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Glitchy customers and confused ingots

A topic by Crazy_Adept1797 created Feb 18, 2017 Views: 173 Replies: 4
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Though your game is impressive it does have its faults. For starters, some customers seem to have a brain fart and stop moving entirely. They just stand there, blocking other customers. plus, the stay there even overnight. Also, a Tin ingot I had tried to mak a short blade out of had turned into copper. I'm sure the ingot is a one-time thing(Although I am cross about it) but the customers do this repeatedly.

If you push the stuck customers into the shop, they'll request their order and return to normal. But I don't know about the ingot thing.


Hey Crazy,

Thanx for reporting the issues. I do my best with updating the AI every update. So look forward to slightly smarter AI next time.

Thank you for the response. Whilst we're on AI, Could you make it so the 'timer' on thier requests doesn't get profoundly short. I can't make sales because I need to make something in 30s or less. On a non AI related note: What are you're plans for the crystals?

If a customer stands outside the shop, looking like a stalker, try bringing them weapons. If you bring the one they would have asked for (had they come inside like a normal person,) they buy it and leave. Then the next customer can come.