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Issues I've noticed so far (though I'm sure a few have been mentioned:)

If you craft a weapon then sleep, you need to move the weapon behind the counter (so they can't see it,) in order for customers to accept it. I like to dip the weapons in the water trough and pretend I'm consecrating it with holy crystal water, at the customer's request.

Exiting the game and reopening it causes all previously constructed weapons to fall apart.

1h sword pops in at a weird angle on the anvil. The alternate styles work fine. Greatsword actually falls off the anvil when it's created; it needs to be shifted toward the back of the shop a little.

Items from shipments seem to pop out from a single location on the box, clumped together. If I put the container on the anvil and open it, the items spawn wherever the box was closest to the workbench. I think it'd be better for them to spawn in the center of the box. Maybe even spread them out so it could be anywhere inside the box. Just try to keep them away from the edges/sides, because that's how things get stuck in the floor.

I know I saw someone else mention this, but I figure my two cents couldn't hurt. Especially since it's such an expensive bug. Twice now, I've had an iron ingot, after hammering it on the anvil, turn into a copper short blade. I think it happened with a tin ingot as well. All of them were on the same save, where I put all my points in strength. Haven't been able to reproduce it since. I recommend checking the order of operations when an item is created via the anvil. Make sure that the ingot material is checked after the final hit, but before the item is created. Or, could copper be the default material, and something went wrong such that the material was unknown?

Just a few minutes ago, I tried to give a greatsword to a customer but he wouldn't accept it. Turned out, there was a short blade attached to the guard as well, so I guess it counted as a dagger. I have many similar stories, mostly involving a grip with two guards or a grip with two 1h hammers. Or weapons swapping parts if they bump each other on the worktable. Since the anvil lets you take things apart, I would think that items are supposed to connect once and stay that way, until broken on the anvil or sold to a customer.

Lastly, the anvil has a rather large range. I was storing weapons on the shelves under the counter and any that fell off the shelf (but were not touching the anvil,) would be disassembled if I struck the anvil.

Edit: Sorry for all the long posts. I love your game, so I have a lot to say, and a lot of my suggestions involve complaints and a lot of my complaints involve bugs, so I might have repeated myself once or twice. Thanks for all your hard work! :)

Edit 2: game 111963, version #18305 (My Little Blacksmith Shop Win 64 Alpha 0.0.63)


You basicly covered everything that i wanted to cover but i forgot to do so

hera have my like for that :)