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Bug Reports Sticky

A topic by Dasius created Jan 18, 2017 Views: 87,995 Replies: 1,966
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Version 0.0.63

Customers freezes when you block their path into the shop, and just stand there.

To reproduce: When customer is about to step into the shop, use your character to block their path.

Operating System: Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit

CPU: Intel Core i7 6700HQ @ 2.60GHz

RAM 8.00GB @ 1064MHz

Motherboard: LENOVO Allsparks 5A (U3E1) 67 °C

Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 530 (Lenovo)

4095MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M

ForceWare version: 376.54

SLI Disabled

Hey, I'm not a customer enters the store. There are people walking, but I bumped into one another. 
It bounced I come home After that, no one in my shop.
I waited three days He's not missing anymore. I'm going to hit bounced away, but did not disappear.
Customers do not shop with me.
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Version 0.0.63

A small semi-annoying bug that I have found is that when a npc walks into the shop at higher tiers, when the time is getting shorter. It goes straight from 60 seconds to deliver the weapon, to 49 seconds.

Additionally there is a bug where the mouse doesn't appear in the escape or leveling up menu, however when you click the mouse reappears.

Guys please help me. When I start game i see only ,,Unreal Engine 4 Crash Reporter'' and i see only Send and Close, Send and Restart. I cant do nothing with this. Please help

My device is WINDOWS 10


GPU: AMD RADEON GRAPHICS (Sorry, i dont know this number XD)



do you have the 64bit or 32bit version, it might not make a difference but 64bit would make more sense for you windows

I have 64 bit

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Hello there!

I would like to first thank you for making this game; It is quite entertaining!

Well, I'm posting this to report a bug that's been bothering me quite a lot mind you. One of those armored persons that usually walk outside have found their way to my backyard and I can't seem to force them out. I found it funny at first, but then they would walk into my open door and stay there for a while, blocking my access to the outside and thus slowing my restock...I've even lost a fancy handle or two to that wretched green haired stranger! by lost, I mean they make the game glitch which leads to my precious funds to be projected into nothingness, never to be found again.

If no solution is to be found, then i'll have to name it and pretend it's a guard patrolling my backyard for sneaky thieves trying to steal my mail.

edit: Oh dear me, I've almost forgotten to add the important details.

Version used: Alpha 0.0.63

System specs: Enough to handle any recent game (windows 10 64bit)


Hey Sirocco,

I couldnt help but laugh at your predicament and the way you presented it. But seriously, Ya, sometimes the AI will act strange, it's what happens when I don't completly limit them. I'll look into solutions to reduce/eliminate futher issues. Sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

Thank you!


Thank you for taking of your time to reply to my post.

I have found that i could squeeze in between Stipticus and the door by crouching! oh yes, Stipticus is his or her new name! I've named it as such because it has green hair and is as annoying as a fungus haha.

I can't wait to see where this game is going and the day where I will be forging a meteorite sword, or as someone once called it, a space sword !


No worries Sirocco..

Lol! Meteorite swords sounds like a novel idea. I just might include it one day.

Alpha 0.0.63

left and right click go back to desktop

in fullscreen

click left or right and you go back to the desk top

os win 10

cpu intel i-7 6550x

gpu gtx 1080

ram 128

mobo ausuis 99x delucs mobo

why ruin the image when you enter the second time in the game?


Hey FlorinViper,

I don't understand your question.

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So I found 2 bugs. First the dagger dispay isn't solid. Second the customers can buy weapons that are under the bar(that is in front of them) on the shelves. Picture here: . Still better story than twilight. Game version 0.0.63. Windows 8 64. PC can handle Skyrim on ultra graphics so...


Hey Daddy Martin,

Sure thing, I'll get it fixed for the next update

Thank you!

Your daddy is always here for you! :D


Lol, Thanx! :p


I am using game 111963, version #18305 (My Little Blacksmith Shop Win 64 Alpha 0.0.63).

My bug is that my game looks extremly pixled (i can lotterally count the pixels) + i can't click anything in the pause menus and i can't exit the pause menue either.

I don't know if it is reproducable and reinstalling does not help (tried it like 10 times).

My pc specs are: i5-4440; xfx rx 480 black edition; 16 GB DDR3 Trident X from G skill; ASrock z97 extreme4; 2 TB toshiba 7200 rpm HDD, where the game is installed (120 GB kingston SSD if matters; 750 w XFX XTR if matters)

i am using windows 10 64-bit

You need to change "resolution scale" to max in the options menu

i have no idea why but it seems like bug causes the slider to go all the way to the 0

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Hi Dasius,game is great but at the same time some bugs just made me mad.When you procces materials itjust doesn't work when you hit it with hammer.,When crafting a sword on table it stucks on table and no way getting it out.Some NPC's doesnt buy what you do and you have to make it again.Sometimes NPC's does not come to store and i had to restart my game (wich happens very often) I think these are very common bugs or it is just me. (Forgive me if i am not clear enough,my english is not to good as you can see :D,However these are the buggs i dealt with.I love this game you or your team made a great job.)

im playing on Win 8 64 bitlatest version of the game (i cant remember right now.)

I found a bug regarding ingots.

When you bring a shipment of supplies inside your shop, the ingots have a good chance of going into the floor. By this I mean you can see their outlines when you place your crosshairs on them, but otherwise they are out of sight. This danger of losing your ingots starts to happen when you have 3 in one package. The more ingots inside one box, the greater the chance that at least one is going through the floor. Strangely enough, I've not yet had this problem with anything else.

I can somewhat tug the ingots around while they are under the floor and make a corner appear above the surface for a second, but I have only successfully rescued one. The others resurfaced on their own a day or two later. I found one had popped back up in the water tank.

I am running version 0.0.63, Windows 64, in Windows 7.

Hi there! I'm running the newest version of this game. This game is amazing, no doubt, but I've encountered a glitch in my game. Somehow, When a one handed hammer head is put on, then the player goes to the next day without selling it, it will not register as a full hammer. I'm able to grab the head just fine, but customers don't buy it. Also, the swords and daggers"fall apart" (?) if left alone too long. I have to re-assemble it once more. Thanks! I'm sorry, but I'm not sure how to screenshot, so I unfortunately cannot provide photos.

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Playing on the newest version available to me, I closed my shop and closed the door and then about 10 seconds later a character tried to enter my shop. They Opened the door and got stuck by the sign. Could not continue the game even after sleeping it was still stuck. Tried closing and opening the door too.

Version 0.0.63

Found a reproducible bug where if the npc order hasn't been fulfilled and they start walking away from the shop, you can put their order on the counter and they will stop and not despawn. you can even take their order to them and they will accept it and leave, or they will stay and not despawn.

Also for a bit of fun after it got stuck I decided to try smelting the leaning tower of copper, however I was dissapointed to find that the furnace has a maximum height that it can smelt to :( . As can be seen below.


Version 0.0.63

Just found another bug where if two blades are on top of each other and you put a guard onto them it crafts both as if they were one blade.

Step 1:

Step 2:

I tested further and found that the additional blades can stack as many times as you want, and you can put newly created blades straight onto the already assembled super weapon.

However the additional blades do not increase the price of said super weapon.


Gamma setting doesn't work properly if you let it be on automatic, it starts game with super-dark screen or superbright screen randomly

It's a very annoying bug

Also my sky is stuck on night-sky

Version of game is 0.0.63

Have you tried sleeping?

yes, but it doesn't solve the problem

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Issues I've noticed so far (though I'm sure a few have been mentioned:)

If you craft a weapon then sleep, you need to move the weapon behind the counter (so they can't see it,) in order for customers to accept it. I like to dip the weapons in the water trough and pretend I'm consecrating it with holy crystal water, at the customer's request.

Exiting the game and reopening it causes all previously constructed weapons to fall apart.

1h sword pops in at a weird angle on the anvil. The alternate styles work fine. Greatsword actually falls off the anvil when it's created; it needs to be shifted toward the back of the shop a little.

Items from shipments seem to pop out from a single location on the box, clumped together. If I put the container on the anvil and open it, the items spawn wherever the box was closest to the workbench. I think it'd be better for them to spawn in the center of the box. Maybe even spread them out so it could be anywhere inside the box. Just try to keep them away from the edges/sides, because that's how things get stuck in the floor.

I know I saw someone else mention this, but I figure my two cents couldn't hurt. Especially since it's such an expensive bug. Twice now, I've had an iron ingot, after hammering it on the anvil, turn into a copper short blade. I think it happened with a tin ingot as well. All of them were on the same save, where I put all my points in strength. Haven't been able to reproduce it since. I recommend checking the order of operations when an item is created via the anvil. Make sure that the ingot material is checked after the final hit, but before the item is created. Or, could copper be the default material, and something went wrong such that the material was unknown?

Just a few minutes ago, I tried to give a greatsword to a customer but he wouldn't accept it. Turned out, there was a short blade attached to the guard as well, so I guess it counted as a dagger. I have many similar stories, mostly involving a grip with two guards or a grip with two 1h hammers. Or weapons swapping parts if they bump each other on the worktable. Since the anvil lets you take things apart, I would think that items are supposed to connect once and stay that way, until broken on the anvil or sold to a customer.

Lastly, the anvil has a rather large range. I was storing weapons on the shelves under the counter and any that fell off the shelf (but were not touching the anvil,) would be disassembled if I struck the anvil.

Edit: Sorry for all the long posts. I love your game, so I have a lot to say, and a lot of my suggestions involve complaints and a lot of my complaints involve bugs, so I might have repeated myself once or twice. Thanks for all your hard work! :)

Edit 2: game 111963, version #18305 (My Little Blacksmith Shop Win 64 Alpha 0.0.63)


You basicly covered everything that i wanted to cover but i forgot to do so

hera have my like for that :)




1. I found a glitch where sometimes if you loose a customer and you didn't fill the order they will sometimes get stuck and you have to push them back to your shop (its very tedious)

2. if you click an object you can no-clip through it (its helpful for me)

3. sometimes if you rotate an object you can no-clip it through walls and things

4. when constructing it sometimes no-clips through the table

5. you can put a 2 handed guard on a polearm and it will count it as a polearm

P.S. I ♥ the game and my rating on happiness is ☻

hope you see this and fix it




I'm sorry I dont know what version im on, but I just saw paulsoaresjr play this game, and I wanted to give it a try. So I downloaded it today which is 2/21/17 sorry like I said i dont know what version im on so i'll just put the date. I played the game for about 3 hours which by the way your game is amazing, but I ran into two of the same bugs uncommonly. they're not really game breaking just something to note I guess. sometimes when you open a package your ingots, or grips go into the ground of your shop, and you cant get them out no matter what you try. sense I only got to iron, and tin ingots, and it doesnt happen that often I wouldn't say this is game breaking just something to note.

the other one is that if you put a weapon on your left shelf (as in the shelf to the left of the one you sell stuff from but) if you put weapons on it sometimes someone will come in, and buy the weapon if that's what they were looking for so I made a few weapons, and put them out on it and it made the game a bit easier and more of like a shop. maybe this isn't supposed to be a thing that's in the game but if it is there's a bug that over night the items stay connected but they're not a weapon anymore they're just a hammer head, and a handle, or sword blade, and a handle. all you have to do is put them on the anvil, and take them apart, and then put them back together. another thing that's not really game breaking just inconvenient.

now if this isn't supposed to be a feature in the game then dont worry about it or just dont prioritize it and save your time for making the game even better then it already is :) but if it is supposed to be a feature it's good to note. also if it is supposed to be a feature maybe add a small shelf out on the left, or a small weapon rack. sorry if you dont wnat to implement this or if someone already told you this.

Other things I thought you might like to add is maybe armor if you're not already working on it. maybe put the ingot on the curved round park of the anvil so you could make gauntlets, and stuff like that. any ways thanks for reading my comment, also your game is amazing and I love it. I will drop 5 or ten dollars on it now, and maybe mare in the future :) Keep up the good work :) also sorry if oyu already worked on these bugs, or you're already working on adding stuff like this. other wise thanks for the amazing game and good luck with future work :) <3

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Hello Dasius!

I have made up a bug report for you proper with pictures and video of my recreating these scenarios. I'm really enjoying your work; it's a great start!


I've discovered it's possible to cheat in a couple ways;

1: Stopping Day Progression

If the player saves at the end of the day and quits before sleeping, restarting the game will allow the player to begin at the beginning of the same day with all the earnings of the last playthrough, thereby stopping the customer timeframe from diminishing in the later days.

2: Duping

If the player saves the game after a customer has paid for a weapon, and before they have despawned with the item, the player can quit and restart the game, keeping the cash from the sale, and the weapon components will be left on the ground and able to be resold.


1: 3-Component Weapons not Assembling Cleanly

Weapons like the Greatsword and the Shortsword do not assemble well on the table, in that when a blade is attached to a handle, and the guard is introduced, or if the handle and guard are the first assembled pieces, often the pre-assembled parts will detach and the crafting operation will not be completed. The easiest fix is to assemble all three parts by exclusively handling the grip and dragging it into both other components, since it remains in the player's grip and sets the weapon axis.

2: Polearm Grips behaving Very poorly when uncrated

Polearm grips tend to spawn very awkwardly from the order crate, and very often glitch through objects on creation.

3: Items Spawning at the Edge of Crates

One of the techniques I've begun to utilize to make things more quickly is to order my ingots in their own crate, drag that whole crate to the forge, and hit the crate on top of the fire, spilling the ingots into the heat-zone. The latest version has made that next to impossible, especially as the number of ingots in the crate increases. The items (this applies to grips and guards too) spawn at the edge of the crate, and will often shoot out at quite high velocities if the items spawn overlapping, typically relating to large item-count orders.

4: Graphics breaking on game start.

I believe you might already know about this one, but I'll report it all the same. Upon opening the game, the graphics will be FUBAR (dark lighting, grainy texture, all-around no bueno). Hitting the reset button and readjusting the aspect ratio is the fix in-game for this, but notably it is not 100% consistent until it first starts happening. Deleting the %appdata% directories and allowing a new instance to be created will solve the problem, and it appears to begin at random. But once it starts, it happens every time.

5: Cursor position can get reset to corner of game window

This is a bit inconsistent, but occasionally the cursor will be reset to the side of the game window when another window is active, and the cursor enters the game window. I think I demonstrated this in my video better than I can explain it in words.

The workaround for this is to just baaarely get the cursor inside the game window, just until it disappears, and then click to reactivate it.

Undesirable Features:

1: Manipulating items is a real pain.

Picking up components and trying to put them places is absurdly clunky, and I personally do not like how the player interacts with the world. This is me simply stating my opinion on the matter, so do with it what you will. I'm still playing the shit outta this game right now, so clearly it's not toooo bad. It would be my preference for items to fit into fixed slots, much like how ingots snap onto the anvil; it'd be nice if things could snap into the player's hand, the workbench, and perhaps the display stands too.

2: Pre-assembled weapons break into components upon restarting the game.

If I make an inventory, and leave them on display, if I quit the game and restart, all the weapons will be broken, and I'll need to reassemble everything. This is not major, and it is my assumption this is not a basic fix, considering it seems to be linked to the engine building the world and items upon startup, much like how the crystals respawn in their default locations upon restart.

I am currently running version Win 64 Alpha 0.0.63 on Windows 7

My system specs:

AMD A-10-7700K Radeon R7 Black Series CPU @ 3.40 GHz

8.00 GB RAM

64-bit OS

msi AMD Radeon R7 250 Graphics Card

One Issue I've found is that sometimes, when you buy a lot of items (mostly ingots), they all seem to get spawned in the same position and explode out when you open the box.

this causes them to fly in the direction the bottom of the box is pointing, presumably because the game applies a little bit of force "downward" to get the items to lay on the ground on unpacking.

When you unpack a box inside your shop, the items sometimes just jam themselves into the floor because of this and are unrecoverable, even by rotating them.

Perhaps change it so the deliveries get spawned in the middle of the box, so they have space to move downwards and hit the floor, or change it so every box has limited space and spawn locations for every item.

Everytime i want to change the graphics i need to click the change button but if i go towards the bottom of the game my game closes.

(english is not my main language)

Im use windows 8 and im getting the UE4-ShopSim crash, Ive looked everywhere and i still can't find a fix for it.


Hey DarkArcher,

Did you download the game with the App or browser? What is your computer specs? What version of the game did you download?


Hello, I have found a minor bug that should be fixed. Well, two, actually. The first one is when a customer gets stuck. An object or npc gets in the way and the customer just stops. I can see them, their head moves, but they just stand still, not allowing other customers to spawn. I have had this happen a couple times, but I just have to exit/load the game again to fix it.

The second one seems pretty common, where stuff from deliveries spawns in the ground. Some of it I have managed to save, but others I can still find randomly floating around in the ground.

I'm using the somethingarather-64 version on Windows 10.


Hey 1SlimShaney,

Thanks for posting. I'll do my best to get those patched.

bug occurs @ 10:45

I turn on my full screen and what happens is that when i name my shop i cant click done cause it will go out of the game how do fix


Hey Derpy,

Seems like there's a bug with fullscreen. I'll look into it.

Thank you!!


np thx

I've been pumping nothing but strength in an attempt to replicate the iron/tin turning into a copper short blade bug, and I've noticed that I just sold two copper greathammers (with fancy grips,) for $9. I've sold others for the correct amount, including one between the two that sold for less. Presumably they sold for $9 because it just completely ignored the hammer and only charged for the grip. One of the bugged ones was made the previous day, but I can't remember about the other.

I can't shake the feeling that it's all somehow tied to strength (specifically levels of strength that aren't multiples of 5,) but I'll get back to you if I can reproduce something reliabvly.


Hey Anexes,

Actually your strength wouldnt affect that bug. Strength only affects how many times you need to hit the ingots on the anvil before ethey become something else.

Good to know. Do you have any ideas about what might have caused the other materials to turn to copper? Or why an item's value might not include the crafted metal part? (I have a BS in computer science and a passion for debugging, but if you don't need/want my help, I'll try to rein it in a little. Thanks for replying!)


It's the way that I string the weapon parts together. Since I'm not recreating the weapon when combined, the information sometimes doesn't carry over when the parts are put together. I use linetraces (raycast) to send information to the "Grips" when they touch with any other part.. Then the grips take that information and send it to the Customer. Then the Customer pays the player based on the information it received. So if one of the parts linetrace fails (maybe the first time) it doesnt send the information(There are some boolean checks that might interrupt the process as well). So there's a hole in my logic when sending the information. My system obviously isn't perfect so i'm trying to find better ways to put the weapon parts together without creating a new mesh.

If you have any ideas on how to do it better, send me an email. or you can message me on Facebook or Trello.


Hey! At first, GREAT GAME! It's really fun to play!

I discovered some bugs:
- Items tend to spawn/glitch into the floor, wall etc. (especially at the assambly station)
- sometimes the ingots won't snap on the anvil
- sometimes customers just stop and won't move anymore (a restart fixes this bug)
- at about day 10 or 12 the game starts to freeze from time to time (picture freezes and sounds gets weird)

My System:
CPU: AMD fx-8320
GPU: AMD Radeon R9 390 (8GB)


Hey StaffJ,

I am aware of the issues, i'll do my best to get them resolved.

Thank you!


i try to download the game but it dont let me unzip cuz the folder it says may be damaged or somthing me spec is Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-3240 CPU @ 3,40GHz 3,40GHz and the ver is 10 tho i hope thats all the info you need for me pc

if not just tell me where to find that info


Hey ShadDowBurn,

Check if your antivirus software hasn't disrupted the unzipping process?

nope nothin it the avira anti virus...I HAVE AND DIDENT KNOW seas nothing about it

second time no it dident

i dont have a anti virus

i was thinking of downloading one tho i have a cleaner basicly clears all lag...


Its a minor bug but if you have a ready ingot in the furnace and hit it 5 times, when you put it on the anvil it only takes one hit to turn it in to a weapon.So in a sense you don't need strength :D before I go to rest I ready up 2- 3 ingots and in the morning I 1 hit weapons :D


Hey stambataa,

The issue should be gone in the next update.

Thank you!!


Hey, love the game, was pretty fun going through it.

Few bugs:

  • You can get stuck behind the chest
  • Customers will occasionally get stuck outside, and stop moving towards the shop, making me have to bring weapons out to them and hope it's what they want
  • The day reset points changes to 0 after your first use and never goes back
  • Delivery boxes spawn items at floor level, which causes some items to go under the floor, could probably be fixed by spawning them from the box a little higher

Hey RuaridhCuran,

Thanx for the bug report, I am workingon getting those issues resolved for the next update.

Take Care!!


Forgot to mention that placing 2 different ingots on the anvil will disable you from being able to smith even if you remove them

Hello Dasius, I tried to play your games today, because it interested me a LOT.

When I spawned, I grabbed the tutorial paper, and when I put it back, it just went through the table. So I decided to click on "New Game" to be able to read it.

And I got a big problem.


When you spawn, the scren slowly lighten up and become... less blurry.

Weelllll, it's not my case.

Here's what my games looks like.

I tried to increase the gamma to maximum, and it gave this.

Already better, but as you can see, it's still blurry :

I checked my graphic drivers, since I had a warning message when I was launching the game, and even after updating them it's still blurry ^^'

I didn't try to uninstall and re-install the game, because I wanted to show that to you ^^

(And also because I was lazy about it)

As for the version of the game, I'm running the latest version available.

And as for my system specs, here they are :

Intel Core i5 4590S 3.00GHz

Nvidia GeForce GTX 970

Windows 7 Professional 64bits

And if you need my motherboard : ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. Z97-K Rev X.0x


Hey Ernos,

Hit the Escape key and click on Graphics and on the bottom click on reset or adjust the gamma and Resolution scale. and hit apply.

Oh indeed!

Thank you!

I love your game by the way! :D



Thank you!!

I ran into that too adjust the gamma and texture ratio i think it was!

I get an error saying that this is a virus file in it is WS.Reputation.1 network virus

(2 edits)

Version 0.0.63

When making graphic setting adjustments, after I click apply my screen becomes reduced to 2/3's in size and I can no longer access the bottom of the menu below FOV adjustment. I have to delete my save and start over. Also when the screen is reduced in size it in place top right, but all targets are still located where they should be. It seems as though the bottom of the new screen is appox at that FOV line so anything below doesn't register.

AMD 9370

32 GB

Radeon 480 8 GB

Hello, i really want to play the game, but the game doesn`t want me to play it...

I installed it from the itch app and from ur official site. None of it works for me.

So I`m starting the game it`s all ok, but i can`t move my mouse in the game. I can move it when i press ESC or on this Level Up Paper, I can open doors but i can`t move my character with mouse.. I can only move it with Right and Left arrow to rotate.. I was hoping to play this game but i can`t because of this shitty bug. And when i start it it says that I should need to put disc inside of my PC I clicked Continue anyway. But the only problem is here that I can`t move my character with mouse that`s really annyoing..


Hey Soai,

Check to see if you have any other devices plugged into your computer such as a multi- format card reader or your phone/tablet and unplug them.

Let me know if this helps.

Thank you!

(1 edit)

Hello, thanks for ur msg. So, I unplugged my phone but it wasn`t working either. I was really hoping that I could play this. =D

V 0.0.63 - Ingots like to fall into the ground and get stuck and you are unable to get them unstuck and which means you waste money on those ingots and I'm pretty sure that only happens when you buy 10 ingots at once though i'm not sure on a lower count order!

i found that the polearm display was spelled polarm

i got the bug to report it won't let me work on my ingots so i can't make what the customer asks me to make could you plz fix that???

(2 edits) (+1)

(alpha 0.0.63)not sure if these have been reported but if you order more than 7 ingots to a crate, at least two of them clip into the floor and become unretrievable. I have also experienced polearm grips going into walls but they eventually pop free.

I am also having an issue with an npc being stuck behind the door outside. No more have spawned and I can't interact with the stuck one as they have yet to enter the shop. This occured when I attempted to close shop after the npc spawned and they tried to storm the door, getting caught behind it as it opened. I am unable to close the door and sleeping did not despawn the customer.

I look forward to seeing how this game improves and wish you the best of luck

(Edit) I managed to get between the npc and the door and wedge her out. But she appears to still be bugged and will not enter or leave the shop, only moving when I walk into her and spam right click.

im playing 0.0.63 and i keep getting the weapons stuck in the crafting aria and them going through the walls. it would happen when combining the objects. also i don't know how to escape but im stuck behind the money chest i was looking fo another Crystal(Unknown) im up to four

love this game but a few issues. (64bit

1. I make my weapons prior to opening the shop. When I exit the game , every weapon deconstructs leaving me with a lot of work.

2. The bot that is supposed to come into the shop to buy is stuck on a rock and tree to the right of my shop. He now just stares at me through the window. Since he has been there no customers have come to buy. Restarting the game would fix it but would lead to issue #1 again and ATM I have a lot of weapons that I don't feel like reconstructing after I restart :(

EDIT: brought out several weapons to him and he ended up taking the dagger Andy the new he left :

EDIT #2: more are AI are getting stuck, not just in objects. One is blankly staring at me from the edge of the map and he won't take any weapons

Greetings Dasius,

First let me say, excellent work on your first game. I've just recently begun mucking around with Unreal Engine 4, and think this is probably one of the better shop simulators. I am not sure if anyone has mentioned these issues yet. I looked through many posts, but did not see these issues mentioned in any of the ones I read. OK, now onto the reports!

Version: 0.0.63

Platform: Windows x64

Issue 1: When pre-crafting weapons to have on display for quick sells, if the game is saved and restarted, all of the weapons that were pre-crafted before the save are reloaded in pieces. You must then take each piece back to the workbench and reassemble each item.

Steps for reproduction: Assemble weapons and place them anywhere. Save the game, then exit. Re-launch the game and it is loaded with you in your room. Run down to the shop to see the weapons laying in pieces.

Issue 2: When attempting to use the sign out in front of the shop, the edit sign window remains open, as the "Done" button does not appear to work. You can still move around and do everything as normal, however the window remains on the screen until the game is saved and reloaded.

Steps for reproduction: Use the sign out front to name your shop.

In response to issue 2:

I had this bug once, but when I adjusted the sign on another save it seemed to work fine.

Stuff Gets Glitched In Walls


0.0.7 Version

You can't make a great hammer, game thinks it's a normal hammer head and it cyclest trough the one-handed version of it

cooling system doesn't work if you only throw blade into water (you need to hold it in)

those are 2 glitches i noticed already

i'll post more if i find them


A minor bug, ignots can be placed more than one in anvil slot (they are stacked and can't be seen until you take one of them from the anvil)


Hey RockCat,

Are you using the new radial selection (press "Z" to toggle it on and off) If you have 3 ingots on the anvil and select Blunts, you should be able to hammer it to a great hammer head. Let me know if that's not working for you.

Thanx for letting me know. I'll look into the water issue. Is this for a particular blade or for all?


I have the same issue. Using the radial menu, and using the correct number of ingots.

It doesn't register the completion of the object as in it doesn't give you the "crafted _____" message for the greathammer.


Ok, ill release a patch to address this issue. Thanx guys!




Yes, i created it and it didn't give a message when i created the hammer ( i tried both, cold and heated version)
also when i (out of curiosity) hit the hammer head (large hammer) it turned into "Small hammer head 4"

Great sword Can be sold only as "GreatSword" and don't give any profit other than from handle and guard (i lost 3 tin ignots because of this ;-;)

Also a minor bug, you can take the ignots that are on furnace if you are in bedroom
THis might not be a bug tough, as the things can clip trough and nobody wants his ignots beeing stuck in ground

(1 edit)

You can't click snadbox mode/ shop mode if you don't cliclk in right down corner of the button

And ther is more about techical suggestion about mining
you could make the particles that are "ripped off" of the main rock dissappear after 2-5 seconds, just like the rock do after it has been hit enough times

I bought a tin ingot but when i hammered it on the anvile into a dagger blade it turned into copper. When I crafted it into the dagger it was still copper and it sold for that price.

I too am currently experiencing this

when i a person goes into the shop they just walks out again


I saw where someone posted this bug a few days ago, and just wanted to say that I can confirm that it is still persisting,


Hey Jmbthegamer.

I'm having trouble reproducing the issue. Is this on day 1 or later? Is there anything you are doing out of the ordinary that might cuase them do so?

Not him, but in my case it started around day 3 and gets progressively worse as time goes on. It appears that the timer on them just starts at 0, as some of the other customers start around 13 seconds or so.


Interesting. I'll look at the code and see if I can reproduce the issue.

Thanx again.

I am having a bug where sometimes a customer will come to the back door and seemingly lock it, making it where I have to head out via the window.


Hey NumberBox,

How did they get to the back door?

They are walking around from the left side of the house.


Ah ok. I manage to isolate the issue and have made the necessary adjustments to prevent it from happening again. Will do more testing and get it ready for the patch.

Thanx NumberBox!


I'm having a bug where when I tun on the forge the lighting flickers when I move the camera. It only effects the outside next to the forge and when I go back inside it doesn't flicker until I go outside again.


Hey Rizaufein,

Interesting. Thanx for submitting your bug. To help me narrow down on the issue, what are you system specs. Also, is this with version 0.0.7 or previous versions?

This was on both 0.0.7 and the one before it. That is when I started playing so I can't say if it was in ealier versions. I have a 2630qm i7 quad core 2.9ghz, gtx 460m with 10gb ram on windows 7 64bit.

I've also noticed that the bug only happens when the shadow settings are on the lowest, as soon as I put them on med, the problem goes away. I also lose like 15fps when them on medium so I have to keep them on the lowest.


Just a freindly reminder for Bug posters
The new 0.0.7 Patch has ben relased Check if you are running this version before posting a bug in here


Thanx RockCat!!

My current bug is when i make Great Hammers the customer wont "recognize" it as such and will wait. i have lost 6 inots to this and refuse to make more


Hey couch,

I got it fixed on my end and ill have it patched and ready to go soon.


The NPCs are quite broken because when I was just making a sword for my customers , an NPC appear right in the making zone and tryed to come in , but the NPC closed the door and it looks at the door.When I try to open it , the door doesn't open.


Hey Nocolas RO

Thanx for letting me know.

Is your shop open and the door opened? I would suspect that the Customer saw the door closed and made an attempt to access your shop from the back. That shouldnt happen and ill make sure its fixed in the patch.

For some reason I am able to combine 2 different regular sword blades and a hammer head on a polearm.

I was nowhere near the bench. I just moved the polearm and then it stole the blades off the swords.


Hey NumberBox,

Is this with version 0.0.7

Yes it is. I double checked my versions number.

yes when some one orders a mighty hammer i make it but the npc won't take it.


Hey Shotguntown,

I manage to isolate the issue and have made the necessary adjustments. It should be fixed in the next patch.


I have tried to play version 0.0.7, and have come across a few issues. When trying to make a hammer head for a one hand hammer, only the blades cycle through. When trying to put 3 ingots on the anvil, the third ingot will go into and anvil. If 3 ingots are displayed on the anvil, the hammer noise does not sound and the ingots do not change into a weapon.

That being said, I really like what you have done with the game. The touch added to the dark crystal was awsome!!


Hey Blackjuel16.

Just to narrow on the issue. Are you using the radial selection to pick the different weapon heads? You can access it with the "Z" key

Thank you :)

Thank you for pointing out my idiocy. There is still the problem on the ingots sinking into the anvil. Luckily, you can get them back by clicking on one of the other ingot on top of the anvil.


Hey Blackjuel16,

Thats ok. I changed the system, so it only stands to reason everyone would expect the old system to work. I should have done a better job of notifying everyone of the change.

Ya i'm looking into how to fix that. Thanx for letting me know.

How do you use the radial selection screen? when someone wants a one handed sword, and I use 2 ingots, I create a hammer head, if I try to use the radial screen, nothing happens, it opens up and I can choose hammers or swords but if I click on sword, nothing happens, and if I hammer the head after clicking sword, nothing happens other than changing the hammer variety. I'm completely confused on how this works.


It seems to be currently possible to place heated ingots into the same slot on the anvil, as the anvil does not detect that there's already an ingot there and auto-positions it anyway or some such.

Good job making the heads themselves have heated/cooled states by the way, you're doing great. :)

I'm running 0.0.7 and the issue is that there are no npc's coming into my shop to buy anything. I waited three in game days for someone to walk in but no one did and there were plenty of npc's spawning


You need to click the sign that says "Shop Closed" to make it say "Shop Open" at the start of the day, and then at night time (the game will say "You feel tired." in subtle text that fades in and out along the bottom of the screen) you need to go to bed or else no one will come no matter how long you wait.

i know, I've opened my shop in the morning and i closed it at night and rested in bed to go back and open it but still no one comes in the shop

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Uh oh. :( I just placed an order for an iron ingot and a fancy one-handed grip to fashion into a dagger, but after being shaped the blade was a copper one. (The Z focus was definitely set to blades, because the last thing I crafted before it was a Greatsword) So the NPC paid me for the copper dagger and now I have no moneys.

I had this bug with a tin ingot just now.


I'm having a bug where after reloading a save all of the weapons are disassembled and the blades/heads are in their hot state.

I have the same bug!

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hey man, thanks for the new update liking my new home and workplace, just getting issues with costumers not taking great hammers everytime i make one.

one hand hammers isnt being bought once in a while, maybe its a bug where they dont buy when it is placed infront of the costumer.

this is the only complaint for now, thank you for the update and the beautiful workplace ive got

(2 edits) (+3)

Just got a chance to Try 0.0.7 build. Beautiful! You can really see the effort you've put in. Here are the things that popped up in my first 30 minutes (not mentioning Greathammer since I know you're on it already).

  • I was able to make a hammer head with just one ingot on the anvil
  • I sold a tin greatsword prepared from a previous day for only $18
  • I sold a tin hammer headed polearm for only $147
  • The days are so short that I'm only getting 2 or 3 customers a day. I used to get 6-10.
  • The "Z" menu popup wouldn't let me change between blade/blunt when I was pointed at ingots on the anvil

Again, great work so far! It's really evident that you really have a passion for making this game the best it can be!

(edited to correct grammar)

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Same.. I sold a tin dagger the next day and it only sold as if it were a copper one and the customer didn't take it from the customer area until I took it back to the crafting table and back to the customer, sometimes I can't change between blunt and blade, but as was said that was when I was pointing at the ingots, away from them it worked, liking how it's coming along there though

Version Alpha 0.0.7

As other said, but just gonna share what I experienced playing for about 3 hours today.

  • Tin ingot turned into copper blade.
  • Not sure if this is a bug, but selling a tin 1-handed hammer sold for a lot less than the materials. 153 coins at Charisma 4, while 2 tin ingots alone cost 200.
  • Using the radial menu to toggle between blunt and sharp weapons sometimes loses my mouse cursor and I cannot switch between the 2 anymore until I restart the game.
  • Game save message sometimes appear but when the game is restarted, it didn't save and I lose all progress.
  • Sometimes, the mouse cursor gets completely stuck outside of the game window. Game need to be forced shutdown, losing all progress.

That being said, thanks for all the work you put into this game.

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I'm using version Alpha 0.0.7

A bug with the crafting table makes objects glitch into the table, once I got the blueprint to be in the table when I made a new game. I don't have any screenshots because I reset the game with the blue print, and a dagger which was stuck got unstuck after a few minutes. Though I only played for 10 minutes it was hard to craft with a dagger in the table.

Will post the System specs if needed because I need to google how.....

I just tried the 0.0.7 update, ive been having problems that are previously mentioned but i wont mention them here because someone else has. i found three of the crystals FEAR, PROTECTION, but the third one which was just outside in the back would keep saying unknown.

Ok, I just bought a tin ingot to forge a dagger, and it transmuted into a copper heated blade. Then, I cooled it, and it stayed as copper.....That's a pretty big bug =P

(1 edit)

Current Version: Alpha .07 I loved alot of the improvements you made to the game, and I especially loved the addition of dipping the heated weapons in water. However, I have two bugs. The first is that sometimes on random days, if fufill a request before time runs out, customers stop coming and I have to reset to get them to come back. However the second problem is much more important. Since the update, I have sold one weapon. I don't know if its because its running slowly on my computer or whatever, I cannot fufill requests for weapons. I always run out of time, but in the previous verison of .6, I never had any problems with time. I have yet to be able to make a single sale, and I always run out with just a second or two to spare, so my shop is currently full of weapons that other people have ordered in the hopes that someone will want the same type. I am close to going bankrupt.

EDIT: Not only that, but after turning the game back on after writing this post, I found out that all the weapons I had made before had completly fallen apart, and all the blade parts were in their heated forms.

The glitch with Great sword not beeing sold as and Specyfic sword is still working (you get back only money from grip and guard, i'm not sure but that might be due to selling second version of blade)

(4 edits) (+1)

Adelite ignot changed into tin dagger when i forged it

Edit: Seems like Adelite is taking last metal that have been used on anvil as hi ID when you make dagger out of it (fo example if you crafted 2h blade from mythril it will make myhril dagger)

Edit No.2: As you changed the id from "Steel" to "adelite" You probably forgot to change it of all weapons, that's why dagger is changing to last used id as it can't find ID for "adelite" it shhould be quick fix

Also i forgot to mention 0.0.71

Edit No.3: <that's a lot of edits lol> THe 2-h blade problem seems to be occuring only with second 2 h blade, probably the game doesn't have specyfied this as an 2h blade on customers side, Also i'll better check if the newly added 1handed blade sells as it should (works)


Also i found something that clasyfie rather as an funny bug than a game-breaking glitch

If you hold the "holding" button on the customer giving him the weapon he'll switch throug all "thank you" comunicates very fast

it can made you laugh rather tha nage but a bug is still a bug


- game 111963, version #19800 (My Little Blacksmith Shop Win 64 Alpha 0.0.71)

- You can Build a large hammer head with only one ingot (instead of three) if you select it with Z.

How do you change hammer heads to sword heads? The Z menu doesn't seem to do anything, I try to click on sword but nothing happens even if I hammer afterwards, it just changes the variety of the hammer. I cant make one handed swords! I need help

Make sure to hammer the Head on the anvil to change the type, then just use a one hand grip and a one hand guard.

That doesn't work for me. the Z menu doesn't do anything. So what I did is put the hammer head on the anvil, click Z, press on the sword button and then try to hammer the head, what happens well it just changes the variety, im not getting a sword out of it.

You have to change it BEFORE you start hammering the ingot.

from one blacksmith to another, I thank you. This confused me so much but now I know how to use it, thx.


1. The latest version.

2. Random occurances of NPCs getting stuck outside the shop and never leaving, therefore they are forever a customer, so you never get new ones, and you have to restart the game in order to fix it.

3. (none available atm, I will try to get one next time it happens.)

4. a) Push a customer outside after they come in.

b) Wait a decent amount of time, it will happen eventually.


To fix the customer thing just give them what they want and then change the shop to closed for a few seconds, then change it back to open.

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V 0.0.7

Cannot lower volume.

Changed graphics options to fullscreen, all epic, and highest resolution (unintentionally). Now, I cannot click anywhere below the center of the screen or too far to the left, and I cannot change graphics settings back. Also, everything is really dark.

i5 3570k | 8GB RAM | GTX 1080 FTW

Let me know if you need any other info!

To fix the darkness you have to hit the reset button at the bottom of the graphics page. To fix the resolution (obviously) don't hit a resolution that you can't run the game in. If you have an issue with the fullscreen not working, then just hit f11.

i bought a tin ingot for 100$ and it changed it to copper when i made a dagger, i sold the item as a copper.

I can't play it won't let me can you help please I use 32x download.

Check my bug report I just submitted (Bottom of this page) it tells you how to get around it for now.


Playing the new Alpha 0.0.7 release and I've had a few problems, hammerheads are in the weapon cycle and I can't get back to the shop mode from sandbox, otherwise I love the new update. Keep up the good work dude.

My mouse still isn`t working in-game. Only in menu when u pressed ESC or smth like that. No one else doesn`t have the same problem?

I want to play that sick game :D


Ok, this is a weird one, but I think I have it figured out.

So, the bug is that whenever you make a short blade (single ingot blade), regardless of the ingot you used, the final blade will be of whatever material the last thing you crafted was.

I.e. If I were to make a titanium sword, then I bought a copper ingot, heated it up, and hit it on the anvil, then I would get a titanium short blade.

This works both going up the tiers of metal and going down, so I have to make a titanium (enter weapon here) before I can make either a bladed polearm or a dagger.

Good job.

Love the new map and massive walking monster outback but when you put a tin bar on the anvil and hit it into a dagger it turns to copper. Don't know if it just tin daggers since i didn't try anything else


Check my bug report right above yours and it tells you how to work around it.

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The game doesn't run for some reason.When i run it it says this:

Then when i click OK it says this:

If i click yes this happens:

If i click no nothing happens.

And also my Visual c++ is installed and i also tried repairing.Nothing.

System Specs:

Graphics Card: Nvidia Geforce GT 730

Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU G1820 @ 2.70GHz 2.70GHz

RAM: 8 GB (7.87 GB usable)

Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit Operating System (Registered)

Also i tried ReDownloading it.It Doesn't work.

I'm running the newest version (as of 2/25/17) and the issue is that sometimes my expensive ingots just randomly turn back to copper when I make them into something.. if this could be fixed that would be great

Check my bug report a few above yours, it tells you how to work around this with the small blades.

(2 edits)

I made a knife using iron but it came as a tin one. (i'm in Version 0.0.71,just in case you need to know)

There's currently a bug where you have to make a sword or hammer or something out of the material you want before you can make the small blades out of it.

Basically the material of the small blade will be whatever the last material you used to make a weapon.

(1 edit)

Sorry if this isn't an issue, but when I start up a new game I don't get the same house that I see on YouTube. I have an outdoor furnace and a bed on the same level as the shop, not upstairs. I also don't have any of the fabled crystals I keep hearing about. If anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated.

That's part of the new update. The creator changed the house and the surrounding area. Read the list of things he did in the update.

(1 edit)

Everytime I open my saved world again, all assembled weapons/tools are disassembled and all the blades/heads are "hot". I have to quench them again and re-assemble the weapons.

Also, I had an instance were I would put 1 tin ingot on the anvil, trying to do a hammer (which I realized later I needed 2 ingots), and it would give me a great cooper blade. However this might be intended since you can't do hammer with 1 ingot.

Using Version 0.0.71

i have the bug with copper if i order it ist in a box then i smaash it open with my hammer and somehow it gltiches Underground or flies away (i dont want to drag them once at time so yeah)

(1 edit)

make sure you are using the latest version, it seems fixed now.

version Alpha 0.0.71 Hey! There is a bug that when you smack ingots better then iron it will transform to a cooper or a tin one in sandbox this is not happening. Please fix.


version #19800 (My Little Blacksmith Shop Win 64 Alpha 0.0.71)

In addition to single ingot crafts changing materials to the last-used material (which is well-reported on by now), when you have "blunt" selected (and because there are no single-ingot blunts), the anvil creates the last-used shape, eg. you can make a single copper ingot into an iron greatsword by crafting an iron greatsword normally first, then switching to blunt and crafting a single copper ingot.

why can't i change my name. i press 'p' to bring up the levels menu and it will let me spend my skill points but when i try and click the 'edit' button it doesn't do anything. I've noticed that when hovering over the 3 skills that you can improve the word is highlighted in red and so i assume that when you hover over the 'edit' button it will appear red. but it doesn't. it just stays black.

is this a bug or is it not possible to chance your name in the game yet. I've seen the names above the customers and they're different. from what I've been told then the customers are actually other players but they aren't actually there.

i need help.

If you notice, in the name box it says something like "Feature Not Implemented". The naming system does not work yet.

all it says for me is -
name: Awesomness Edit

You aren't running the latest version.

Tried playing for the first time on alpha 0.0.71 - can't open my shop.

I went outside to the sign, clicked it, gave my shop a name, and clicked "Done", but the door still reads "Shop closed" and no NPCs come to the shop.


Figured it out. You have to click the sign that's on the door, not the one that's outside. ><

I cannot make hammers, like at all... I am running alpha 0.0.7, and the gamma is always a bit off, and i cant fix this, sorry i dont know what my system specs are, but my PC is the dell insprion i7

Are you using the Radial Menu (Press Z)? It's on the controls.

I've got the same thing, but then remembered that hammers take two ingots. Lol

I encountered a bug where the game after sleeping, saving, exiting and coming back was really blurry and dark.


Just hit the reset button in the graphics options.

Thank you

i have this problem and i pressed the reset button but it did nothing apart from stop the music for 5 seconds and then i cant press accept.

I can not create a greathammer

im playing on 0.0.7 alpha and for some reason when i use iron on the anvil to turn it into a dagger it turns into copper and i end up making less money then i spend on the ingot. Please fix this so i can continue to create iron daggers. It also does this with tin and titanium, titanium is very upsetting to turn into copper.

Same problem here. I believe it is caused by what material you used for your previous weapon. I Read other people's post and it seems that pretty much everyone has the problem.


Found 2 glitches

1.) I sold a tin one hand hammer which uses 2 tin ingots which are $100 each but when i sold the hammer it only gave me $145 but i'm supposed to get more than $200.

2.) I don't know if this is a glitch or just my luck but the entire 2 game days i played, all the NPCs only asked for a one hand hammer and nothing else.

Hey I am at the 0.0.7 version of the game and you cant do the hammer if you keep hammering the sword it will stay forever a sword i expect i help

Obs:i am brazilliam so sorry for the bad english


Press Z on the anvil to access the Radial Menu. There you can switch between blade and hammer

i cant craft a hammer. i have tried everything and it wont work. i am running the 64 alpha. please fix this bug. thank you


Just hit the z button to bring up a menu, then click the blunt (or something like that) section, and then you can hammer your INGOTS (NOT an existing blade) and it will make a hammer head.


About the short blade bug (in v0.0.71):

So @Dasius this seems to be related to the game reading from the middle position, and apparently it uses the "last middle ingot" type to determine the short blade type.

I have lost a bunch of ingots (or well the anticipated revenue) until I found out how to fix it:

  1. Place the one ingot on the left
  2. Drag it to the middle
  3. Place it on the left

This is a safe way of fixing it, I tried ONLY setting it to the middle spot, and setting it on the right spot (this also places it on the middle spot). Both results were the same: The former ingot type.

Hope that helps :)

Is that a permanent fix or do you have to do it for every short blade you make?

(1 edit)

if I am not mistaken it is a fix until you craft something using more than 1 ingot. I will test this

I do not know if this is intended or not, but there is a forcefield around the large house on the hill. If the crystal is on the top floor, like I think it is, then this is annoying because I have the other 3 on my bed posts, but I can't get to that one lol

one is in the woods one is in in the torch in the back bit of the house another one is in the house in front of your one and the other is in a lake behind that house

I have version 0.0.71 and i can't make a hammer. And I don't know how to get the update. I put on 2 ingots but I get a large sword blade. Please help I'm only 11 and i really like this type of game and i love this. PLLEEEAAASSEE!! :( :( :(

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you press the Z key and then you move the mouse to the hammer icon and click it, then press the Z key again. Hope this helped, kid.

(3 edits)

Had a few bugs.

1. The one ingot thing everybody's talking about.

2. Sometimes the heated parts doesn't cool down when placed in the water.

3. Even though I had my shop closed someone came in.

[After I woke up]

4. Opened my shop. Went away from the door for a sec, then stayed looking away from the front desk. Realized nobody's coming in. Found out my shop's turned 'closed', so I opened again. Still no one came in. So looked for someone who doesn't have a weapon outside and found this guy.

No idea how he got stuck there.

[All weapons were made before I slept.]

5. Sold my Great Sword, the dude never paid me. #somewhatbroke Because I placed most of my money on it.

6. Was trying to give a customer a great hammer, but they wouldn't take it. Realized that the hammer was only showing "coppergreat hammer head" (even though it already had a handle) instead of "copper great hammer", so tried to stick another handle and game crashed.

[Restarted Game]

I hate reassembling, but this is normal, right?

7. I found that if you leave the hammer toggle on and whack only 1 ingot, you can make a great hammer.


In Alpha 0.0.7 I found that I can sell weapons with blades that are still heated. I don't need water.

This is how you make lightsabers in My Little Blacksmith Shop!

System Specs

OS: Windows 10 Home

GPU: GeForce GTX 1050 Ti

CPU: AMD FX(tm)-8320 Eight-Core Processor



I'm using version Alpha 0.0.71. My problem is when I hit a heated iron bar and try to turn it into a sword and when I'm forging the iron bar it turns into a tin weapon.


Well, when i tried to make a short blade using tin i left it on the "Blunts" setting by accident, and it turned into a large copper hammer head even though it was tin AND only one piece of it... I am running alpha 0.0.7 and there was no error message and my specs are Intel core i5-3320M 8.00 GB of RAM. I did it once and didn't realise it was copper until i had sold it and it ate some of my money. (I would love to back this in a while because it seems to be doing really well, ill back it when i have the money)

Ok, I assume the 1-ingot blunt bug and the short blades changing material bug are related, but I've been trying to figure out the short blade one in sandbox mode. It's weird.

The problem: When attempting to make short blades, they take the material of the last thing you crafted. If you make a large tin blade, then a short copper blade, the short copper blade turns into a short tin blade.

However, this only happens if the anvil slot you're using to make the short blade has been previously used to make something. If that slot has been used at least once to craft anything at all, all short blades made in that slot will take on the material of the last thing you crafted. Just placing an ingot in the slot and taking it out doesn't affect it, so the bug must happen during the actual crafting process/item creation.

I tested this by ordering two ingots of every metal except titanium, of which I ordered one. I used the left and middle anvil slots to make regular blades and one hand hammers with all of the materials except titanium, then tried to make a titanium short blade using the right anvil slot and I correctly received a titanium short blade.

To make sure, I took three adelite ingots and tried to make adelite short blades in all three slots (from left to right,) and they all came out as titanium short blades.

So I guess the problem is with the anvil slots themselves? On first use, they correctly take the material from the ingot given to them, regardless of what you're trying to make. From then on, however, if they're used to craft a short blade, they ignore the ingot's material and instead use the last material used to craft something.

Aha! I think I just figured out part of the problem! As I wrote that, I thought that each slot might be holding on to the last material used, and that it was going by majority vote. I tried putting two iron bars and one adelite bar on the anvil, started hammering, and got an iron large blade. (It doesn't matter if you hammer the lone ingot, you seem to always get whichever material has the majority.) I tried making regular blades, with two different materials making up the same blade. I was trying to find a pattern to see which material was being chosen, and the bug temporarily fixed itself. I couldn't craft with more than one material and short blades were coming out correctly. Then, after I used the three materials I had on hand, I went to test the rest of the materials to see if I could make short blades with them, and it was broken again. Now I can combine some materials, but not others, and I have no idea what the determining factor is.

I hope I made at least a little sense here. I also hope that this post helps to fix this bug, 'cause I've been doing this for like an hour, and I'm not sure I can figure anything else out without letting my brain cool off. And I'd like for my effort to not be in vain >.<

Good luck, Dasius, and Godspeed!

(latest Version) I bought a mithril ingot for a pull arm and when i gave to the person it gave me the money you would get for a tin pull arm? it even said that I sold a tin pull arm when im sure i sold a mithril one.

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Playing 0.0.71 and I crafted an Iron Greatsword with fancy grip so it cost me about $906. I gave it to the customer and checked the list of customers and found it was listed just as "Greatsword" and she paid me only flippin $18. Plus like everyone else, I'm having the issue where my short blades change what material they are. Used a Tin ingot, and got a copper short blade. Twice.

EDIT: New Bug happened as I played more. A guy came in wanting a Greatsword. I gave him one and then he was stuck in my shop saying "That was quick!" but he wont leave and I can't rest in the bed.

Sometimes, when selling an item, the connection between the grip/guard and the metal bit gets a little wonky, so the customer only sees the grip/guard and pays accordingly. The new variant for the greatsword seems to be particularly bad because of its girthy base, so I recommend sticking with the standard form.

Yeah I was starting to realize issues with the 2nd greatsword blade. There were a number of times the blade refused to connect with the grip/guard. Thanks for the heads up about the selling issue though.

This issue occurs with the second type of blade {the one that is new} use only 1st type until the fix will be avalible

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when i started the game the graphics were fine... I switched to fullscreen mode and went to sleep, all was good until I woke up and the graphics were very pixelated and very dark. the first thing i did was just wait because i thought it might have been something to do with sleeping and sleep in your eyes. after 5 minutes, i tried to exit the game but i had to alt+tab out. i re-installed the game and tried the 32bit version. for some reason when i screenshot it, it just shows my desktop and half of it is the game and its still on the loading screen. please help this is such a good game! D: (this probably doesnt make sence but please try and fix it.)

Go to graphics and click reset.

i was in fullscreen mode so i had to f11 to reset. thanks for the help.

Hi!! Great game!, i have a problem with this version and the last one; if i save the game and quit, all my weapons that i create and assambler, they disassembled in each part. Also in this version the blades are bright again when you do the same (quit the game and come back). So i cant have a stock of weapons when my costumers come to buy my stuff =(

Sorry about my english maybe i mistakes, im from Argentina =p

PD: Question! i already donate $1, my name will appear in futures updates?


Im running 0.0.71 64bit.

1. Do you guys remember the bug where one handed swords would be displayed as "One handed sword" instead of "Copper one handed sword"? Well now the One handed hammer got it aswell, also I don't gain anything from one handed hammers even when they do display "Copper one handed hammer".

When they display "One handed hammer" I gain 11$ which is a loss of about 14$.

If it displays "Copper one handed hammer" I gain 25$ which is basically no loss, no profit.

2. There seems to be an issue between a weapon and the Casher desk where you sell your weapons. I just tried to sell a polearm and the customer didn't want to grab it. It took 20-30 seconds before he decided to take it. This also happened for some one handed swords aswell. Wasn't a fun experience and as so I lost any want of playing at that time.

In version Alpha 0.0.7 When i make a heated ingot into a weapon head it turns into the last type of material i make. For example if i make a copper short blade then try to make a tin short blade, the tin short blade turns into a copper one.

Hey! I don't know if its a bug or not but when I use "tin" to make a blade it transform in a "copper blade" 0.07 alpha

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Perusing around the Bug Reports here it seems that issue is still around in 0.0.71. It for some reason is remembering what ingot was in the middle anvil slot so when you place a single one it crafts a short blade out of the last material it remembers in that slot. I haven't used 0.0.7 but if the anvil has slots to put ingots, someone found a work around where you place your new ingot on the left, move it to the middle slot, and then you can move it back so that the game now remembers your new ingot as the last material in the middle slot. It has worked for me so far.

I have it from the developer himself that the bug has nothing to do with any particular slot. He said that if you want to make a short blade, just place the ingot in any slot, take it out, and put it back in that same slot.

You can actually just put it in the slot and right-click it (it should move toward you a little and snap back into the slot,) but I can understand the compulsion to lift it far away from the slot, or even put it in another one, just to make sure.


Hi im not sure if im the only person suffering from these issues but here it goes,

1st the one handed hammer if made with 2 ingot (which makes a smaller hammer head) costs more than you will receive

but if you make it using one ingot it makes a great hammer head and then makes lots more than it cost

2nd all ingots better than iron revert into iron blades/hammers once hammered ive tested mithril adimantiam and titanium all

revert to iron for me

3rd if you sleep before closing your shop and door you get no customers until you restart the game

game version in corner says alpha 0.0.7

all that said its an awesome game,

could use after day 3 people requesting the type of metal for bonus cash as an added feature

keep up the good work

  1. What version of the game I'm running: 0.0.7 (latest)
  2. Description of bug: Guy walks into door and won't let me close it. Even if the shop is closed.
  3. An image: I did have an image, but I can't find it.
  4. Steps to reproduce the issue: No idea, it just happened on it's own.
  5. System specs: 8 GB of ram.
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I found some old bugs in the 0.0.71.

1. Sometimes the price of the Great Titanium Weapon is messed up - it's extremely low One hand hammers can do it too, but more rarely.

2. All swords could stuck in the workbench texture. They can and they do, unfortunately, very often.

3. If I quit the game and launch it again, all crafted weapon become broken into pieces. Is it a real bug or just feature? If it's feature, I don't like this feature, it makes me sad :(

4. When I try to change the size or color of the shop name, it becomes impossible to close this menu.

5. Customer can stuck outside without moving, so I have to relaunch the game to fix it.

I also found a new bug - when I put two or three ingots on the anvil, one of them sometimes... unites? to another. In other words, I see only two ingots, but actually there are three of them on the anvil. Waiting for the next update, I tried to do smth with the first bug and I decided just to use my two hand grips and never make any great weapon, so I bought some copper ingots and did it. Now, when I try to make any titanium weapon, I put titanium ingots on the anvil, but all of them become copper weapon! Why, Copper God?!

Also, when I forget to change hammers to blades in the little z-menu, I can make great or common hammer head from 1 ingot. I coud solve all these problems by relaunching the game, but not the second and the third, so, please, help me...

Upd: customers now stuck so often, than I can't even play properly...

yeah i have also the problem with 3 ingots on the same place.

Vers 0.0.71 64bit

4790K / 16gig ram / 1080FTW / Win10

I found 2 things

1st I've prepeared a big sword and want to pull it over to the bar. I had also some polearms on the top shelf stored. The Blade from the sword stuck to the polearm just by pulling it over.

2nd You can run through the walls of the small house.

I found a harsh bug that makes the game unplayable! I was playing it normally and having a lot of fun, then I reached on the day 7. In that day I just woke up, saved the game and quited. After that I started it again and everything was dark and blurry. Initially I thought that could be a game feature to let the things more difficult, like if every 7 days had a challenge (it would be a good idea for the final version). But that was terrible, it was hard to see outside and impossible to see inside the shop. I couldn't read what the villagers were ordering, I couldn't find the guards and grips, I just could see the glowing heated blades. I realized it wasn't a game feature when I slept and started the day 8, everything was the same. I went to the sandbox mode and it had the same problem. I started a new game, nothing changed. I reinstalled the game, nothing changed! Then I setted the gamma to 100% and the game got brighter, but it was blurry yet so I couldn't see very well. This game has a lot of potential and I hope you fix annoying bugs like this one. Here is a picture of how the game was (the pic isn't edited or with some problem, this is all from the game:

The only fix for that (had the same problem a few times myself) is to change gamma slightly and then load back in and change it back.

To fix the blurry problem go into graphics options and look at the slider for 'resolution scale' and make sure it stays at 100%.

I hope this helps you out until a fix is introduced.

If you go to graphics and click reset, it'll go back to normal.

It happens every time I load the game, so I don't bother adjusting anything; I figure it's best to wait until it gets fixed before customizing the graphics.

Agreed, resetting is another way to do it.


It worked! Thank you guys.

Anytime. If anything else pops up take a quick look at the common issues thread, if there's no answer there feel free to ask one of us :)

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Hey Dasius, a few problems to report since 0.0.7 in the 64-bit version. My specs are AMD FX-8350, 12Gb RAM, Geforce GTX 750 and a GT 640.

1. Greathammers no longer seem to count as created (I've tried both regular and fancy two handed grips) and if you hit the greathammer head again on the anvil it turns into the smaller variant (and never back again in the cycle) thus wasting an ingot.

2. Tin ingot somehow turned into a copper short blade (not tried it with other head types). That was a waste of 100 coins :(

3. The dagger display rack has no collisions, everything drops through it, this was in the last version too so I've come to accept it and isn't really an issue.

4. The short blade variant 2 (the two-pronged dagger head) is rarely accepted as a dagger or polearm head by customers, they simply won't take it most of the time.

5. Not sure if it's a bug or simply market changes in game, but variant 2 of the large blade turned into a greatsword (regular two-hand grip and guard) only earned me 10 coins. Are some of the characters more stingy than others?

6. 2 of the crates out back are pretty much joined, picking one up grabs both and they merge and shake for a while. This isn't so much an issue anyways as I throw the crates out of the way first thing on day 1.

I hope the above helps you in some way. I was wondering also if it's possible to add a way to turn heads back into ingots? I regularly forget to use the radial menu to select the correct part before bashing the ingots, this is my fault though as I got so used to the previous version.

Keep up the great work! Looking forward to seeing what you do with the crystals when the time comes :)

2 glitches here. I saved the game, and then exited because no customers were coming and I hoped to refresh it. when I got back, all the blades on the weapons I had made became heated, the ingots that I had heated became cooled, and it got really dark. I do not know my exact computer specifications, but I can find them if you really need them to fix this issue. Had trouble posting a picture, unfourtunately. Playing on v 0.0.7.

Hiya. While playing the game I noticed that a tin item i created turned into copper after forging (which meant that the 100g item i was going to make turned into copper. I tried restarting the game but it didn't work. Thought you should know if not aware or if you are any fixes for it? :P Also a small one but sometimes the heated bars seem to merge into one sometimes while on the anvil but it still comes out as the correct item. Great game and keep up the good work! All the best :)

I'm playing on 0.0.71 sorry forgot to mention.

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I have a bug whit graphic its all pixalated and dark and the sign's menu is broken when you leave it you cant leave it

the graphics glitch happend after i restarted the game after the sign's broken menu

please fix this if its possible :) the games version is 0.0.7

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I have another bug in 0.0.71 forcing me to reset my game progress as I can't go any further. I reloaded my save today to pick up where I left off. Had the usual dark/blurry issue people are reporting. I fixed it, but then the first customer I had left before I could even get the ingots on the anvil (I feel like the game expects you to be moving way too quick as the day's go on. I'm lucky to get a weapon to people with 10 or 2 seconds left.) But when this person left, they walked out and then just stopped moving outside. No more customers spawn in. I slept and started a new day. He was still stuck there and no new customers were coming by. I relaunched the game and all was well. But then the first customer to come in also wanted something in less time than I can even heat the ingots. They too left and then got stuck outside my shop. Not moving. I can run into them to push them but they were stuck just like the other guy. And it's happened over and over to the point I had to remove my save and start over. It has not encountered that glitch so far now.

when i hammer just one ingot it becomes a regular blade and as the first request i got was for a dagger, it made it quite hard, when i hammer 2 ingots, it becomes just 4 different regular hammer heads

when i grab handles near the workbench the screen gats a lot darker

I just downloaded the game, feb 26

i am playing on a trash laptop, AMD 1,3-1,5 GHz CPU depending on where you look... and AMD HD 8280 internal graphics

seems that whenever I change settings, namely the resolution/window mode the game freaks out and changes gamma and res scale to 0% and every time I try to reset the settings back to normal the game freezes.


A little List:

- The gamma bugs each time I open the Game. Sometimes too light, sometimes too dark, IDK How it will gonna be in the next time I open the game.

- Sometimes the material change when I do the weapon, I buy iron, and when i put on anvil e hammer it, it gets a tin blade. That really needs to be fixed.

- You can actually put an bar over another, and you think you lost it, but it is bugged inside other bar. Sometimes things just fly around for no reason, and you find it really far away

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1. Sometime when a new customer spawns in if he touches another npc he will stop moving and you have to restart the game.

2. sometimes when selling a weapon the customer will not except the weapon if there is another one around.

3. one time when walking with a polearm in hand as i tried to enter my home with it it was launched into the air and the polearm was lost , in turn this then made the #2 glitch very prevalent as i could no longer sell polearms.

4. when i loaded up my game one time the resolution was down very low and so was gamma, this is a very simple to fix problem in game but did very much confuse for about 5 minutes.

Customers that want a 1 hand hammer only pay for a single ingot when it takes 2 to make. I only noticed this after hitting Tin tier items but it may have been happening from the beginning of the game. Overall very addicting.

Smaller issues I noticed which I am sure are probably already in the works would be items flying away when being picked up and scrolled to move closer and when changing the store front sign I changed the font size and the gui did not close when I hit done until I reloaded the game.

Very fun game! Keep up the awesome work!

Im not sure which catagory this is whether bug or complaint but i got the game, then when i go in the game. My screen wont move, i can move it with the < > buttons but i cannot move it with my mouse so i cannot look up or down. My mouse is working because when i press Escape i can move my mouse there its just when im in the game it doesnt work. Is there a way i can get help to fix this problem?

At the moment i switched to 0.0.72 and it still doesnt work

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so... i played until day 21 and i noticed some pretty heavy bugs: 1. if you craft antthing with 3/2 ingots(iron for example) it creates a part normally, if you create after that a part with one bar form a weaker ingot(tin) the resulting(short blade,hammerhead) part will be the same level as the 3/2 ingots(iron) (it may not happen every time) 2.related to the first one: you can make a hammerhead with one ingot, i did make a large hammer head with one ingot too 3.when crafting any weapon there's a possibility of making the weapon and it appear that you made the weapon without the material's name(greathammer instead of tin greathammer). which makes the npcs pay like the weapon did not have a hammerhead or blade 4. the armpole can atach another blade while it has another hammerhead/short blade already on it and it can happen on the normal ground.

version: 0.0.7 alpha

So when I order a new type of metal sometimes when I turn it into a blade or hammer head the weopon piece turns into the last kind of metal I got.

So I'm playing on version 0.0.7 and here's what I have found.
1) You can sell weapons made with Heated parts (so make the blade/hammer head and don't cool it). It sells for the exact same price as a cooled weapon.

2) Certain ingots turn into weapon parts of different metals. (need to test some more to see which ones do this exactly)

3) The game's great fun!

i found a bug on the version i use(0.0.7),im not able to do dagger blades or put the parts together :/

Bug, Saved game when loading game. Parts Forged that have bin cooled are heated when you load back into the game!

OS: windows 10

CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 925 .2.80 GHz

GPU: AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series

Ram: 8 GIG

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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  1. version 0.0.71
  2. When I full screen the game the bottom half of the game breaks and I cant get out of full screen. That's all I have really found so far considering i cant play the game with that bug.
  3. Windows 10, 16GB RAM, intel core i7 3.30Hz, 64bit, GTX 1070.

change the resolution to 1080p, and use TAB and ENTER to press accept. I was in 4k and the same thing happen

Thanks but I cant even get down to graphics. I tried TAB and ENTER but nothing did anything. Any other solution?

When you turn an Iron ingot into a blade on the anvil it becomes tin quality, I have not tested it with 2 or 3 ingots to see if the same applies. Running Alpha 0.0.7

my iron turned into cooper

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all higher ingot stuff turn to tin for me and i lost 7 mythril i only saw it when i made the dagger with the last piece

First- I cant click on the bottom of the game when is on 4k

Second- I was playing and one time, i bought Adelite and i was going to make a small sword with it, so when it transformed into a small sword was made of tin. and the same thing happend with iron but the iron turned into cooper.

I have the same issue. seems to happen to me when I heat different types of ingots at the same time,(iron and tin for example) after that they are pretty much bugged out for the rest of my game session. I randomly get tin when using copper ingots or copper when using iron ingots etc.

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1)0.0.71 (Updated 02/27/2017)

2) When i use ANY INGOT on the anvil to make a short blade, EVERY INGOT turn into ADETITE short blade, copper ingot or even titanium ingot, when i try to make a short blade, it turns into adetite short blade instead of the copper or titanium short blade!!!!!! HOW TO FIX IT????

3) ?

4) Put any heated ingot on the anvil and try to make a Short Blade, whatever ingot I use turn into Adetite Short Blade.

5) Windows 10 x64


Game Version: Alpha 0.0.7

Bug Description: Made a Titanium Greathammer in advance and placed it on shelf, customer came in needed one and immediately took it(like normal when u have the weapons already made) but says it only gave me $15 when it normally should give me around $6k


Steps to Reproduce bug: Have not tried to Reproduce it because i dont want to lose money lol

System Specs: Irrelevant to the bug(will specify if needed but im to lazy rn ;P)

Also quick little comment, Great Job on the game in general. There are obviously some bugs (duh its very early Alpha) and not enough content currently(again alpha) but i reallly like the concept behind this game. I made an Account on this website just so i could post this bug because i wanted to help this game out in some small way


Running 0.0.71

1. You can create a great hammer head with one ingot on the anvil

2. Great swords sell at at around a third of what they should. (around 12 gold for bronze)

3. Shop is really dark even at full gamma

4. Shoppers don't seem to buy pre-made weapons

i have found a solution to #3, click the reset button in graphics, that should sort it out

[possible spoiler]

i don't know if this is a bug or not but it is regarding the crystals, they are my favourite thing to do when an update comes live, hunting for them is really fun, when i interacted with the light and dark crystals they changed from unknown to their names and had each a neat effect, however when i interacted with the red (fire?) and the blue (water?) their names did not change and no effecs were shown, is it a bug or am i doing something wrong? maybe not even implemented yet?


not implemented

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Version Win 64 Alpha 0.0.71

When selling great swords the material it is made out of made no difference I always got around 17 for it. tried it with tin, copper, and iron, with fancy handles and without. all gave the same price.

If you heat multiple ingot types at the same time they seem to bug out, I heated copper and tin and all the tin made copper items then randomly later on iron made tin items and so forth.

also experiencing the physics bug where items get stuck in the table. I grab the item hold the button and walk out the door. usually pops out of the table.

unable to sell pre made items. I have to dis-assemble the item and rebuild it for the npc to take it. not sure if this in intentional but would be nice to be able to have a stock of items on hand

crafted pole arms take multiple tips, I had one that I moved across my blade storage area and it picked up 4 other blades including 2 onehand sword blades and 2 dagger blades on top of the original dagger blade it was crafted with. the 2 sword blades were already crafted into swords and it broke the swords and took the blades

when using the "Z" toggle to switch between blades and blunt the mouse does not appear. I have to move the mouse back and forth till it starts working. also clicking the icons for blunt or blades doesnt lock it in. I have to hover the mouse over which one I want then press "Z" again and it doesnt always work properly

Some days no npc's come to the store at all

Really cool game. im enjoying it so far. keep up the good work :)

System Specs:

OS: Windows 8.1

CPU: AMD FX 8350 8core 4.2ghz

GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 1050Ti Superclocked 4GB

RAM: 16GB DDR3 1333

I apparently missed a customer (they walked off before I was finished) but apparently they were still outside, just standing there, waiting for me to hand them the weapon still? Ahhh, so that's what happens...

I gave them what they asked for, they paid me and walked off, unblocking me from getting new customers.

Hah yeah I missed such a customer too. I was done with the sword, but they were out of the room. I got sad and waited for a customer, but noone came. So I went out looking for them. The same customer was standing around next to my house, around the corner.

Due to their alignment AWAY from my house I thought "hey maybe it's that last customer" - and yes I could just push my sword in their face and it unfroze the game :D

i cant use the the bottom of the screen its like its in windowed but in fullscreen, also im stuck on zero gramma so i cant see anything ive re-download it multibal times and it just wont work

resolution scale 100%?

0.0.7 alpha

i opened the sand box then went back to shop mode and the screens blurry and dark i tried re-installing the game

1open sandbox 2open shop mode 3 done you did the glitch


Operating system: Windows 10

Physical Memory 3945 MB

Processor : intel core 15-6500 cpu

Processor speed: 3192 MHz

Operating System: Windows 10 Pro, 64-bit

DirectX version: 12.0

GPU processor:GeForce GTX 950

Driver version:376.53

Direct3D API version: 12

Direct3D feature level: 12_1

CUDA Cores:768

Core clock:1063 MHz

Memory data rate: 6610 MHz

Memory interface: 128-bit

Memory bandwidth: 105.76 GB/s

Total available graphics memory: 4020 MB

Dedicated video memory: 2048 MB GDDR5

System video memory: 0 MB

Shared system memory: 1972 MB

Video BIOS version: 84.06.2F.00.C0

IRQ:Not used

Bus:PCI Express x16 Gen3

Device Id:10DE 1402 36C31458

Part Number:G301 0005

slide the resolution scale to 100%

Found a fix reseting graphics


Hey Dasius, i think i've found a serious bug, every time i buy an high-tier ingot, after forged, it becomes a low-tier material, for example titanium becomes adelite, Adamantite becomes Tin and so on, with a consequent loss on money.

I set everythind to ultra and it has blury grapics


acer moniter

move the resolution scale slider all the way over. It was all the way down in the new update for me.



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it turned in into tin for me

I have in 0.0.7 and when i make something out of tin it's iron when i throw it in the water and when i make something out of other materials i get tin also i bought mythril for nothing and it gives only 286$

Hey, the 0.0.7 is a great update! I really enjoy it!

Except a few things:
- The Great Sword only sells for 17$ which is a huge money loss
- sometimes out of nowhere the game freezes/ starts lagging and the GPU clock drops from about 1000 to about 300, the sound starts lagging, too at these moments

i can't make tin weapons, i tried to make a dagger like normal, heated tin ingot, hammered it into a dagger, but it says it's a copper one (idk if it works with other weapons, i dont have the money)

Hello Dasius, i have been loving your game, but recently i was messing around with the settings and i put my resolution down to 1280x1024 , but my screen is 1360x768. Now i am unable to change the setting, because whenever i click the accept button or reset button, it is too low and it goes out of the game. i am playing on 0.07. Do you know what i should do?

I'm sure other people have brought up this issue, but sometimes when crafting a blade, the produced item is a lower tier than the ingots were (e.g. titanium ingot=mithril dagger).


Not sure if this has been posted here yet, but if you forge a dagger blade or a small hammerhead with any kind of ingot will glitch that spot on the anvil. After forging it, any ingot type placed in the same slot, as long as it is a single ingot, will create whatever you made with the first one in that spot, no matter the ingot type or what you have the item wheel set to.

I have found that that the ai sometimes gets nocked around in the area outside by others and stops moving also whenever i reload the game to fix that everything is heated. version 0.0.71

specs; grapics-Amd Radeon r6 Processor-Amd a10-7300 radeon r6 windows 10 8gb ram

  1. Version: released on 02/25 (that was my birthday ^-^ thanks for the gift)
  2. Description: loading the safe file. all weapons that are complete dismantle, and the blades go in heat mode.
  3. An image: nope
  4. Steps to reproduce the issue: juast make a weapon, save game.... quit and load. if you switch to sandbox it also happens.

When I try to make tin or iron short blades they turn into copper short blades, haven't tried higher ingots

hey there a small bug that when i break a box filled with ore on the ground inside they sometimes get stuck underground and can be highlighted/grab but you cant pull them back thru but i found out that by twisting and rotating in back above the floor makes in pop back up and be usable

its version 0.0.63

to have it happen just buy ingots then break it on the floor inside the building it does not happen all the time

. win 10- If you place a single ingot(possibly only copper... didn't try with any other ingots) on the anvil and hit it 4 times in blunt mode, it turns into a great hammer head. :3

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It is minor but it has been annoying (v0.07 windows 8 64bit) sometimes when i put item in the water it just sinking and keep sinking threw the wood,

another glitch i can't really be 100% sure but i put one mithril ingot in the furnace alongside iron and when i it heated up it turend unto a iron ingot and i searched around no mithril ingot to be be found High tier ingot -> Lower Tier

and also the second form of the large blade does not attach to the grip or the guard

these was i think unknown bug that i encountered others are more popular and one more thing if crystals cud be put in an inventory thing bcz i already lost one because of my over powers trow ability

anyway gud luck this game has Great potential

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The bugs I've come across so far have been minimal in amount but very impacting on gameplay.

1. Items I have smithed, cooled, and assembled will reheat and break apart while sitting on the shelves.

2. Lighting errors upon restart

And the least bothersome

3. Occasionally when placing heated ingot on the anvil, 2 ingots will take the same place leaving you to believe you've lost one. Easily fixed in game by either continuing your smithing as normal or by right clicking one of the visible ingots and the third will seemingly pop out and fall to the ground.

Overall great concept for a cool game and being it is alpha i think you've done an amazing job on this build. Best of luck!

Alpa 0.0.7

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Heya Dasius I'm (attempting) to play 0.7

Bug: i started up the game and put it in fullscreen. that initially worked and then everything started messing up

the game wouldn't let me click anything without freezing until i clicked back into where the game thought its screen was the textures also got really messed up

Reproduction: put game in fullscreen

resolution 1366x786

youtube video showing what im talking about

Win 10

I7 processor

1080 gaming

32 gigs of ram

In the current build, Alpha 0.0.7 I find this glitch where my whole screen is like blurred for no reason. I even tried to reinstall the game but nothing works... I also thought maybe it was a glitch with the game thinking my screen was if I was holding a heated ingot but when I did that it still was blurry and I have no clue what is causing this.

(2 edits)
  1. What version of the game you are running.
  2. Description of any issue or error message. The issue is when you forge a head with a metal like iron and smith it, it sometimes becomes a head/blade of a metal that is not the ingot you used. (aka 3 iron ingots created a tin greatblade.). Another issue is when making greatswords, after assembling, it outputs a normal greatswords, which npc interprets as a normal greatsword, and not the metal that it is made out of.
  3. An image(if possible).
  4. Steps to reproduce the issue(if possible). I did have different ingots heating up at the same time. Not sure if thats the issue though.
  5. System specs. Intel Core i5-6300 HQ
    2.30 GHz (3.20 GHz Turbo)
    CHIPSET:Intel HM170DISPLAY:15.6" Screen
    Full HD 1920x1080
    Windows 10 Home 64-Bit
  6. INTEGRATED GRAPHICS:Intel HD Graphics 530
    2 GB GDDR5 MEMORY:1x 8 GB SO-DIMM 2133 MHz DDR4
    2x SO-DIMMs slots
    32 GB Max supportedSTORAGE:1 TB 5400RPM HDDOPTICAL DRIVE:Super Multi DVDCONNECTIVITY:1x PS/2 keyboard/mouse combo port(s)
    1x Headset AMP + Gold Flash jacks
    COMMUNICATIONS:1x Qualcomm Atheros AR8171 GigE LAN
    1x Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 3165 Stone Peak 1
    1x Bluetooth 4.0AUDIO:Realtek HD Audio
    4x Speakers (2W)INPUT DEVICE:Multi-Touch touchpad
    SteelSeries 102 key keyboard

Dasius i need ur help i made a topic a few days ago about i problem i have and I really dont wan tot have to retype it up. if u can go find it its a few pages back its called "im confused" i would very much appreciate it if u can help me with my issue. plz check it out

thx 4 ur time


You spelled "All Rights Reserved" wrong in the lower left-hand corner of the intro screen... lol


Lol. I did indeed. I was um... checking to see how many people would notice :p

(1 edit)

Im not sure if this has been reported or not, but in version 0.0.7 I noticed that sometimes when you put ingots on the anvil atop other ingots they like meld together. Also, I found a glitch (that made me rage quit without saving) that when I tried to make a iron pole arm, when I made the iron part it turned into copper and sold for way less. May you please fix this? Thanks! Also, when you make long things like great swords they sometimes become one with the wall.

Edit: Apparently you can sell 1000 degree weapons to customers as well

I reported the same issue about 5-6 hours ago. A quick fix while Dasius finds a permanent resolution is to just right click on one of the two ingots on the anvil and the third will basically appear out of nowhere or just to continue smithing like there are three on the table and your product will come out as it should. Hope this works for out as easily as it did me.

the hot weapons sell for less I think

I also receive and error while trying to start sometimes.

Alpha 0.0.7 error is as follows

Couldn't Start

"C:\Users\Name\Downloads\My Little Blacksmith Shop\Engine\Binaries\Win64\UE4Game-Win64-Shipping.exe"..\..\..\ShopSim\ShopSim.unproject

CreateProcess() returned 2.

alpha 0.0.71

If you place a tin ingot and a copper ingot on the anvil, and hammer the tin, you will create a tin weapon.

so far the bugs i found is after saving and quiting the crystals go back to their original spot. sometimes if i put a greatsword and a polearm next to each other the greatsword blade goes on to the pole arm also on a side note greatswords do no sell for much no point in making them. also after about 5 people spawn they stop spawning and i have to rest for the day dont know if this is a bug or is intended ill keep you posted if i find any more im unlucky enough to get bugs in almost any game :) love the game so far keep it up man.

(1 edit)

I have had a hard time crafting GreatHammers. I can only cycle between two types of great sword blades. Did something change with Hammer crafting or is this a bug. I didn't find anything indicate a change but I might have missed it.

Version 0.0.7

press z and you will see

(12 edits) (+1)

Bugs that I've found.

1. Things float.

When dragging / picking something up if I rotate the object or when putting things together it gets stuck, I pick it up and "tug" on it, it floats and pull very far away I can move it a bit and also sell it if I can get it near the customer. But a "ghost" of it appears where it was floating, it can't be interacted with and you can right walk through it.

This is the footage of this bug occuring in its natural habitat.

2.The Gamma slider / Brightness is completely fucked up.

If I switch to sandbox or restart the game (exit and open it) it becomes washed out or very dim. It can be "fixed" by changing the Gamma slider each time I switch modes or exit the game.

This is the footage of this bug occuring in its natural habitat.

3. Tin item / weapon becomes copper / sells for copper price

It says tin item when I look at it but when I sell it it becomes copper or the game thinks it is copper and sells for copper price. Can't say if it is the same for all the other metals / ingots, I haven't gone that far into the game

4. Can't turn off or turn down the music.

Nothing happens when I click the off switch in options or drag the slider bar .

5. After sleeping created items become disassembled and hot.

All crafted items become disassembled and the blade / head become hot or heated blade / head after sleeping.

6. One ingot can be used to make a Great hammer head

You can use one ingot to make a great hammer head and sell it with one or two handed grip. Same with 3 ingot great hammer block.

7. Sign changing menu doesn't go away

Sometimes it doesn't go away. I don't know what causes this.

8. Ingots clip into one

Placing two ingots on top of each other make the other one clip into each other. Tugging on the ingtos pulls one out and places it in the next slot.

9. The blue water crystal says unknown

It says unknown in brackets (unknown). I dont know if it a bug or if it is intentional.


YOU WROTE AL RIGHT RESERVED. It is all right reserved

My system specs

i5 3450 @ 3.1 ghz cpu

8 gb ram

HD 6670 2gb gpu

1tb hdd

game version 0.0.71

If you need screenshots ask me.


I've also had numbers 2 through 8 happen to me. Although on #5, I like to stockpile weapon heads on the shelves and when I saved the game, closed it, then reopened it they returned to being "hot" which I'll assume is their default state. It was annoying to have to cool everything back down before I could use them.

For #9, crystals aren't implemented yet, he's planning it for update 0.1.2

For #10, yeah it says "Al Rights Reserved" on the title screen. Also notice that in windowed mode the title bar at the top says "My LIttle Blacksmith Shop"

(1 edit)

you can sell glowing hot items. the most frustrating bug is #1 did you have the same bug?

I've had items get stuck inside the table when assembling, but I've always been able to use rotate to free them (tugging doesn't work nearly as well as just rotating the item until it's out of what it's stuck in). I've never had the "ghost" of any object appear in my game. Have you been able to come up with a consistent method to produce the ghosting bug? I'd like to see if I can replicate it.

(2 edits)

the ghost part only happen if you are able to sell the item after it gets stuck in the air. and the stuck in the air bit just happens when dropping, rotating or flinging items. also make a tin item and sell it, it will sell as copper. I will upload a video where the floating bug and the gamma bug happens

check the main post the vid is there.

Nice work on the vids. I had the same gamma problem, but hitting the reset button under graphics options fixed it for me. As for the other, I've never seen any of my objects get stuck in the air like that. Hopefully Dasius can figure out what caused that one, I'm stumped.

Hey Dasius
While playing the game, I figured that some glitches were occurring to me, maybe for others too.
Sometimes when I assemble a weapon, like a GreatSword for example, the prefix for the material I used won't show. For example, if I used Iron, then the name would show only "GreatSword" instead of "Iron GreatSword". Thus, the sell price gets extremely low.
Other bug that I noticed was while forging something, for example a Tin bar, that when it was supposed to become a Tin Shortsword, it would become Copper or other materials that I used before of the actual Tin bar. Looking forward for those bugfixes, your game is awesome! <3

Actually, I found some more bugs xD
On the actual shop there are some windows, and you can get past through them by simply jumping and crouching in mid-air. You actually clip through the window and the wall that is around it.

Other minor bug that I found was that I made an order, and went to pick it up so fast that the box fell on my head, and then it sent me flying straight up.

An other glitch that I found is that if you sell a weapon to a peasant and save the game after he's out of the shop, and restart the game, he will actually drop the weapon on the ground, so you will get the money of the sell and still the weapon (disassembled and heated blade/blunt)

One more last thing. Seems that if you have an assembled weapon and go to sleep, on the other day it will get the same prefix bug that I mentioned on this comment. It only happened once, but you should definetly give it a check. I ended up selling a Titanium GreatSword for $15!

Hello! I have come here to explain a few bugs I have found.

The first bug is that when I log off, and come back on everything is heated.

The 2nd bug is that when I buy ingots (like tin) and I heat it and try to make a tool out of it, it turns to copper!

Other than that, it's a awesome game!

(3 edits) (+1)

Hello. I've been playing My Little Blacksmith shop for less than a day and have been enjoying it greatly. I have encountered several bugs and was wondering if you had any fixes to them. I will go through the conversation as thoroughly as I can but will still list the bugs in case you haven't encountered them before. I am running the game version 0.0.7 on a 64-bit Windows 7.
The first bug is whenever you continue a saved game all pre-made weapons that haven't been sold yet break apart in the spots they were left and the blades are "heated." I just have to cool the blades and put them back together
but it's still a bit annoying.
The second issue is whenever I have pre-made weapon that the current customer wants on the bedroom side shelf the customer turns toward the shelf so I can't see what they want exactly even if I go to face them. Again not a game breaking issue.
The worst one is when I try to change the name and color for my outside shop sign the options for the sign does not go away when I click "done." It's as if the "done" button does not register the mouse clicking on it. I can continue the game by pressing esc->continue or z->z but the sign options stay on the screen. I can get rid of it by restarting the game but when I do that the first bug
happens again and the sign information has not changed even when I save before I do so.

The last bug is when I order tin blocks, heat them and turn them into dagger blades they become copper. havent been able to afford more to try again but that's what happened the first time.


Bought a tin bar, used it to make a dagger and the tin turned into a copper blade instead. 100$ down the trash i guess. AND YES I AM SURE THAT I USED TIN AND NOT COPPER.

If you look at one of my previous bug reports I explain how to get around this.

I put my heated tin ingot on the anvil but when it turned into a shortblade it became copper

This was in alpha 0.71

Please fix this

Did anyone else have the problem with one handed hammers selling for a price as if they were made of 1 ingot instead of 2? I noticed that the blueprint has changed to say that one handed hammer is made from 1 ingot and great hammer is made from 2 ingots. However the old crafting requirements are still in place at the anvil (2 for small, 3 for great). Also, great hammers are priced appropriately as a 3 ingot build. It's very confusing.

the pricing reflects the actual ingots needed. A great hammer needs 3 ingots and pays for 3 ingots, a one hand hammer needs 2 ingots and pays for 2 ingots. If the instructions say otherwise, they are wrong - or the game is not updated.

Any way though, you get what you pay for :D

Hi ,

my game is not opening, it is only on the home screen and does not come out of it, it is as if the screen was locked, plays the music, loads the bar on the side of the hammer, but there is no option to open the game, ta I tried by pressing "space", "enter" and clicking with the mouse (not even showing the arrow), but it did not help, he did not leave this screen, I left him for an hour he tightened, to see if something happened, but nothing The music stopped playing), I'm on Windows 10

I just saved my game and got back on, and my screen is all blurry even when i switch the options or relaunch nothing happens and it stays blurry it kind of looks like when you get close to the torches

I think I also had the same issue. Look at your resolution scale in the graphics menu, it's probably at 0%. Set it back to 100%.

(2 edits)

Hey there,

I've seen some videos about this game on YouTube and downloaded it right away.

It's very nice, runs very well and the amount of bugs is rather low.

BUT I've found some bugs and one of them keeps me from bringing my business to the next level.

First my software:

I'm running Alpha 0.0.7, 64-bit on Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, version 1607, build 14393.693

Graphics driver: NVIDIA ForceWare 378.66 WHQL

Some general info about my hardware:

CPU: FX-6100 running with 6 cores at 4.4 GHz

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 revision 1.2 with BIOS version FE

RAM: 2 x 4 GB Corsair Vengeance + 2 x 4 GB Crucial Ballistix (16 GB total) DDR3 running at 1600 MHz

GPU: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB G1 Gaming running with 2000 MHz on the core and 9200 MHz (effective) on the memory

One major bug I found turns every ingot into copper heads on the anvil.

Cooled copper -> heated copper -> copper heads -> copper products

Cooled tin -> heated tin -> copper heads -> copper products

Cooled iron -> heated iron -> copper heads -> copper products

The list probably goes on, but I lost so much money by buying tin and iron ingots while selling them as copper products that I simply couldn't afford more than iron ingots.

Edit: I've started a new game and this time I got up to titanium. The trick is to buy 5 ingots whenever you switch to a new ingot. Previously used ingots should be sold or thrown away before using the new ones. The first 1-3 heads made with the new ingots will still be of the previous type, but after that they will be of the new (correct) type.

Another bug happens when quitting the game with assembled products in the shop. After restarting the game all heads are heated again and the products are disassembled into seperate pieces.

Often restarting the game totally screws with the gamma setting and sometimes also resolution scale. Resetting the graphics settings fixes this.

AI rarely gets stuck on the shop door, preventing them from placing orders and preventing other customers from coming. Restarting the game fixes this, closing the shop and sleeping does not.

Products sometimes get stuck in the assembly table. Rotating them makes them unstuck.

Sometimes customers pay me less money for the products than I paid for the materials (9 $ for a copper dagger, really?).

Edit: I noticed that this is caused by the products not having a material specified. Sometimes a copper dagger just shows up as a dagger or a copper greathammer only shows up as greathammer. Doesn't happen often though.

Throwing a glowing head into the water by pressing left and right mouse button can make the head disappear (I really couldn't find it anywhere).

On a sidenote (I know it doesn't really belong here): I'd like an option to adjust the mouse sensitivity, especially downwards.

I hope this helps at fixing the issues.

Hello Dasius, First off thanks for the fantastic game! Now... I have noticed a few things about the game. I'm just going to list em out for you. Also I apologize if these issues have already been talked about. I looked back a few posts and didn't see anything.

1.) When smithing ingots on an anvil, I love the rotary selector for blunt or blade type weapons, but the selection is a little buggy. When you select one sometimes the other stays highlighted. Also upon hitting the toggle button the cursor does not always appear on to of the overlays until you click or move it on to the wheel.

2.) Also when smithing ingots on an anvil sometimes the ingots will phase into the other ingots, So you will have multiple ingots existing in the same spot. (Side note: a lot like weapons getting stuck in a table if you shake the cursor the ingot will pop off)

3.) If I put pre-crafted weapons on the racks in the costumer area sometimes they will just grab the item pay and leave as they are supposed too. Other times they will just stand in my shop till I physically pick up what they want and hand it to them ( which can be annoying if you did not see the bubble in the first place so you have to guess) Other times still the costumers will get stuck outside the shop on their approach to the shop, I've tried many things to get them to reset (including bringing weapons to them) nothing will work except closing the game and restarting.

4.) If you have a saved game leave and come back to the save at any point in time all the crafted weapons will fall apart (as if you broke them down on an anvil) and the blades/hammer heads will be in a heated state (as if you had put them on the furnace)

Oh yes and 5.) tin turns to copper when making dagger blades from it

this only is happening on day two have tried three restarts and it has been constant. I am having issue where i can only craft blades no matter how many time i click the blunt icon. i am playing the version 0.0.71

i make a tool and it turns into a different material than i used. if you could fix this it would make the game way better and then i dont have to restart every 30 minutes.

The blueprint on the workbench says 1h hammers require 1 ingot and 2h hammers require 2 ingots, which is incorrect. (Or at least I think that's what the numbers mean; there's a 3 next to the greatsword and a 1 next to the polearm, so it's definitely not the number of hands required to wield.)


Hey Anexes,

This isnt in relation to the number of ingots it takes. It's for another system I havent implemented yet.

Ah, ok. Thanks! :)

microsoft visual c + + runtime

game Version alpha 0.0.7

when u save ur game then come back to it later the weapons u had made before all show heated

so i tested it out by dropping one of them in the water to cool it off then save it then closed game and came back and it showed it was heated after saving and leaving game after dropping it in the water .

windows 7 64bit

(3 edits) (+1)

Version: 0.0.72 (64)

Customers still getting stuck outside the shop
this time it was after I sold a hammer so no other npc's arrived due to him being there.

The item sell hitbox? - when you bring an item to the counter to sell it to a customer
alot of the time the npc will not react and buy it like they should

the npc's appear to stand further away from the counter than normal and do not grab the item when placed on the counter.
(will delete saves again and re-test)

Z Toggle is much better, however if you can make the clicked icon stay marked until it is either clicked again or you click on another choice that would be awesome

for me at least the text for blades or blunts only shows up when I hover my mouse over the icons and does not stay after clicking.

Havent been able to test with anything but copper yet due to the massively increased price of ingots.

will report more as I find them

Thanks for the awesome game! :)
keep up the good work.

System Specs:
OS: Windows 8.1
CPU: AMD FX 8350 8core 4.2ghz
GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 1050Ti Superclocked 4GB
RAM: 16GB DDR3 1333

Developer (1 edit)

Hey Yankeevader,

Thanx for the feedback. I'll be looking into the AI again. I did some tweeks that broke them more.

im running the latest version and as soon as i loaded in i was wtf is this i explored for a bit and i would see my mouse pop up on screen and when it popped up i would click and it would freeze or take me to my background screen and i love this game so much but its realy ruining it the only way i can run it is in windowed mode(yuck) and the shop seems too dark i really liked it more when it was simpler but i will play it no matter what i love this game


Okay, 0.0.72 here we goooooo


  1. You fixed the bug about one ingot blunt results - now you just do not GET a result - maybe add a notification there? people WILL ask why nothing happens when they hit the thing [and might not know they have blunt selected, see below "z menu"]
  2. You fixed the bug about one ingot sword results when you had a different material in a 2+ setup before. Awesome! This both removes an exploit and loss of money :)
  3. Crafting seems to work as intended, overall the z menu is less buggy, but see below
  4. After 1) fixing your graphics 2) entering sandbox and fixing your graphics and 3) entering shop mode and fixing resolution scale, it seems that the graphics settings stay fine!

Good job!!


  1. The z menu could/should show the current setting you are in, so people KNOW where they are. Maybe not with the selection icon but with a darker color so ... if you hover with the mouse you get the colored version, but if you don't hover, you still see which one is active? Because right now there is no way of knowing which type you did select so everytime you come back to the anvil you SHOULD re-select it [which does then work flawlessly sooooo it's not a big issue]
  2. Weapons still disassemble and become heated? My PC can handle this but it is sooo bright and I need to cool all my blades before I can start working, this really is bothering me and keeping me from playing the game more often than literally a whole day so I don't have to reload

I did not test the materials bugging out by dragging them over each other, I will do this later. Do you have an idea when you have time to address the disassembling and the heating? This really is is meh :P

But don't let all of this distract you from the fact that this is an awesome game, you did a very good job so far, and the transparency you show and the interaction you have with all of us in here really shows that you are dedicated. Above all, please keep this up, if you can. This really means a lot :)


In response to Cons #2, I was thinking that if the currently selected option was highlighted green it would be easy to tell what's selected. Then for the mouse hover for selecting options, the current method of enlarging the pie wedge and adding text seems clear enough to me. Also, assuming you made a blunt weapon, then put just one ingot on the anvil, the Z menu should have no green highlight when you pull it up (no current selection). I was going to recommend defaulting to blades, but that won't make sense once 1 ingot shields are implemented too.

As a side thought, maybe instead of just indicating current selection inside the Z menu, there could be text or something in the corner of the screen or hovering over the anvil that tells you what your current hammering will result in.


I think those are good ideas, I'll implement that or something similar, to help players know what was there last selection. Shouldn't take me too long to put together.

Thank you!!

Hi there, I love this idea but I simply ask that you don't make the indicator purely colour-coded for those of us that are colourblind (approx. 5-10% of your players). Thanks!

this would be perfect, because going safe by SHOWING it would remove the necessity of opening up the Z menu - for me it is bugged after one ingame day of playing, btw :P the curser is not always showing. At the beginning it was always visible and starting from the "menu" middle, very very good if that was always the case.

Could it be because I am playing in window mode and I am doing other things (and not quitting the game so I don't have to cool down shit all the time :P )

lets see when i start the game evrything is dark green or black and i cant move the mouse cursor to the lower half of the screen. i have good enough specs.

make sure gamma and render scaling is all the way up.


Got a chance to play 0.0.72 this morning.

  • The anvil blade/blunt works much better with the ingots needing to be on the anvil first. Thank you!
  • Everything seems to be selling at the right prices. Also, I love the price breakdown on the sales sheet. Smart move there.
  • I've had some weird customer glitches: a new customer approached the shop, stopped outside, and their talk bubble said "Thank You!" even though she had not purchased a weapon. Pushing her into the shop got her to leave.
  • Customers will not purchase anything on the display racks. I spent the first day making things as ordered to earn money. Then, on the second morning I left the shop closed while I made up one of each weapon and loaded the display racks. When I opened my shop, customers would come in, ask for something, then stand there until the timer ran out even though I had the item assembled right behind them. The only way I could sell anything was to grab items and shove them inside the customers bodies.

Overall, great patch with 0.0.72. Thanks for putting up with all of our complaints!


Hey Ayrios,

Thanx for the feedback.

Iron Ingot Glitches when trying to make a dagger blade, I'm running 0.0.7

Whenever I try to make an Iron Blade (It's all I've tried so far) it makes a tin blade from One ingot, Haven't tried with multiple ingots yet.


Hey SkakeKyranos,

Try the newest patch.

(1 edit)

I can't change my blades to hammersin the new update


Hey DankBearMemer,

You no longer can do so. You can only cycle through the same type. You'll have to create a new head to access another type.

I can´t change from sword to hammer by pressing Z, the icons become gray and i can`t change.


Hey Hakuum,

Try putting ingots on the anvil and see if you get the same result

I am running build 0.0.7. I downloaded it yesterday so I assumed it was the latest. My specs are listed at the end.

1. I found a few bugs which I recorded in a video for you. The first one, a customer comes into my shop while its closed and orders a sword. I am able to sell it to her and the door still says closed.

2. When I load up the game, all of my blades and hammers are heated instead of cooled, and all of the regular blades disassembled, and a fancy variant of the large blade is always disassembled, but never the blocky and plain large blade, and never the hammers.

3. I also found that it is possible to place two or three ingots in the same spot on the anvil. I placed three and made a regular blade and a dagger blade.

4. Lastly, while rotating my sword on the workbench (I haven't tested with different bladed but it should replicate) it goes through the wall and starts teleporting around, but stays in the same general area.

Link to the video: (the first bit is just cleaning up the shop to fully display the heated blade bug. skip to 3:45 for the first bug)

PC Specs

CPU: Intel Core 2 Q6600

GPU: MSI Radeon HD 6870

RAM: 4gb Dell OEM ddr2

Motherboard: 0dn075 (I think)

(2 edits)

Vers. 0.0.72

Found some new one for me. Some of them may have been already posted.

1. Sometimes my mouse cursor disappears in the menu screen. But it will come back when i press the left button.

2. Every time i load my savegame the crystals are back to their normal spot where you can find them. I know they have no use right now but maybe it's somehow important.

3. If you craft a weapon together and put i back in the oven you can create a fire weapon. You can also sell them.

4. Sold a Heated copper greatsword customer went out and started spinning. I've pushed him once and then he stopped spinning but just looked at me he doesn't move at all.

5. You can still tilt the customer in your shop to the side but then he will not leave the shop.

I'm running a system on higher than required specs, on the latest version on Windows 64x, and some of the issues I'm having include

1. I will attempt to make a regular blade or long sword, so I'll stack the ingots on each other and hammer them out, but I'll get two or three short blades instead

2. Recently I started using iron ingots as opposed to tin, but when I heat them up and put them on to the anvil to hammer out, the result will be a tin blade

  1. The ingots now snap to the anvil, so don't stack them. There's a left, center, and right position on the anvil, so make sure that two ingots don't occupy the same location. Also, I believe that if the ingot is not snapped to the anvil in one of those locations then it will not factor into what you get from hammering.
  2. You're probably using 0.0.7 or 0.0.71, as getting the wrong material type after hammering was a common problem on those builds. This has been fixed in the latest version 0.0.72.

i dont even know how to explain...


go to graphics and hit reset. then change settings back.


it seems that everytime i sell a greatsword, the customer glitches out and wont go away. he just stands outside the shop spinning, when you push him, he becomes still and just says thank you,or that was quick. i need to restart my game everytime that happens...


It's a bug in the current version. The dev is aware of the problem and is working on it (AI and pathfinding are complicated). I had it happen to me several times, but in the current version 0.0.72, you can just wait a few minutes and they'll stop spinning and leave the area so you can get another customer.

(1 edit)

I found a bug. Whenever i start the game all the weapons i had made and kept on the shelfs are heated or glowing hot and are seperated from their grips and guards.

have you slept since making them as i had the same thing and sleeping seemed to work

(1 edit)

for some reason when i enter the game it is very dark and i can't see anything i have reinstalled but still happend

edit:seems someone else had it and have been told a fix

Hey Dasius! Im not sure if this is a bug, but i've been waiting for 30 minutes but no customers are arriving. Im running the 0.073 alpha, i think. Please help me if you can.


Hey GregoriusG,

Unfortunately, the Customers are bugged. You may have to search for the customer and push them, if that doesnt work, then you could restart your game.

Thank you for replying. I have been trying both of your advices but nothing seems to work. :/

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