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Posted in Bug Reports
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I have another bug in 0.0.71 forcing me to reset my game progress as I can't go any further. I reloaded my save today to pick up where I left off. Had the usual dark/blurry issue people are reporting. I fixed it, but then the first customer I had left before I could even get the ingots on the anvil (I feel like the game expects you to be moving way too quick as the day's go on. I'm lucky to get a weapon to people with 10 or 2 seconds left.) But when this person left, they walked out and then just stopped moving outside. No more customers spawn in. I slept and started a new day. He was still stuck there and no new customers were coming by. I relaunched the game and all was well. But then the first customer to come in also wanted something in less time than I can even heat the ingots. They too left and then got stuck outside my shop. Not moving. I can run into them to push them but they were stuck just like the other guy. And it's happened over and over to the point I had to remove my save and start over. It has not encountered that glitch so far now.

Replied to Potriks in Bug Reports
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Perusing around the Bug Reports here it seems that issue is still around in 0.0.71. It for some reason is remembering what ingot was in the middle anvil slot so when you place a single one it crafts a short blade out of the last material it remembers in that slot. I haven't used 0.0.7 but if the anvil has slots to put ingots, someone found a work around where you place your new ingot on the left, move it to the middle slot, and then you can move it back so that the game now remembers your new ingot as the last material in the middle slot. It has worked for me so far.

Replied to Anexes in Bug Reports

Yeah I was starting to realize issues with the 2nd greatsword blade. There were a number of times the blade refused to connect with the grip/guard. Thanks for the heads up about the selling issue though.

Posted in Bug Reports
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Playing 0.0.71 and I crafted an Iron Greatsword with fancy grip so it cost me about $906. I gave it to the customer and checked the list of customers and found it was listed just as "Greatsword" and she paid me only flippin $18. Plus like everyone else, I'm having the issue where my short blades change what material they are. Used a Tin ingot, and got a copper short blade. Twice.

EDIT: New Bug happened as I played more. A guy came in wanting a Greatsword. I gave him one and then he was stuck in my shop saying "That was quick!" but he wont leave and I can't rest in the bed.