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Replied to RockCat in Bug Reports

Have you tried sleeping?

I tested further and found that the additional blades can stack as many times as you want, and you can put newly created blades straight onto the already assembled super weapon.

However the additional blades do not increase the price of said super weapon.

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Version 0.0.63

Just found another bug where if two blades are on top of each other and you put a guard onto them it crafts both as if they were one blade.

Step 1:


Step 2:


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Version 0.0.63

Found a reproducible bug where if the npc order hasn't been fulfilled and they start walking away from the shop, you can put their order on the counter and they will stop and not despawn. you can even take their order to them and they will accept it and leave, or they will stay and not despawn.

Also for a bit of fun after it got stuck I decided to try smelting the leaning tower of copper, however I was dissapointed to find that the furnace has a maximum height that it can smelt to :( . As can be seen below.


Replied to maks51 in Bug Reports

do you have the 64bit or 32bit version, it might not make a difference but 64bit would make more sense for you windows

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Version 0.0.63

A small semi-annoying bug that I have found is that when a npc walks into the shop at higher tiers, when the time is getting shorter. It goes straight from 60 seconds to deliver the weapon, to 49 seconds.

Additionally there is a bug where the mouse doesn't appear in the escape or leveling up menu, however when you click the mouse reappears.