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To match yesterday's rather long post in the complaints thread, I have a few ideas that might make some things a little better. Here goes nothing (again, in no particular order:)

When you put a weapon together, it looks like the pieces are moving together, but otherwise remain the same. Rather than having them be two objects that follow each other around, is it possible to actually make them one item? Like, when you look at the grip of a fully-constructed one hand sword, it says one hand grip, and only the grip highlights. Is it possible to make it so hovering over any part of the sword displays "one hand sword," and highlights the entire thing? Using the anvil to separate connected items was a great idea, and it works perfectly with my idea. This should also fix the problem of weapons falling apart when you exit and reload, since the parts would load in as pieces of a whole. However, I don't know how possible this whole thing is, because I don't know how your engine works.

If the previous idea isn't possible/feasible, I think it should be fairly simple to make it so parts only connect if they aren't already connected to something. Grips obviously have two connection points, so they'd need to account for that, but I don't see it being a huge problem. Again, though, I don't know what's going on behind the scenes, so I don't know how much control you have.

Now, about snapping (like how ingots snap to the anvil.) I think it would be lovely if weapons snapped to the display racks, though some of the racks need to be moved (customers try to go upstairs to get the polearms and they stop half-way up the stairs for the greatsword.)

I thought long and hard and...I can't think of a particularly good way to store grips/guards. I'm currently using tipped over/angled crates. There's gotta be a better way.

This may be the cause of my storage woes, but light things are way too bouncy. I throw a knife blade from the anvil to the workbench and it bounces off and slides almost all the way back to me. I toss a grip onto the workbench and it flies across the room. But then I can't even throw a hammer head two feet. There's gotta be some middle ground.

This is probably on your to-do list already, but make use of the water trough! Make it so blades/hammer heads are all hot and glowy after you make them and you have to dump them in the water before you can stick 'em on a grip.

Also, have you considered putting the smelter in the corner, moving that little tool rack (with the tongs and stuff,) to the right side of the smelter, and putting the water trough underneath the tool rack? That would free up some space under the window. Then, if you moved the sales record over by the counter or front door or something, you could put the order form where the sales record used to be and a table or something under the window. Maybe deliveries could be delivered through the window, and land on the table (or maybe there is no table, and they just land on the floor.)

Pricing! I've noticed that guards don't factor into weapon values, but that's gotta be a bug. If we pretend that guards do count toward item value, I could sell three greatswords for a profit of $12. With the same amount of ingots, I could sell nine daggers for a profit of $36. I think item value should be the production cost plus some percentage. Charisma might increase the percentage, or just add a flat amount, or maybe both. Either way, the current system just doesn't feel right.

I think the coin chest would be better suited to the bedroom than the workshop. Yes, it makes sense that you'd just toss your coins in the coin chest after a sale, but it takes up a bunch of space and the workshop is pretty cramped as it is.

I won't make any suggestions about the golem, crystals, monument/pillar, or the mirror that I find highly suspicious, both because I'm sure you've heard enough about them and because I want to be surprised :)