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Ah, ok. Thanks! :)

The blueprint on the workbench says 1h hammers require 1 ingot and 2h hammers require 2 ingots, which is incorrect. (Or at least I think that's what the numbers mean; there's a 3 next to the greatsword and a 1 next to the polearm, so it's definitely not the number of hands required to wield.)

Everything with a metallic texture seems to be reflecting green light. Not sure if it's just things that are silver or what, but the shop is filled with an eerie green glow at night, despite the torches clearly emitting red/orange light. I assume green is the default for static reflections, so if nothing else, changing it to the same color as the torch light would at least make night time less creepy. If that's something you can do.

I think, rather than putting 'heated' or 'cooled' at the front of metal items' names, it would be better to add '(Workable)' or '(Hot)' to the end of its name when it's hot enough to use on the anvil and just not add anything to its name when it's not. Some item names are long enough already, and only looking to get longer as more model variants are added, so I think we should avoid making them longer if it's not necessary.

If you go to graphics and click reset, it'll go back to normal.

It happens every time I load the game, so I don't bother adjusting anything; I figure it's best to wait until it gets fixed before customizing the graphics.

I have it from the developer himself that the bug has nothing to do with any particular slot. He said that if you want to make a short blade, just place the ingot in any slot, take it out, and put it back in that same slot.

You can actually just put it in the slot and right-click it (it should move toward you a little and snap back into the slot,) but I can understand the compulsion to lift it far away from the slot, or even put it in another one, just to make sure.

Go to graphics and click reset.

Sometimes, when selling an item, the connection between the grip/guard and the metal bit gets a little wonky, so the customer only sees the grip/guard and pays accordingly. The new variant for the greatsword seems to be particularly bad because of its girthy base, so I recommend sticking with the standard form.

Ok, I assume the 1-ingot blunt bug and the short blades changing material bug are related, but I've been trying to figure out the short blade one in sandbox mode. It's weird.

The problem: When attempting to make short blades, they take the material of the last thing you crafted. If you make a large tin blade, then a short copper blade, the short copper blade turns into a short tin blade.

However, this only happens if the anvil slot you're using to make the short blade has been previously used to make something. If that slot has been used at least once to craft anything at all, all short blades made in that slot will take on the material of the last thing you crafted. Just placing an ingot in the slot and taking it out doesn't affect it, so the bug must happen during the actual crafting process/item creation.

I tested this by ordering two ingots of every metal except titanium, of which I ordered one. I used the left and middle anvil slots to make regular blades and one hand hammers with all of the materials except titanium, then tried to make a titanium short blade using the right anvil slot and I correctly received a titanium short blade.

To make sure, I took three adelite ingots and tried to make adelite short blades in all three slots (from left to right,) and they all came out as titanium short blades.

So I guess the problem is with the anvil slots themselves? On first use, they correctly take the material from the ingot given to them, regardless of what you're trying to make. From then on, however, if they're used to craft a short blade, they ignore the ingot's material and instead use the last material used to craft something.

Aha! I think I just figured out part of the problem! As I wrote that, I thought that each slot might be holding on to the last material used, and that it was going by majority vote. I tried putting two iron bars and one adelite bar on the anvil, started hammering, and got an iron large blade. (It doesn't matter if you hammer the lone ingot, you seem to always get whichever material has the majority.)

Ok...next I tried making regular blades, with two different materials making up the same blade. I was trying to find a pattern to see which material was being chosen, and the bug temporarily fixed itself. I couldn't craft with more than one material and short blades were coming out correctly. Then, after I used the three materials I had on hand, I went to test the rest of the materials to see if I could make short blades with them, and it was broken again. Now I can combine some materials, but not others, and I have no idea what the determining factor is.

I hope I made at least a little sense here. I also hope that this post helps to fix this bug, 'cause I've been doing this for like an hour, and I'm not sure I can figure anything else out without letting my brain cool off. And I'd like for my effort to not be in vain >.<

Good luck, Dasius, and Godspeed!

You aren't running the latest version.

Good to know. Do you have any ideas about what might have caused the other materials to turn to copper? Or why an item's value might not include the crafted metal part? (I have a BS in computer science and a passion for debugging, but if you don't need/want my help, I'll try to rein it in a little. Thanks for replying!)

I've been pumping nothing but strength in an attempt to replicate the iron/tin turning into a copper short blade bug, and I've noticed that I just sold two copper greathammers (with fancy grips,) for $9. I've sold others for the correct amount, including one between the two that sold for less. Presumably they sold for $9 because it just completely ignored the hammer and only charged for the grip. One of the bugged ones was made the previous day, but I can't remember about the other.

I can't shake the feeling that it's all somehow tied to strength (specifically levels of strength that aren't multiples of 5,) but I'll get back to you if I can reproduce something reliabvly.

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Issues I've noticed so far (though I'm sure a few have been mentioned:)

If you craft a weapon then sleep, you need to move the weapon behind the counter (so they can't see it,) in order for customers to accept it. I like to dip the weapons in the water trough and pretend I'm consecrating it with holy crystal water, at the customer's request.

Exiting the game and reopening it causes all previously constructed weapons to fall apart.

1h sword pops in at a weird angle on the anvil. The alternate styles work fine. Greatsword actually falls off the anvil when it's created; it needs to be shifted toward the back of the shop a little.

Items from shipments seem to pop out from a single location on the box, clumped together. If I put the container on the anvil and open it, the items spawn wherever the box was closest to the workbench. I think it'd be better for them to spawn in the center of the box. Maybe even spread them out so it could be anywhere inside the box. Just try to keep them away from the edges/sides, because that's how things get stuck in the floor.

I know I saw someone else mention this, but I figure my two cents couldn't hurt. Especially since it's such an expensive bug. Twice now, I've had an iron ingot, after hammering it on the anvil, turn into a copper short blade. I think it happened with a tin ingot as well. All of them were on the same save, where I put all my points in strength. Haven't been able to reproduce it since. I recommend checking the order of operations when an item is created via the anvil. Make sure that the ingot material is checked after the final hit, but before the item is created. Or, could copper be the default material, and something went wrong such that the material was unknown?

Just a few minutes ago, I tried to give a greatsword to a customer but he wouldn't accept it. Turned out, there was a short blade attached to the guard as well, so I guess it counted as a dagger. I have many similar stories, mostly involving a grip with two guards or a grip with two 1h hammers. Or weapons swapping parts if they bump each other on the worktable. Since the anvil lets you take things apart, I would think that items are supposed to connect once and stay that way, until broken on the anvil or sold to a customer.

Lastly, the anvil has a rather large range. I was storing weapons on the shelves under the counter and any that fell off the shelf (but were not touching the anvil,) would be disassembled if I struck the anvil.

Edit: Sorry for all the long posts. I love your game, so I have a lot to say, and a lot of my suggestions involve complaints and a lot of my complaints involve bugs, so I might have repeated myself once or twice. Thanks for all your hard work! :)

Edit 2: game 111963, version #18305 (My Little Blacksmith Shop Win 64 Alpha 0.0.63)

To match yesterday's rather long post in the complaints thread, I have a few ideas that might make some things a little better. Here goes nothing (again, in no particular order:)

When you put a weapon together, it looks like the pieces are moving together, but otherwise remain the same. Rather than having them be two objects that follow each other around, is it possible to actually make them one item? Like, when you look at the grip of a fully-constructed one hand sword, it says one hand grip, and only the grip highlights. Is it possible to make it so hovering over any part of the sword displays "one hand sword," and highlights the entire thing? Using the anvil to separate connected items was a great idea, and it works perfectly with my idea. This should also fix the problem of weapons falling apart when you exit and reload, since the parts would load in as pieces of a whole. However, I don't know how possible this whole thing is, because I don't know how your engine works.

If the previous idea isn't possible/feasible, I think it should be fairly simple to make it so parts only connect if they aren't already connected to something. Grips obviously have two connection points, so they'd need to account for that, but I don't see it being a huge problem. Again, though, I don't know what's going on behind the scenes, so I don't know how much control you have.

Now, about snapping (like how ingots snap to the anvil.) I think it would be lovely if weapons snapped to the display racks, though some of the racks need to be moved (customers try to go upstairs to get the polearms and they stop half-way up the stairs for the greatsword.)

I thought long and hard and...I can't think of a particularly good way to store grips/guards. I'm currently using tipped over/angled crates. There's gotta be a better way.

This may be the cause of my storage woes, but light things are way too bouncy. I throw a knife blade from the anvil to the workbench and it bounces off and slides almost all the way back to me. I toss a grip onto the workbench and it flies across the room. But then I can't even throw a hammer head two feet. There's gotta be some middle ground.

This is probably on your to-do list already, but make use of the water trough! Make it so blades/hammer heads are all hot and glowy after you make them and you have to dump them in the water before you can stick 'em on a grip.

Also, have you considered putting the smelter in the corner, moving that little tool rack (with the tongs and stuff,) to the right side of the smelter, and putting the water trough underneath the tool rack? That would free up some space under the window. Then, if you moved the sales record over by the counter or front door or something, you could put the order form where the sales record used to be and a table or something under the window. Maybe deliveries could be delivered through the window, and land on the table (or maybe there is no table, and they just land on the floor.)

Pricing! I've noticed that guards don't factor into weapon values, but that's gotta be a bug. If we pretend that guards do count toward item value, I could sell three greatswords for a profit of $12. With the same amount of ingots, I could sell nine daggers for a profit of $36. I think item value should be the production cost plus some percentage. Charisma might increase the percentage, or just add a flat amount, or maybe both. Either way, the current system just doesn't feel right.

I think the coin chest would be better suited to the bedroom than the workshop. Yes, it makes sense that you'd just toss your coins in the coin chest after a sale, but it takes up a bunch of space and the workshop is pretty cramped as it is.

I won't make any suggestions about the golem, crystals, monument/pillar, or the mirror that I find highly suspicious, both because I'm sure you've heard enough about them and because I want to be surprised :)

If a customer stands outside the shop, looking like a stalker, try bringing them weapons. If you bring the one they would have asked for (had they come inside like a normal person,) they buy it and leave. Then the next customer can come.

Loving the game! I looked at some other shop/management games on itch and yours is by far my favorite. But enough with the flattery, here are my complaints, in no particular order:

Polearms can be weirdly...wobbly when being carried around. It's fine if I pick it up from the center, but if I grab an end, it reacts strangely to being moved.

I got stuck in the chimney. I mean, that's what I get for jumping in the chimney, but what if it were like a pipe in Mario and I ended up in some magical *other* place? If there's nothing inside but eternal solitude, it might be nice to have, if nothing else, an invisible barrier blocking us from going in :P (I saved beforehand, just in case, and reopening the game put me in the bedroom, so no real harm was done.)

Exiting and reopening the game causes all of your weapons to fall apart. It's pretty inconvenient when you build up a stockpile so no one leaves empty-handed. Though I always giggle when I see the pile of short blades on the floor next to where I keep the polearms.

Rotating items is a huge pain in the butt. Have you ever played Viscera Cleanup Detail? Their way of doing it is *much* easier to use. I'm having trouble running it right now, so I can't be very specific, but I think it's because the axes of rotation are fixed, rather than changing with the orientation of the item.

Speaking of which, holding alt or alt+ctrl and moving the mouse rotates the last item you held, even if you've let go of it already.

Guards don't seem to count toward value. Polearms with guards aren't worth more than polearms without them, and the same is true for daggers. A greatsword can be made with a 1h guard is worth as much as a greatsword made with a 2h guard.

Greathammers can be made with a 1h hammer head and a 2h grip. It sells for 10 more if you use a 2h hammer head, but it costs you an extra ingot, which is worth 10, so your profit's the same either way. The same principle applies for polearms; you can make them with things other than short blades, but the extra ingots required counteract the increase in price, so you're just wasting the time required to buy and heat those extra ingots.

When you pick up an object, it teleports a little bit. If you're picking something out of a pile, it makes stuff go flying. If you have stuff in a crate and you try to pick it up, *everything* goes flying. I really wish that would stop happening.

Storage of everything but polearms is very messy. Polearms fit nicely into those shelves by the back door, but nothing else really fits anywhere. Grips and guards should have some kind of bin. They're not suited well to shelving. The display racks are hard to get items onto. The greatsword and top polearm display racks are too high to reach without jumping. The dagger display rack doesn't seem to have collision; my daggers just fall through it. The display racks are a decent idea, but perhaps you could consider making weapons snap to their rack, like ingots snap to the anvil?

The coin chest is nice, but it's awfully big for such a small room. I even got stuck behind it once, until I figured out crouch-jumping was a thing. Maybe a smaller version could be placed on the counter? Or the sales log could tell you how much money you have, and the coin chest could be moved upstairs?

I had this problem as well. I would try to load the game in fullscreen (on my second monitor,) and the monitor would go black. It didn't turn off, though, it just stopped receiving input. Turning the affected monitor off/on fixed it.

It hasn't happened in the past two days or so, so I thought you patched it out. Maybe I was just overworking my GPU with something else at the time.