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Hi there, I have a few suggestions for small Quality of Life improvements which I'll list first and some more ambitious upgrade features which I'll list later.

Quality of Life Improvements:

  • On the anvil, LMB alone should cycle through designs for ONE type of weapon (blades or hammers) while you can switch weapon types quickly with Shift or Ctrl + LMB so that each hammer doesn't require cycling through blades first.
  • On the anvil, all designs for 2 ingot blades should appear in the same orientation when produced. Presently, the first 2-ingot blade is 90 degrees rotated and all the other designs are consistent with each other.
  • Include specific stats on the "P" character level up screen regarding current bonuses from each skill and the increase that one point would give in each skill.
  • Either force polearm grips to be a separate order if any other item is in the "shopping cart" already or sort out a solution for 2+ polearm grips flinging delivery contents all over.
More ambitious features:
  • Allow 3 ingots to be hammered into a block of that metal which can be sold back to the shop at a 33% loss (so you can sacrifice 1 ingot's worth to gain 2 fresh ingots from what might have been a greatsword blade/greathammer hammer)
  • Allow for nearly every part of the shop to be upgraded, from the furnace (size/side-guards/speed?) to shelf size/number, to workbench size/utility (maybe high level work benches can disassemble like an anvil?) to the actual size of the shop so more customers can queue and more shelves/racks can be included. Decorations/attractions outside or fancier display cases would be great too.
  • Economy: Different weapons/metals should be more/less valuable to customers on different days. Perhaps these fluctuations could be multiple day-long trends which affect the purchase price for ingots (with a few days' lag).
  • Multiple item orders placed ahead of time. This is similar to a feature I love in Recettear, where a customer comes in, says they want a specific weapon/item in a specific number of days and you can accept/reject the offer. This would offer a relief from the total random chaos that is in the game now.
  • Similar to the point above, have customers come in with a weapon they bought at the shop previously and they request the same weapon of a higher quality metal.
  • Option to restart or skip a day (pop up menu upon clicking the bed?), especially in the alpha state due to game-breaking bugs that force you to wait out the whole day due to a stuck customer or restart a save file due to some bug.