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I don't know if i posted it here before or not but whatever

Diasus has His own Trello Page, Before posting your sugestion Check if it wasn't posted before to avoid doubles

i might consider posting this message again later, if i see more doubles coming (which i'm sure of they will)

Crystals are implemented in-game but they doesn't have any use (except for visual for 2 of them)

They will be used later, in 0.1.2 as you can see on his trello page

HIs Trello

Update 0.0.72 Is Out remember to post bugs/glitches From it, not the previous Versions

i'm a bit late but, it can't be helped

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SO always when you Open a box every item from order box is spawning pointed to the north of the world, they should spwn fixied to the placement of the package That would fix some of issues pepole having with things glitching out in wals etc.

Sorry from bad grammar

This issue occurs with the second type of blade {the one that is new} use only 1st type until the fix will be avalible

Remember to Check New content From 0.0.7 Version BEFORE posting a new suggestion here

i'm a bit late with that tough lol

Also i found something that clasyfie rather as an funny bug than a game-breaking glitch

If you hold the "holding" button on the customer giving him the weapon he'll switch throug all "thank you" comunicates very fast

it can made you laugh rather tha nage but a bug is still a bug

(Edited 4 times)

Adelite ignot changed into tin dagger when i forged it

Edit: Seems like Adelite is taking last metal that have been used on anvil as hi ID when you make dagger out of it (fo example if you crafted 2h blade from mythril it will make myhril dagger)

Edit No.2: As you changed the id from "Steel" to "adelite" You probably forgot to change it of all weapons, that's why dagger is changing to last used id as it can't find ID for "adelite" it shhould be quick fix

Also i forgot to mention 0.0.71

Edit No.3: <that's a lot of edits lol> THe 2-h blade problem seems to be occuring only with second 2 h blade, probably the game doesn't have specyfied this as an 2h blade on customers side, Also i'll better check if the newly added 1handed blade sells as it should (works)

The glitch with Great sword not beeing sold as and Specyfic sword is still working (you get back only money from grip and guard, i'm not sure but that might be due to selling second version of blade)

it might be completed but is still glitched (like mining)

Right now it's just not inplemented (also making them would require wood or might be unprofitable right now

MOre of a technical suggestion
For rotating things try to use one jkey per one axis

For example "ALT" Key For x Axis

"Ctrl" for y axis

and "shift" For z Axis

(Edited 2 times)

2 of them seem to have effect right now but i think it's only visual

3rd one doesn't seem to have any use right now, and i can't find 4th one

Edit: 4th one does nothing too

Just a freindly reminder for Bug posters
The new 0.0.7 Patch has ben relased Check if you are running this version before posting a bug in here

Yes, i created it and it didn't give a message when i created the hammer ( i tried both, cold and heated version)
also when i (out of curiosity) hit the hammer head (large hammer) it turned into "Small hammer head 4"

(Edited 1 time)

You can't click snadbox mode/ shop mode if you don't cliclk in right down corner of the button

And ther is more about techical suggestion about mining
you could make the particles that are "ripped off" of the main rock dissappear after 2-5 seconds, just like the rock do after it has been hit enough times

Also a minor bug, you can take the ignots that are on furnace if you are in bedroom
THis might not be a bug tough, as the things can clip trough and nobody wants his ignots beeing stuck in ground

Great sword Can be sold only as "GreatSword" and don't give any profit other than from handle and guard (i lost 3 tin ignots because of this ;-;)

A minor bug, ignots can be placed more than one in anvil slot (they are stacked and can't be seen until you take one of them from the anvil)

0.0.7 Version

You can't make a great hammer, game thinks it's a normal hammer head and it cyclest trough the one-handed version of it

cooling system doesn't work if you only throw blade into water (you need to hold it in)

those are 2 glitches i noticed already

i'll post more if i find them

You basicly covered everything that i wanted to cover but i forgot to do so

hera have my like for that :)

Few things that could be improved/added

-one day late order: simply just somebody comes to you lewes you a request on some kind of order board and then he comes tommorow for his weapon ( that's kinda how real blacksmith shops works irl)

-higher Furnace: make borders of furnace a litle higher so ignots wont fall off when you are in hurry

-ignots coming in packs; it's a knowwn issue you open the box with a lot of ignots and they fly all over the place like crazy, you could give them something like palette and them beeing tied to it o you can move it whenever you want and open it for example above your furnace

-burning up boxes: right now they just vanish, i think it would be nice if they could be like the ones left in backyard opened with one wall you take what you need and burn box on the furnace, to form charcoal wchich will just burn after another time you use furnace (speeding up the process of heating nearby ignots)

-making weapons of diffrent ignots: simply divide the area that will be used by each ignot on the weapon so you can get rid of useless throwouts in no time, or create ultimate weapon that will whitstand every epic battle

-heating blades and cooling them : that will be a hot selling point and a cool thing to add (ok i'll stop with the puns) Simply you can heat the blade to reuse it(cannot do it for 3 ighots weapons) for example you created dagger but nobady wants this dagger, you heat the blade, put it with another ignot on the anvil, and you create normal blade or put 3 daggers toi make 2h blade etc. Cooling is the way that real weapons would be done, you put th red-hot blade in the water to cool it down, and then you asspemble weapon

-(that will be more of a complain but whatever) Extending time the customer stays in your shop for his/hers weapon: It quickly goes so far down that you just make 2 or 1h weapons because you don't have time to fix it, i'd like to just make it something like patience of certain person, so somebody would come and he would be very patient giving you 4 minutes to finish the work, later on somebody hot-bloded would come and he would want his weapon in 60 seconds (that or 40 seconds should be minimal time considering cooling and heating will be added anyway) it would add varieity to the game and would eliminate issues with clients coming for 2-h blade and then when you are just finising it they go out, and you are left with useless 2=h weapon on which you probably spend much more money

that will be i think everything, For now

I might think of other cool stuff soon and i'll post it here

sorry for possible typos my english isn't too good and i still need to get used to my new keyboard

Love your game and have nice day

yes, but it doesn't solve the problem

Also my sky is stuck on night-sky

Version of game is 0.0.63

Gamma setting doesn't work properly if you let it be on automatic, it starts game with super-dark screen or superbright screen randomly

It's a very annoying bug

You need to change "resolution scale" to max in the options menu

i have no idea why but it seems like bug causes the slider to go all the way to the 0