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I have another bug in 0.0.71 forcing me to reset my game progress as I can't go any further. I reloaded my save today to pick up where I left off. Had the usual dark/blurry issue people are reporting. I fixed it, but then the first customer I had left before I could even get the ingots on the anvil (I feel like the game expects you to be moving way too quick as the day's go on. I'm lucky to get a weapon to people with 10 or 2 seconds left.) But when this person left, they walked out and then just stopped moving outside. No more customers spawn in. I slept and started a new day. He was still stuck there and no new customers were coming by. I relaunched the game and all was well. But then the first customer to come in also wanted something in less time than I can even heat the ingots. They too left and then got stuck outside my shop. Not moving. I can run into them to push them but they were stuck just like the other guy. And it's happened over and over to the point I had to remove my save and start over. It has not encountered that glitch so far now.