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Everything with a metallic texture seems to be reflecting green light. Not sure if it's just things that are silver or what, but the shop is filled with an eerie green glow at night, despite the torches clearly emitting red/orange light. I assume green is the default for static reflections, so if nothing else, changing it to the same color as the torch light would at least make night time less creepy. If that's something you can do.

I think, rather than putting 'heated' or 'cooled' at the front of metal items' names, it would be better to add '(Workable)' or '(Hot)' to the end of its name when it's hot enough to use on the anvil and just not add anything to its name when it's not. Some item names are long enough already, and only looking to get longer as more model variants are added, so I think we should avoid making them longer if it's not necessary.