIT: The rotating problem only seems to happen on static objects, such as the walls, ground, anvil, furnace, crafting table etc. but still collides with dynamic objects like ingots, crates and so on).

9. Also a rotating issue, when you rotate an item and finish rotating and are still holding in the grab button, it floats there in mid-air but you can't move it by mouse or force, you can even look away from it and it will still be sitting there in that one spot in the air. Only when you let go of the grab button does it fall on the ground again.

10. When combining items on the crafting bench, do you drop the item on the other to combine them or do you hold the item you want to connect to the corresponding part you want it to connect to? I really don't know. In other words, combining grips to the guards don't register properly and take longer than they should to connect, which wastes time. After connecting those two though, the blade snaps on quickly as it should. A solution to this, which is only a suggestion, is to make a new way of connecting them. You hold the item you want to connect, then you look at the item you want to connect it to and left click to snap them together, over the crafting bench of course. (EDIT: After testing some more, I found out that it may only be an issue if the grip, guard and weapon head is on the crafting table at the same time. Without the weapon head, the grip and guard seem to snap just fine).

11. When completing the combination for the vault door at the end of the mine, why do you have to spin the middle so many times?

12. I had an issue when diving in water. Logically, the higher you dive from, the lower you go, and that's what I just happen to do, but instead of bobbing back to the water's surface, I must've passed some sort of barrier that allows you to swim without falling to the bottom and I fell all the way to the bottom, but the ground wasn't solid so I fell through and re-spawned at the church. Maybe what you could do is look around all the areas of the lake and make sure whatever mechanic you have there works right, and make the bottom of the lake solid just in case of it happening again.

13. Speaking of which, can you make certain items float in the water? Like make ingots fall slowly downwards because they're heavy, but if it's a crate and/or there's items inside, it should float on the water's surface and so on. I've had many a time where I've accidently dropped an item while swimming and it's become lost to the depths of Davey Jones locker.

14. The cliff-sides are climbable. I mean the ones that stop you from going outside the world boundaries. Trust me I did it, I even climbed onto the cliff walls around the castle to see the unbuild wackiness that is the castle. Maybe go over the barriers for the walls to make sure no one climbs up them and gets themselves stuck in a hole or finds anything they're not supposed to.

15. The ore veins don't update themselves when you're not near them, so after the period of time they require to change their type, they don't change until you're about 5~ metres in front of it (Note: I'm sure this ONLY happens when they're set to change). This is really annoying as I see it, think I can mine it, but then it turns out to be something I can't mine when I get to it (I have my render distance set to far, which is the second highest view distance). (EDIT: This may be a post processing or other issue I'm not aware of, I'm not fully sure).

So that's about all I have found for now for bugs and other improvements that could be made. I'm sure you already have a lot on your plate currently, but did you not say "*Don't hold back, I can take it :) **" Remember that some of these things may only be my computer being wack on the game, so don't go pulling hair out if you can't find what I'm talking about.

Windows 10, 4.00GB RAM, Intel(R) Core(TM) 1.90 GHz Processor, 64-bit  x64-based (Yes, I am using the Win64 version).