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So, how are shields made?

A topic by Reign Dance created Feb 25, 2017 Views: 3,189 Replies: 5
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I played around a bit. 1 ingot of metal makes a boss and a couple of other small pieces. 2 ingots (and 3 ingots as well) makes the ring to the shield, but I couldn't figure out how to make the main part of the shield.

Maybe it couldn't be added in time? I saw it on Trello as completed but it wasn't listed in the patch notes here.

it might be completed but is still glitched (like mining)

Right now it's just not inplemented (also making them would require wood or might be unprofitable right now

You gotta use the saw outside with some wood you find by the furnace thing

Entire Logs must be placed onto the Carpentry station located across from the furnace/smelter. - then a menu will pop up to select type of shield (OR CRATE, which is awesome) - This menu looks reminiscent of a vr ui or Chat bubbles that the npcs deploy.

Then you make a 2 ingot frame (3 ingot should be disabled) which you can cycle through till you match it to the wood part

Then you make a single ingot (3 times) until you have a boss, arm, and hand attachments- all in the same metal tier as the frame

Wood -> rim/frame -> boss -> arm -> hand (assumed order, may be totally irrelevant)

oh derp. I done did it too.

didn't realize this post was Necro'd from a version where the game didn't have proper shield making... 300+ days lordy loo...

Please Ignore this post. unless you need actual 0.0.9c information.