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0.0.7 Version

You can't make a great hammer, game thinks it's a normal hammer head and it cyclest trough the one-handed version of it

cooling system doesn't work if you only throw blade into water (you need to hold it in)

those are 2 glitches i noticed already

i'll post more if i find them


A minor bug, ignots can be placed more than one in anvil slot (they are stacked and can't be seen until you take one of them from the anvil)

Hey RockCat,

Are you using the new radial selection (press "Z" to toggle it on and off) If you have 3 ingots on the anvil and select Blunts, you should be able to hammer it to a great hammer head. Let me know if that's not working for you.

Thanx for letting me know. I'll look into the water issue. Is this for a particular blade or for all?


I have the same issue. Using the radial menu, and using the correct number of ingots.

It doesn't register the completion of the object as in it doesn't give you the "crafted _____" message for the greathammer.


Ok, ill release a patch to address this issue. Thanx guys!




Yes, i created it and it didn't give a message when i created the hammer ( i tried both, cold and heated version)
also when i (out of curiosity) hit the hammer head (large hammer) it turned into "Small hammer head 4"