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If you look at one of my previous bug reports I explain how to get around this.

I do not know if this is intended or not, but there is a forcefield around the large house on the hill. If the crystal is on the top floor, like I think it is, then this is annoying because I have the other 3 on my bed posts, but I can't get to that one lol

Just hit the z button to bring up a menu, then click the blunt (or something like that) section, and then you can hammer your INGOTS (NOT an existing blade) and it will make a hammer head.

Just hit the reset button in the graphics options.

If you notice, in the name box it says something like "Feature Not Implemented". The naming system does not work yet.

There's currently a bug where you have to make a sword or hammer or something out of the material you want before you can make the small blades out of it.

Basically the material of the small blade will be whatever the last material you used to make a weapon.

Check my bug report a few above yours, it tells you how to work around this with the small blades.

Check my bug report right above yours and it tells you how to work around it.

This would be fantastic

To fix the customer thing just give them what they want and then change the shop to closed for a few seconds, then change it back to open.

To fix the darkness you have to hit the reset button at the bottom of the graphics page. To fix the resolution (obviously) don't hit a resolution that you can't run the game in. If you have an issue with the fullscreen not working, then just hit f11.

You have to change it BEFORE you start hammering the ingot.

Check my bug report I just submitted (Bottom of this page) it tells you how to get around it for now.

Ok, this is a weird one, but I think I have it figured out.

So, the bug is that whenever you make a short blade (single ingot blade), regardless of the ingot you used, the final blade will be of whatever material the last thing you crafted was.

I.e. If I were to make a titanium sword, then I bought a copper ingot, heated it up, and hit it on the anvil, then I would get a titanium short blade.

This works both going up the tiers of metal and going down, so I have to make a titanium (enter weapon here) before I can make either a bladed polearm or a dagger.

I'm conversational in French, and English is my native language, so I'm available for translating if anyone needs it. As I am only conversational I am not comfortable translating INTO French, but if there is a game or project that is in french, and you would like it translated into English (or you just want someone to go over it to check for consistency), then I am perfectly comfortable doing that.

I'm having a bug where after reloading a save all of the weapons are disassembled and the blades/heads are in their hot state.

I had this bug with a tin ingot just now.

Yes it is. I double checked my versions number.

Not him, but in my case it started around day 3 and gets progressively worse as time goes on. It appears that the timer on them just starts at 0, as some of the other customers start around 13 seconds or so.

They are walking around from the left side of the house.

For some reason I am able to combine 2 different regular sword blades and a hammer head on a polearm.

I was nowhere near the bench. I just moved the polearm and then it stole the blades off the swords.

I saw where someone posted this bug a few days ago, and just wanted to say that I can confirm that it is still persisting,


In response to issue 2:

I had this bug once, but when I adjusted the sign on another save it seemed to work fine.

I am having a bug where sometimes a customer will come to the back door and seemingly lock it, making it where I have to head out via the window.

I have the same issue. Using the radial menu, and using the correct number of ingots.

It doesn't register the completion of the object as in it doesn't give you the "crafted _____" message for the greathammer.