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I've been pumping nothing but strength in an attempt to replicate the iron/tin turning into a copper short blade bug, and I've noticed that I just sold two copper greathammers (with fancy grips,) for $9. I've sold others for the correct amount, including one between the two that sold for less. Presumably they sold for $9 because it just completely ignored the hammer and only charged for the grip. One of the bugged ones was made the previous day, but I can't remember about the other.

I can't shake the feeling that it's all somehow tied to strength (specifically levels of strength that aren't multiples of 5,) but I'll get back to you if I can reproduce something reliabvly.

Hey Anexes,

Actually your strength wouldnt affect that bug. Strength only affects how many times you need to hit the ingots on the anvil before ethey become something else.

Good to know. Do you have any ideas about what might have caused the other materials to turn to copper? Or why an item's value might not include the crafted metal part? (I have a BS in computer science and a passion for debugging, but if you don't need/want my help, I'll try to rein it in a little. Thanks for replying!)

It's the way that I string the weapon parts together. Since I'm not recreating the weapon when combined, the information sometimes doesn't carry over when the parts are put together. I use linetraces (raycast) to send information to the "Grips" when they touch with any other part.. Then the grips take that information and send it to the Customer. Then the Customer pays the player based on the information it received. So if one of the parts linetrace fails (maybe the first time) it doesnt send the information(There are some boolean checks that might interrupt the process as well). So there's a hole in my logic when sending the information. My system obviously isn't perfect so i'm trying to find better ways to put the weapon parts together without creating a new mesh.

If you have any ideas on how to do it better, send me an email. Noblegamesstudio@outlook.com or you can message me on Facebook or Trello.