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Adelite ignot changed into tin dagger when i forged it

Edit: Seems like Adelite is taking last metal that have been used on anvil as hi ID when you make dagger out of it (fo example if you crafted 2h blade from mythril it will make myhril dagger)

Edit No.2: As you changed the id from "Steel" to "adelite" You probably forgot to change it of all weapons, that's why dagger is changing to last used id as it can't find ID for "adelite" it shhould be quick fix

Also i forgot to mention 0.0.71

Edit No.3: <that's a lot of edits lol> THe 2-h blade problem seems to be occuring only with second 2 h blade, probably the game doesn't have specyfied this as an 2h blade on customers side, Also i'll better check if the newly added 1handed blade sells as it should (works)


Also i found something that clasyfie rather as an funny bug than a game-breaking glitch

If you hold the "holding" button on the customer giving him the weapon he'll switch throug all "thank you" comunicates very fast

it can made you laugh rather tha nage but a bug is still a bug