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Loving the game! I looked at some other shop/management games on itch and yours is by far my favorite. But enough with the flattery, here are my complaints, in no particular order:

Polearms can be weirdly...wobbly when being carried around. It's fine if I pick it up from the center, but if I grab an end, it reacts strangely to being moved.

I got stuck in the chimney. I mean, that's what I get for jumping in the chimney, but what if it were like a pipe in Mario and I ended up in some magical *other* place? If there's nothing inside but eternal solitude, it might be nice to have, if nothing else, an invisible barrier blocking us from going in :P (I saved beforehand, just in case, and reopening the game put me in the bedroom, so no real harm was done.)

Exiting and reopening the game causes all of your weapons to fall apart. It's pretty inconvenient when you build up a stockpile so no one leaves empty-handed. Though I always giggle when I see the pile of short blades on the floor next to where I keep the polearms.

Rotating items is a huge pain in the butt. Have you ever played Viscera Cleanup Detail? Their way of doing it is *much* easier to use. I'm having trouble running it right now, so I can't be very specific, but I think it's because the axes of rotation are fixed, rather than changing with the orientation of the item.

Speaking of which, holding alt or alt+ctrl and moving the mouse rotates the last item you held, even if you've let go of it already.

Guards don't seem to count toward value. Polearms with guards aren't worth more than polearms without them, and the same is true for daggers. A greatsword can be made with a 1h guard is worth as much as a greatsword made with a 2h guard.

Greathammers can be made with a 1h hammer head and a 2h grip. It sells for 10 more if you use a 2h hammer head, but it costs you an extra ingot, which is worth 10, so your profit's the same either way. The same principle applies for polearms; you can make them with things other than short blades, but the extra ingots required counteract the increase in price, so you're just wasting the time required to buy and heat those extra ingots.

When you pick up an object, it teleports a little bit. If you're picking something out of a pile, it makes stuff go flying. If you have stuff in a crate and you try to pick it up, *everything* goes flying. I really wish that would stop happening.

Storage of everything but polearms is very messy. Polearms fit nicely into those shelves by the back door, but nothing else really fits anywhere. Grips and guards should have some kind of bin. They're not suited well to shelving. The display racks are hard to get items onto. The greatsword and top polearm display racks are too high to reach without jumping. The dagger display rack doesn't seem to have collision; my daggers just fall through it. The display racks are a decent idea, but perhaps you could consider making weapons snap to their rack, like ingots snap to the anvil?

The coin chest is nice, but it's awfully big for such a small room. I even got stuck behind it once, until I figured out crouch-jumping was a thing. Maybe a smaller version could be placed on the counter? Or the sales log could tell you how much money you have, and the coin chest could be moved upstairs?