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Hi there, I love this idea but I simply ask that you don't make the indicator purely colour-coded for those of us that are colourblind (approx. 5-10% of your players). Thanks!

Thanks for the reply, that's really cool it seems we both sought a similar solution! If it's an issue of when those booleans are being checked, perhaps you can dedicate some resources at the beginning of a day or when a save is loaded to a "loading screen" where these finished weapon values can be thoroughly checked before the player loads in? Even if it took a while, I think most players would take that tradeoff gladly.

I've also noticed that around 50% of the time a weapon constructed the day before (or earlier) will not be recognized as a complete weapon and you'll need to disassemble/reassemble it for a customer to take it - perhaps that's a similar situation.

Hi, I'm a big fan of the game and a hobby programmer so I won't pretend to know the specifics of what language or environment you develop in but would it not be possible to theoretically have an array of "attached parts" where each group of attached parts is an object with a constructor method containing parameters for grip, guard, and metalwork? You may need separate constructor methods if you want to make 2 specific parts mandatory in all the possible combinations, but the point being that you would take finished weapons out of this array when disassembled on the anvil or sold.

I have no idea what system you're using currently to attach and detach weapons but it is the most catching feature of this game (in my eyes) so I understand if it's a complex subject. I would love to see a post on the subject if you ever felt like writing about the systems you use to track that part of the game!

I started playing on the 0.63 version and the workaround for me so far has been to put the ingots on the shelf for a while until I make a few more weapons and if I try the ingot again later it works. Though there's no consistent time or number of weapons between the bug and it working again it seems...

Since sometimes that doesn't work and there's nothing to do but wait out the whole day, could you please include an option to restart or skip the rest of the day when going to bed?

Hi there, I have a few suggestions for small Quality of Life improvements which I'll list first and some more ambitious upgrade features which I'll list later.

Quality of Life Improvements:

  • On the anvil, LMB alone should cycle through designs for ONE type of weapon (blades or hammers) while you can switch weapon types quickly with Shift or Ctrl + LMB so that each hammer doesn't require cycling through blades first.
  • On the anvil, all designs for 2 ingot blades should appear in the same orientation when produced. Presently, the first 2-ingot blade is 90 degrees rotated and all the other designs are consistent with each other.
  • Include specific stats on the "P" character level up screen regarding current bonuses from each skill and the increase that one point would give in each skill.
  • Either force polearm grips to be a separate order if any other item is in the "shopping cart" already or sort out a solution for 2+ polearm grips flinging delivery contents all over.
More ambitious features:
  • Allow 3 ingots to be hammered into a block of that metal which can be sold back to the shop at a 33% loss (so you can sacrifice 1 ingot's worth to gain 2 fresh ingots from what might have been a greatsword blade/greathammer hammer)
  • Allow for nearly every part of the shop to be upgraded, from the furnace (size/side-guards/speed?) to shelf size/number, to workbench size/utility (maybe high level work benches can disassemble like an anvil?) to the actual size of the shop so more customers can queue and more shelves/racks can be included. Decorations/attractions outside or fancier display cases would be great too.
  • Economy: Different weapons/metals should be more/less valuable to customers on different days. Perhaps these fluctuations could be multiple day-long trends which affect the purchase price for ingots (with a few days' lag).
  • Multiple item orders placed ahead of time. This is similar to a feature I love in Recettear, where a customer comes in, says they want a specific weapon/item in a specific number of days and you can accept/reject the offer. This would offer a relief from the total random chaos that is in the game now.
  • Similar to the point above, have customers come in with a weapon they bought at the shop previously and they request the same weapon of a higher quality metal.
  • Option to restart or skip a day (pop up menu upon clicking the bed?), especially in the alpha state due to game-breaking bugs that force you to wait out the whole day due to a stuck customer or restart a save file due to some bug.