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Playing 0.0.71 and I crafted an Iron Greatsword with fancy grip so it cost me about $906. I gave it to the customer and checked the list of customers and found it was listed just as "Greatsword" and she paid me only flippin $18. Plus like everyone else, I'm having the issue where my short blades change what material they are. Used a Tin ingot, and got a copper short blade. Twice.

EDIT: New Bug happened as I played more. A guy came in wanting a Greatsword. I gave him one and then he was stuck in my shop saying "That was quick!" but he wont leave and I can't rest in the bed.

Sometimes, when selling an item, the connection between the grip/guard and the metal bit gets a little wonky, so the customer only sees the grip/guard and pays accordingly. The new variant for the greatsword seems to be particularly bad because of its girthy base, so I recommend sticking with the standard form.

Yeah I was starting to realize issues with the 2nd greatsword blade. There were a number of times the blade refused to connect with the grip/guard. Thanks for the heads up about the selling issue though.

This issue occurs with the second type of blade {the one that is new} use only 1st type until the fix will be avalible